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Vivid Imaginations Toy Story Lots-O-Huggin Bear

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Vivid Imaginations / electronic toy which says phases from the Toy story 3 movie and interacts with the child.

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    10 Reviews
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      06.11.2013 15:31
      Very helpful



      well loved toy my little boy thinks is real!

      My little boy will be 2 next week and last christmas he got the Toy Story box set....since them hes obsessed!!! We have woody, buzz, rex, tub of potato heads and now lotso. We treated him for easter to complete the set (for some reason my boys dont want jessie).
      Losto was reduced in Argos from 39.99 down to 30.00 so he was my little boys easter gift.

      The box is a very good size and is pink so instantly you are drawn in. Lotso is 13 inches high, smells of strawberrys and is so soft!

      He is dark pink with a cream belly, paws and pads on his feet. His nose and eyebrows are purple. He has brown eyes that are quite hard, and has a pink mouth where he can see his tongue. He is soft and squidgy all over and the only hard places are his eyes.

      We have had him since april so only 7 months but you can still smell the strawberrys, when first turning lotso on you will hear him laugh.

      Pressing his right hand you can hear:
      'well hello there, im lotso huggin bear'
      'hey, lets sing together, im lotso hugging bear, and for you il always care'
      'im just tickled pink to be your friend'
      'well hearts and flowers, i sure could use a hug'
      'go on now, smell my fur, yep thats strawberrys alright'
      'were gona be best friends forever'
      'my names lotso hugging bear and what i need is your love and care'
      'how about a big old bear hug'

      Pressing his left hand you can hear:
      'well hello there, im lotso hugging bear'
      'i thought i heard a familiar voice, how are you my friend'
      'what would you like to do today?'
      'do you like my strawbery scent, makes me think of summer everyday'
      'do you know why i have a strawberry scent?, its to cheer my up when ur not around'
      'i may be pink on the outside, but i gota tell ya, im feeling a little blue on the inside'
      'im awfully glad ur hear, wont you give me a hug please'
      'being without you is unbearable, and thats no joke'
      'i just cant bear it anymore, i need a hug, please?'

      Hugging lotsos belly you will hear:
      ohhhh, thats nice, i always love a hug

      When not played with in a while, Lotso will say:
      'Im lotso hugging bear, i always love a hug'
      im feeling a little sad, how about a hug to cheer me up'
      'time to this bear to have a little nap, hug you later'
      'hello, anyone there?'

      My little boy often screams and we will then hear lotso say 'OH-OH, whats the matter' so my little boy now believes he comes alive when he leaves the room.

      The on/off/try me button as well as the battery compartment can be found in lotsos back.

      *****My thoughts*****
      My now nearly 2 year old screamed with delight when he unwrapped him, he now sleeps with my little boy every night, (its also a saving in itself as my little boy will press lotsos hand or cuddle him to hear lotsos voice if he wakes in the middle of the night and cannot drift back off to sleep).

      Overall i honestly have no complaints at all with Lotso, its like a new little addition to the family as my little boy honestly believes hes talking to him. he even comes with a certificate of authenticity!

      I am amazed at how many sayings he has, we have a few of the other talking Toy Story figures and this Lotso by far has many more sayings than the others!!

      From the picture it looks as if Lotso can stand up, he cant, which i was a little upset buy as that would have made it even better.

      Very happy with my purchase. Would gladly give 5/5.


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      11.11.2012 21:08
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      5 stars

      For my daughter's birthday last year, we went a little mad on the Toy Story 3 theme. She had seen the film at the cinema not long before and was absolutely enthralled by the whole franchise. Her 'main' present was the Lotso Huggin Bear, which at the time cost me £50. We had bought her Woody, Jessie, the car and a few other bits and bats, but because of the price Lotso had to be her main present.

      We had high expectations of the toy and was eager to see if it would live up to these expectations once she had taken it out of the packaging and begun to play with him. We weren't disappointed and neither was she. As soon as you take Lotso out of the packaging, the smell hits you. The lovely sweet smell of strawberries is authentic to the film, and she absolutely loved this. 18 months down the line, and unfortunately the smell has gone, although it did linger for a good few months.

      The interactive teddy is so loveable despite being a 'baddie' in the film. His voice is authentic to the film, and the deep southern drawl is loving and comforting in a strange way! The soft material means Lotso is perfect for cuddles at bedtime as well as interactive play during the day. My daughter still likes to snuggle down with him at bedtime and unlike some toys which she plays with for a short period of time, this one has lasted and lasted and is still a firm favourite.

