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Tiger Electronics Talkboy

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Brand: Tiger Electronics

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    1 Review
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      03.10.2009 01:36
      Very helpful



      A blast from the past and a wonderful toy in 1992!

      ~ Overview ~

      This was one of my favorite toys as a youngster growing up in the ghetto. I used to use this to torment my parents. The worst thing I did with this wonderful gadget was ring my granny pretending to be someone I wasn't with a posh deep voice (very deceiving!).

      The idea of this was too speed up or slow down the speed of your voice recording and also remember that there was a pen version of this too which was also a great addition to the collection.

      The idea of this toy was originally thought up and used during the movie home alone 2 starring Macaulay Culkin. He used it to pretend to be his dad in the movie so he could stay at a posh hotel in New York on his own whilst using his dad's credit card. The ideas they gave kids with this little beauty.

      ~ Price ~

      As this is quite a rare object these days, I decided to do a bit of research on where you can purchase this classic toy. You can find many of them on sites like E-bay or E-Bid for around £20. I think they were that much when first released so not much devaluation here.

      You can also expect to pay around £4 postage too which is quite expensive but still worth paying for a Talkboy.

      ~ A bit about the product ~

      Originally released in 1992, the Talkboy uses cassettes (yes cassettes!) to record your voice which you can playback whenever you wish and manipulate the tempo and pitch of the recording (amazing!).

      It does require batteries to function (four AA batteries) and a blank cassette (available at all antiques shops - not really!). I remember there being a girly version of this toy called the Talkgirl which I did not own (to your relief!).

      Basically it was a cassette recorder with a microphone and that was it. If you think it was only 17 years ago, we have come a long with in terms of technology and digital devices and recording sound quality.

      ~ Sound Quality ~

      The sound quality is as good as any cassette recording is going to get, it's not digital so not perfect but still great fun with a nice crisp sound, whatever the recording may be. I had lots of fun recording people's conversations and then speeding them up and replaying their voices back to them (like chipmonks) whilst hiding. They didn't expect it and just watching them wonder where the sound was coming from was hilarious, but again that's how good the sound quality was.

      ~ In my opinion...~

      Surprisingly the pizza man down the road doesn't like these types of devices as kids can get up the naughtiest of things at times and I probably got my parents into more trouble than I can remember. They probably regret buying me this for Christmas but still, what else am I going to use it for?

      The price now Is quite inflated but that is because these are becoming quite rare and are becoming collectors items, so if you see one in a good condition at a car boot or jumble sale, buy it!

      Rating: 5/5


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