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VTech Disney Princess Magic Wand Laptop

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5 Reviews

Brand: VTech / Age: 4 Years+

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    5 Reviews
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      14.08.2015 20:20
      Very helpful



      Loads of activities in one

      My daughter received this as a gift and loves it. It has lots of modes to keep her entertained and should last a good while as she's still a bit young to do them properly at age 3.5.

      My daughter feels very grown up having her own laptop, especially as it uses a 'wand' on the touch screen. She has to find letters, capital and cursive, find numbers in order, or matching pairs of pictures on the screen - like the memory game, where it shows you all 8 and then covers them for you to find 2 tiaras or 2 keys for example, plus others. When you get the correct answers, it makes princess type sounds so she's really pleased with herself.

      You can use the laptop with the keyboard buttons but we never have, my daughter much prefers using the wand on the screen. She just uses the on/off button on the keyboard. It can be quite a loud toy, but does keep her entertained for ages. We've so far not had to replace the batteries but we've only had this for about six months so time will tell how long they last, but so far so good. Hate it when toys need their batteries replacing every few weeks.

      This laptop is a great girly toy with all the princess references in the games and on the toy itself. It has a handle to carry it when the lid closes and it's quite a big laptop. Great for young girls, probably age 3 minimum.


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      14.09.2011 14:05
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Well worth the money

      My daughter likes to copy everything mummy does, and even at a very young age (10 months!) she would open up the laptop and bang the keys as if she were typing. So for Christmas, we decided to buy her her own laptop, but obviously a toy one, as we knew she'd love it. We went to Toys R Us to find a pink toy laptop for her, and came across the Disney Princess Magic Wand laptop.

      It was a very reasonable £29.99 and widely available from toy shops and Argos. The age suitability is 4+, but I think this is more to do with the child's ability to play the games rather than safety. My daughter was 12 months when we bought it, and she can even now play some of the games at 21 months! You should always supervise a young child using this though, just in case.

      The laptop isn't huge but certainly not small, ideal for a child's lap. It has a dark pink base and a light pink lid. The lid is decorated with blue shoes, heart and a crown, and a picture of Cinderella. There is a dark pink carry handle which my daughter finds easy to use. The handle can be folded up or down. There is a plastic window above the crown and you can see the magic wand through it.

      When you lift the lid, you can see that it is decorated on the inside with pictures of Cinderella and her friends - most of the characters from the film. There is a small screen which shows the games on.

      The batteries are 3 x AA which are not supplied, they fit into the back of the laptop and secured with the usual plastic lid. This is easy for an adult to open but surprisingly tricky for little fingers! The main lid to the laptop does not click shut or have anything you need to do to close it - you simply push it down and the weight of the lid keeps it closed.


      On the base of the laptop (not the lid part) is a full qwerty keyboard on love heart shaped blue keys, a speaker which is decorated with a raised blue bird, the magic wand (which clips into the base) which is blue and securely attached via a white cable.

      There is a mouse in the shape of a blue shoe which is permanently attached to the base and designed to be moved by the child's finger. It is very easy to move.

      The on/off switch is in the shape of a green key. Numbers 1-10 have their own star shaped keys. There are also 2 trumpet shaped keys - one is red for 'Adventure Mode' and one is green for 'enter'. There are two red decorative diamonds. There are also 3 other buttons - one to set the clock called 'clock fun', one 'answer' and the other 'emoticons', these buttons are purple.

      There is a clear plastic diamond shaped slider at the bottom underneath all the other buttons. This is very easy to move, and you simply slide it across until you reach the game you want to play. The games have names and pictures, and you simply slide the slider over the corresponding picture.

      When you turn the laptop on, Cinderella greets you and asks "shall we play a game?" when a game is chosen, a different voice reads out the name of the game and very simple, easy to understand instructions of how to play it.