      Lotso has plenty to say with over 45 phrases. We didn't realise this at first, and he seemed to say around 6 or 7 phrases or words on a loop when you touched his paw, however if you touch the other paw, he becomes more interactive and will react to you and the tone of your voice. If you stop talking to him, he says 'is anybody there?', this is quite a good prompt for the bad mummy to shout to tidy her toys away if she isn't playing with them. The off switch is available, and while I often feel guilty about turning interactive toys off, I don't feel as bad with this one, as I don't want it to start talking to her when she is asleep as this may wake her and completely freak her out!

      Lotso also has a playful side and laughs when you tickle his feet. This drove me insane at first as my daughter when she first got him would literally tickle his feet nonstop for about an hour at a time! I don't mind it so much now and somehow manage to just block it out!

      He looks exactly like he does in the film, which I particularly like. It is a bug bear when you buy merchandise from a film and it looks nothing like it should, but this is exactly the same, like he has stepped right out of the film. He is well made and I am surprised how intact he still looks 18 months on, after the amount of play he has had!

      Perfect for cuddle, or ideal to bring a child's imagination to life with Woody and the gang.

      Perfect for Toy Story fans.

      Expect to pay around £40 online.


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        09.11.2012 06:15
        Very helpful



        A really nice bear when you get over the fact he is a villian!!!!

        ~*~*~ Vivid Imaginations Toy Story Lots-O-Huggin Bear ~*~*~

        My five year old is Toy Story obsessed and has quite a few of the merchandise available including Lotso, it puzzled me as to why he wanted him after seeing how horrid he is in the film but he did want it so I bought it for him the Christmas before last.

        ~ What is it? ~

        Lots-O-Huggin Bear is the bear from the Toy Story 3 film, at first he comes across as a nice old bear but things soon change and we see him for the nasty misery that he is, so why any child would really want this is beyond me! However Disney obviously thought he would be a popular toy as they brought it out.
        Lotso as he is more commonly known is a strawberry scented bear. He is quite large and chunky and looks like a lovely bear, it's just in my mind he is nasty even though he looks so cuddley and cute! It's hard to seperate the two!

        Lotso is portrayed as the villian in the film yet he comes in a delightful bright pink box which wasn't actually ideal for a boy but he wanted the bear so despite this I still bought it. Getting him out of the box I was reminded of Lotso looking in through the window and seeing his owner hugging her new Lotso after she accidently left hers behind. He is very huggable and very soft and cuddley.

        He has a range of 45 different phrases and there are two different modes depending on which paw is pressed, the left paw is the regular 'Toy' phrases where the same phrases are repeated and then right paw is the 'Come Alive' phrases and this is where the toy comes alive! This paw is the interactive mode where Lotso responds to what you say and even to the tone and volume of your voice.

        The voice is the same as in the film, which can be a bit of a surprise to have such a deep voice in a pink bear but it all keeps the quality amazing which is what I have come to expect with the Toy Story toys.

        When you tickle his feet he laughs which is very cute indeed, this is what my littlest like to do most. He has now taken over possession of Lotso after my 5yr old abandoned him in favour of his other toys but he does still take him now and again. My littlest however takes him to bed every night and I slip out when he is asleep!

        ~ Overall ~

        Suprisingly Lotso still has his trademark strawberry scent which I am pleased about as I expected this to diminish very quickly. He is very nice to look at but like I have said it's hard to seperate the fact that he is a villian in the film and is so cute and cuddley in real life. His characteristics are very true and he looks just as fantastic in real life as he does in the film minus the grubby marks!

        My son was a little worried that he might switch Buzz Lightyear into demo mode if they were put in the toybox together so Lotso was kept away from other toys when my son wasn't there to guard them ... as he put it! He isn't bothered about this anymore though thankfully so I am not stuck with Lotso on my sofa every night!

        I have changed his batteries just twice in the time we have owned him which I think is pretty good.

        I paid in the region of £45 for this which I thought was a lot for a bear but it has been worth it as it has been played with lots and it still looks very much as good as new. He still has his bright pink colouring and sweet strawberry scent despite having a very quick wipe over with a damp cloth.

