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Star Wars Clone Wars Electronic Lightsaber

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Brand: Hasbro

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    1 Review
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      08.11.2012 12:21
      Very helpful



      a great item for Star Wars fans

      ==Star Wars clone Wars Electronic Light Saber==

      I have a little 5 year old Star Wars mad boy. His bedroom is covered with Star Wars posters ranging from the classic film scene posters to Lego Star Wars and then the Clone Wars series he is able to watch on Sky. He has so many Star Wars related books, toys and general merchandise that it was only obvious that getting him a big light saber was a must.

      It was actually my mum who bought him this present for his 4th birthday so he has now had it for well over a year and it is one of those toys that he regularly gets out and jumps around the house while I close my eyes and hope he doesn't take out anything breakable!

      My bought this light saber from Tesco where I believe she paid around the £25 price range for it. At the time I remember looking online and seeing that I possibly could have saved her £5 or so had we shopped around and bought it online.

      The light saber is a blue one and this is actually Anakin Skywalkers lightsaber which at the time Jack was really pleased with but of late I think he would have preferred Darth Vaders red light saber (especially as he has a Darth Vader dress up costume). However it doesn't both him that much and he still gets a fair bit of play from this electronic toy.

      The toy itself is quite a large one although it is extendible and doubles in size when you flick out the blue plastic "light" end. It isn't heavy however and even though there are three batteries in the handle of the saber these are only the small AAA ones so do not cause too much weight. You will need to have these batteries to hand if you buy the light saber as they don't come with the toy itself. I would say thought that we have yet to change the batteries that were put in a good 18 months ago now and they are lasting very well indeed. I don't think that either the LED light that the toy has or the few sounds takes up that much energy so it is not a toy that needs the batteries repalcing every month which is a good point.

      What does come with the light saber however is a little DVD which has a short clone wars cartoon on as well as instructions on how to get the best from the light saber and use it just like Anakin Skywalker would do. I say a little DVD as the disc itself is tiny in size although we had no problems playing this through the X box. We have however only watched this once, when we initially unwrapped the light saber and Jack hasn't seemed bothered to watch it again (or possibly has just forgotten that we have it).

      The light saber is easy to use and there is basically one large orange coloured button on the silver plastic handle of the product. This is the on and the off button and needs pressing once to turn the light saber on where instantly there is the hum of the standard light saber noise. This will continue to hum away unless the light saber is moved around whereby it will then make the swooshing sound that these weapons make in the films.

      Another noise that the light sabers will make is a sort of crashing noise but this is actually only activated if the light saber comes in contact with something! This seemed a little ridiculous to me at first as I didn't really want the light saber coming into contact with anything! However we have come up with a decision hat Jack can hit the sofa and his bed as much as he likes to make this contact noise that the light saber offers!

      The light saber will turn itself off if it has not been moved around for a couple of minutes which is a good thing but I do find when I am tiding up that the toy is easy to turn on as the push button is soft and rather sensitive but with a second push of the button the noises are turned off.

      Along with the noises the light saber of course does light up although this is not really too noticeable in the daylight as it appears to only have one small LED light in the handle pointing up towards the collapse-able plastic section of the saber.

      The blue plastic sections of the light saber come in three parts with the one near the handle being the largest and the following two getting smaller and allowing them to fold in on themselves which makes it a little easier to store away in a cupboard although it is a fairly long item still.

      All in all it has been a fairly well loved and used toy in this house. I think Jack would be more than happy to give it a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and he would recommend it to everyone. Although after his little friend having a star wars themed party quite recently it would seem most of his friends actually have the very same one so its obviously a popular choice!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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