        As much as I think he is adorable I also think he is overpriced and for this reason I have to knock off a star. I think he could have done with being in the £20 region rather than over double that!

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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        18.04.2012 11:43
        Very helpful



        Definitely the best teddy bear out there and every child should have one!

        My daughter loves Toy Story and she has the complete set of character but her most treasured and favourite one is "Lotso Huggin Bear!" We got her Toy Story 3 for Christmas 2011 because she said she liked Toy Stories 1 & 2. I watched it with her and she saw the bear and said she wanted him! So we got him and hits her most favourite teddy bear or cuddly toy yet!

        Lotso, when someone squeezes his hand or foot starts to say things like "Well Hello There, I'm Lotso Huggin Bear." He chuckles when you touch or rub his feet, He smells of strawberry's sometimes and think that's just adorable! He says lots of other cute things as well but I wont spoil it!

        Background Story
        Lotso was just a child's normal play toy but when his owner forgot him and the other 2 toys he was sad and lonely like any child's play toy would be!
        When he finally found her, she had another Lotso Huggin Bear leaving Lotso heartbroken and feeling betrayed! Those horrible feelings left Lotso feeling traumatised!

        Lotso Huggin Bear (Lotso for short) is a big, extra soft pink teddy bear with white on his tummy, hands, feet, ears and face. He is definitely better than any other teddy bear because he smells of yummy and sweet strawberries my daughter says! Even when your child's upset, they couldn't resist the adorable face of the sweet Lotso bear.

        What made me buy this adorable teddy bear?
        The thing that made me buy this bear was because my 5 year old daughter couldn't resist him and she fell in love with him when she first spotted him in Toy Story 3! I also like him myself as he is very cute and he feels like a little puppy or kitten!

        Where can you purchase this wonderful teddy bear from?
        I purchased Lotso from my catalogue but he would be available in nearly every toy shop because of his unbelievable population! He's definitely available on Amazon and possibly Ebay. Toys R us are selling them £39.99 at this time!

        This lovable and adorable teddy bear is definitely recommended to buy because children love them and they are just so sweet! I absolutely guarantee your child will love this cuddly play toy! Don't forget to tell your child to tuck him into bed always or he will feel lonely and heartbroken!


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        25.01.2012 12:31



        A really good buy for a soft toy with its different features

        This was bought for my 2 year old as part of his Christmas presents for £29.99 at Tesco.

        I have seen this bear advistised at £44.99 but would never pay this much for it.

        This bear is a really good buy as its is very much like its character from the film.
        It uses the same voice and smells like strawberries when you sniff it.
        I like how it does and says many phrases.
        When you press its feet it laughs like its being tickled which my boy finds funny.
        If you press the buttons on its hands it says different phases.
        When you give it a hug is recognises that you have done this and thanks you.
        If you leave it alone - it tells you that he is feeling sad because he is not being hugged.
        One feature that i found quite clever is that when my child shouted at it - it must have picked up on him shouting so the bear asked him what was wrong.

        The only thing that i would say is if you child plans on taking it to bed, make sure you switch it off when your child is asleep becuase even the slightest touch will set this Bear going.


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        04.01.2012 15:17
        Very helpful



        Poor Lotso

        ~*~ Lotso Huggin' Interactive Bear from Toy Story 3 ~*~

        ~ My Purchase ~

        It was this time last year, almost Christmas, when I was wandering around Smyths toyshop, with a £10 off voucher in my hand. Goodness knows what I was doing, I'd bought all of my daughter's presents, but this voucher was burning a hole in my pocket.
        Lotso Huggin' Bear was originally priced at £36.99 and very hard to get hold of, and I was there as they were putting out a brand new delivery with a £10 off promotion. After using my voucher it would be less than half the original price, and always one for a bargain, and thinking my daughter would love him, I duly paid my money and brought Lotso home with me. He wasn't as successful as I'd hoped, and this review will tell you why.

        ~ The Bear ~

        Standing roughly about 14 inches high, he really is rather a chunky looking bear. He has deep raspberry pink fur, and a friendly, smiley face. His fur is strawberry scented, just as it is in the film. The attention to detail is quite amazing really.

        Being interactive, we are supposed to press his right paw to have a conversation with him, press his left paw to hear phrases from the film, and tickle his toes, to make him laugh and giggle.

        I was not familiar with the film at all; due to the joys of having an age gap between my girls, Emily aged 19, took Elysia, 7 at the time, to the cinema to see the film. Consequently, I didn't know Lotso was a baddie, and I thought this was the reason why she hadn't really played with him until recently.

        When my daughter picked him up again, after several months of being stored away, the familiar scent was still there, and it hadn't diminished over time as one would expect. He still had his original batteries too, which is surprising really, as the demonstration batteries really do not last at all usually.

        ~ Faulty? ~

        A couple of weeks ago I had planned to write a bad review explaining that our Lotso didn't work as it should. Its feet were not ticklish, and it wouldn't interact when we she spoke to it, yet it did work to some extent, as he would say plenty of phrases from the film. It had been this way since we took it out of the box, so we assumed it was a fault.

        ~ Playing With Him ~

        This might be entirely my own fault, as with teddies, you don't really refer to instructions do you? Checking what batteries this teddy requires for the purpose of my planned review (two AA's by the way), lead me to notice, poor old Lotso has been in demo mode all the while! No wonder he wouldn't work as he should, and no wonder my daughter thought he was a boring toy. Since that day about two weeks ago, my daughter hasn't put this teddy down. He's been played with so much; he has now started to slur his words, and is requiring new batteries (at last). When you tickle either foot or both at once, Lotso giggles infectiously. He really does have rather a lovely laugh. It doesn't sound mechanical at all - they've done rather a good job at getting him sounding as he does in the film.

        In Interactive mode - you simply press his right hand, and he says something which is random every time. This time he said - 'It's so fine being with you, I miss you when you're not around', and you begin to have a conversation. Sometimes though, he doesn't leave you enough time to answer before he asks the next question. If you don't answer straight away, he will say 'Is anyone there?' It was so funny the one time, our rather noisy Jack Russell barked and Lotso said 'Don't be so noisy as I can hear you, you know'. He really is a friendly and huggable bear, despite his bad character in Toy Story. I've been quite amazed at how full his vocabulary is, he really can say lots of things. Every time he is payed with, he seems to say something new. He seems a very sad little bear too - he always seems to be feeling blue and needs a hug to cheer him up.

        ~ My Thoughts ~

        After feeling rather negatively towards this bear a few weeks ago, thinking he was a waste of money, even if I did buy him for less than half price. However, I've since changed my mind, and feel if you can get him for the price today (£26.99) rather than the full R.R.P. you'll actually get a rather nice toy. Just make sure you switch him from demo into interactive mode. Stupid me!!!

        Four Stars from us!

        Thanks for reading my review, which is also post on Ciao with photographs


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          06.12.2011 15:53
          Very helpful



          Lotso bear

          After seeing Lotso bear in the film Toy Story 3 I fell in love with him and knew my little girl would love him too. Although he plays a rather sinister character I think he's really just misunderstood and is actually very cute and cuddly. I bought him at The Disney Store when the film was out as they were really pushing the sale of Lotso bear and I think had him for half price for a while at just £10 so I knew it was meant to be and I knew I had to take him home, if not for me then my little girl.

          Lotso is short for Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear. He is a pink teddy bear, yes pink, but he can definitely pull it off and look very masculine still. He has a big purple nose and bushy eyebrows and talks with southern accent. I think he's quite an old wise soul as he uses a wooden toy mallet as a cane which makes me think he is quite old. In Toy Story 3 he is the leader of the toys at the Sunnyside Daycare Center. Like I've said above he's a bit sinister. He initially acts like a kind-hearted and wise caretaker, but is later revealed to be more of a ruthless warden, although his backstory makes him more of a tragic villain.

          In my opinion all Disney soft toys are of great quality and this Lotso bear is no exception. He is very well made with quality materials and perfect workmanship as you cannot see any stitching and after a few months of being huge, kissed and dragged around he still looks in perfect condition. He is wonderful and soft and very cuddly but the best about him is that he smells like strawberries. The strawberry smell is in his tummy and if you give it a bit of a squeeze the smell gets stronger. It is a lovely sweet smell and smells just as good as the first day we got him. I have sponge washed him a few times when he has got dirt on him, never in the machine though and this has not affected the smell in anyway.

          If you think you can give this bear lots of hugs and lots of love then I definitely recommend taking him home today!


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          26.01.2011 14:20



          Well made toy, unsure of the hefty price tag.

          My daughter nagged and nagged for one of these at Christmas and after trailing the shops and spending a small fortune i eventually got one to send to Santa. She was delighted and became her favourite toy.....for 2 days!
          Lotso is very appealling and loveable. His phrases such as 'i need a hug' and his giggling when he is tickled is very endearing but unfortunately, at my house the novelty soon wore off.
          The bear is very well designed and i was surprised by how soft and squidgy it is. With most talking soft toys you can feel the battery case inside but lotso feels just like any other teddy bear. The interaction is also very clever and works very well, asking for a hug and then saying 'thank you' afterwards. The button sensors are designed to be more interactive and not just a repatition of phrases which is a lot more interesting for a child to play with.
          He also smells of strawberries. Unfortunately the smell does not last long, and within a week or two it became hardly noticable. But i suppose this is to be expected.
          Moving on to the cost. The main reason for the hefty price tag is no doubt due to the charactor in the film but this toy is very well made. When you get past the cuteness there isn't a lot more to him i'm afraid and unfortunately in my house he remains sitting at the end of my daughters bed.


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          15.01.2011 23:36
          Very helpful



          A must for any Toy Story or bear fan

          Lots - o'-Huggin' Bear came to live with us on Christmas morning. My daughter was delighted which was a sigh of relief for me as this was never something from her Christmas list but rather something that her daddy had fallen for and desperately wanted!

          If there is anyone on the planet who has yet to see Toy Story 3, then let me explain who Lot-so is;
          He is a purple soft toy who turns out to be the real baddie of the film. I don't want to ruin the film with too much detail buts lets just say that he was loved and lost and never to be loved again, which kind of turned him into a villain. My daughter is very much a princess type of girl and I was concerned that she would not want a villain in the house so my husband went out and bought it anyway ! ! !


          Lot-so comes in a beautiful bright pink box which is clear at the front so you can see him, press him to hear him talk and most importantly smell him; he is strawberry scented and it is lovely. He also comes with a certificate of authenticity from Disney Pixar basically saying that he is a lovingly produced replica of the film.


          Why is a fairly normal looking bear so special you ask? Well other than the obvious that it comes from one of the best films around at the moment, it is actually quite cute. It is an interactive bear with over forty five phrases and it is clever enough to respond when you talk to it. I had one of those mum moments on Christmas morning when I first heard Lot-so and my daughter having a conversation, it seemed so real and the look on my daughters face will be one I will cherish forever. Either hand can be pressed for different modes and there are sensors in the feet which respond to tickling. The voice is the exact same voice from the film.
          For an interactive bear he really is still very soft and cuddly and for the majority of the time now he is switched off and just used for cuddles. The label says that the material is "New material only, consisting of polyester fibre, plastic stiffener and cellulose acetate". As I have said he is very soft and cuddly and the smell of strawberries is still as strong one month on. Lot-so requires two AA batteries but so far the ones that he came with are still running well.


          Our Lot-so came from Toys-r-us for £37 which I think is average. I have seen him in Argos for £39.99 and Amazon for £34.95. Just before Christmas he was quite difficult to get hold of. I do think this is expensive for a cuddly toy but Disney can get away with it and he is rather special.

          The box says for ages 4 and over. I would agree with this and say that anyone, especially Toy Story fans aged from 4 to 104 would love it!


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            28.10.2010 23:57
            Very helpful



            A lovely toy, but oh so pricey!

            Anyone who has seen the brilliant Toy Story 3 movie will recognise Lots-O-Huggin Bear, otherwise known as Lotso, the coldhearted villain of the piece. After watching his evil antics in the movie, I did wonder why any child would want a toy of this character, but when my daughter saw him for sale in Smyths, she was smitten and begged me for one! Which was fine....until I saw the price!

            Any poor parent who has kids who are Toy Story fans will know that this obsession doesn't come cheap. The makers of the movie have cunningly marketed the main characters around the £32 mark, so buying Buzz, Jessie and Woody will not get you much change from £100! As Lotso is not what I would call a "main character", I would have expected him to be slightly cheaper, as the toy is, in reality, just a stuffed bear which says a few phrases when you press his hand! In terms of the technology involved, I have seen more sophisticated toys than this for sale for around £20. Unfortunately, as this is Disney we are talking about, Lotso is being sold at about £40 in most high street toy stores, and nearer to £50 on Amazon! There is even one seller on Amazon who is trying to sell the bear for £120, and who knows? With desperate parents and Christmas round the corner, the seller may just get what they are asking for!

            At any rate, I flatly refused to spend £40 on a glorified teddy bear! Things changed though, when madam got some money as a gift from my nan. She wanted to buy Lotso, and as much as I suggested that she buy something different, it was, after all, her money to do with as she wished. After price checking every shop in town, we found that Lotso was cheapest in Smyths, where he was retailing at a reduced price of £36. So Lotso came to live with us...

            I think the makers of the movie have given a fair bit of thought to how this product is marketed. Rather than being portrayed as the evil villain in the film, Lotso the toy is all hearts, flowers and hugs! He comes in a huge pink box, which I did like the style of, as the toy was completely encased in the box, so I knew he hadn't been mauled by grubby fingers in the shop. The toy has a "try me" button on the front of the box, so you can hear some of the typical phrases that the toy says, such as "Well now, thanks for the bear hug" and "Do you know why I have a strawberry scent? It's to cheer me up when you're not around"!

            When you get the toy out of the box, you see that the "try me" button is attatched by a wire to the internal battery. You cut the wire, and flip the switch inside the back of the bear from "try me" mode to the full speech mode. The toy comes with 2 AA demo batteries, and we have had the toy about a month now, with no sign of the demo batteries wearing down yet, which is pretty good going!

            The toy itself looks and feels absolutely gorgeous, unlike Lotso in the movie, who is a bit grubby and battered! The toy is very very soft and your first reaction is to give him a huge hug! Although the battery compartment and voice box are concealed inside the toy, the toy is so padded that you can give it a nice big hug without really feeling the plastic box inside. The toy says 45 different sayings, and there are two different "modes" that you can access, depending on which paw you press. The left paw enables regular talking mode, with preselected phrases on a loop. The right paw is a bit more interesting. It enables interactive mode, where the toy actually responds to things you say and even your tone of voice if you sound sad. This is quite impressive, but the range of phrases in this mode is a bit limited and you soon start hearing the same thing over and over again. In fact, within a few hours of my daughter having the toy, she opened up his back and flipped the switch to "off", because the speech mode was driving everyone bonkers! It is good that you are able to turn the speech off, because if you take the bear to bed, the last thing you want in the middle of the night is to roll on it and make it start talking!

            The voice of the bear really makes me laugh. he talks in a southern drawl, not really the way you would expect a pink teddy to talk! My friend, who hadn't seen TS3, laughed when she heard Lotso talk, because she said he sounded like a dirty old man! The toy has no animatronics in the face, so the mouth doesn't move when he talks. A cute feature of the toy is the way that he laughs when you tickle his feet, courstesy of two buttons on the bottom of his feet.

            As I have mentioned, we have had the toy for about a month now, and he is a firm favourite, occupying the top of the bed every night! My daughter takes him everywhere with her, Lotso has already been bowling, to the local garden centre and on the local miniature railway, as well as to houses of friends and family. She plays with him all the time, usually role play, or adventure games, and he even has a "wife", an old care bear toy! As we have many of the other Toy story toys, Lotso also features in Toy Story themed games with Woody, Buzz and the gang. My little boy, who is 5, told me to throw Lotso away, because he was worried that he would be mean to the other toys when we weren't looking, just like in the movie. I had to explain to him that our Lotso was a "good" one, not like the one in the film!

            The toy is a very acurate representation of the toy in the film, and lots of attention to detail has gone into this product. He has beautiful, wide eyes and bushy purple eyebrows, and his open mouth is reinforced with card inside so that it keeps its shape. This is a well made, durable toy that I feel would last a long time without popping seams. He also has a strawberry scent, which is very stong, and not to everyone's liking! He has an official certificate of authenicity from Pixar.

            My daughter loves her Lotso toy, and plays with it every day, sleeping with it every night. The advantages of this toy are that it is beautiful, well made and very huggable. On the downside, the voice can get a bit repetitive, and I am very thankful for the "off" button! The biggest downside though, is the huge price tag, and there is no way I would have spent my own cash on this toy!

            Just a fun bit of trivia about Lotso. Pixar did a whole viral video campaign befor TS3 where they made two fake Lotso commercials, designed to look like ads from the 80's. One is American, one Japanese. They are absolutely hillarious, and very realistic, they really do look like they are from the 80's! If you want to see them, you can check them out on Youtube. Just search for "Lotso commercial". Enjoy!


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