      There are 10 games:

      Lovely Letters
      Missing Letter
      Picture Match
      Number Order
      Magical Maths
      Choose A Shoe
      Dress Up
      Pretty Puzzles
      Charming Pairs
      Music Time

      Lovely letters: This is a game where you are given a grid of 6 letters and you match the capitals with the little versions. You can use the wand or mouse to choose a letter.

      Missing Letter: You are shown a word, it is read out by the voice, and then you have to choose which letter is missing.

      Picture Match: You are told a word and have to choose the picture of the word.

      Number Order: Putting 3 numbers in numerical order.

      Magical Maths: A simple equation and you have to choose the missing number.

      Choose A Shoe: You are shown a shoe and then have to select the picture of the matching shoe.

      Dress Up: Choose an outfit for Cinderella to wear to the ball.

      Pretty Puzzles: Rearranging sections of a picture to form the whole picture.

      Charming Pairs: A grid of cards are arranged face-down and you have to choose the ones that match.

      Music Time: You are asked to select a song from number 1-10, they are all classical songs.

      ---THE LAPTOP---

      The graphics are constant - in the gaps between games etc. there is always something happening, like Cinderella dancing with Prince Charming. However the graphics are very simple and not brilliant - but then again it is a toy! There is almost constant music which is upbeat, and a voice encourages you if you hesitate or get a wrong answer.

      My daughter is 21 months and she can play Lovely Letters and the matching up games really well. When she was younger she just liked to type on it like mummy does. It is very well made, not flimsy, and the games are actually quite good. This would be great for a 3 or 4 year old to play on, or even for younger children just as a pretend laptop or to play the music etc.

      It is wipe clean obviously, and easily cleaned. I honestly think this is a brilliant laptop at a brilliant price and I would definitely recommend it.



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        03.05.2010 20:39



        good for keeping in the car for entertainment

        I purchased my God daughter a V-Tech Disney princess lap top for her third birthday, she was absolutely thrilled with it, and so was her mother. It is educational as well as fun. Cinderella talks to you to tell you what to do on the many games. It is usually kept in the car for entertainment during distance driving. My god daughter is four now and I think she will still use it in some years to come. It is very girly with a magic wand to select the answers to the maths and alphabet games, with a magical Cinderella theme. You can also use the mouse (shaped as Cinderella's glass slipper) to select games. It really was a good well used buy, and the batteries have only been replaced once. She used to need help with selecting games and answering questions as theyb are quite hard for age 3 but now she knows exactly what to do. I would recommend this to any one who has there own little princess.


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        13.11.2009 21:17
        Very helpful



        A great little christmas gift for a 4-5 year old princess

        My daughter had this princess laptop for her 3rd birthday. She is almost 6 now!

        The lap top is bright pink and is a nice curvy compact shape.
        It has an interactive mini magic wand which enables you to answer questions which appear on the touch screen.

        The screen is quite clear but it cannot be seen in the dark.

        There is a glass slipper shaped directional button, which acts a bit like a mouse.

        The laptop also has a full qwerty keyboard with blue heart keys and number buttons which are yellow stars.

        There are a variety of simple fun games programmed into the laptop such as imaginative activities lke dressing up princesses and music activities.

        Some of the games can help teach simple learning basics such as the alphabet, number, and simple maths and learn time concepts along with the story of Cinderella.

        The laptop speaks with a sweet princess voice and is very appealing to little girls.

        It is suggested for children aged 4+ I agree with this as it can be a little difficult for smaller children to understand.

        My daughter is 6 and she still plays a few of the little games on it; however she has said its getting boring now.

        The laptop requires 3 x AA batteries.

        Disney have now replaced this laptop with a new updated version which is for sale in Smyths Toy Store for £34.99.

        You can still bid on the original laptop on eBay, there are lots listed for various prices. Magical


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          17.11.2008 12:22
          Very helpful



          A great way to introduce numbers and letters that's fun for all

          I had decided that I wanted to get a laptop for my daughter's fourth birthday and as soon as I saw this Vtech Disney Princess Magic Wand Laptop I knew that this was the one.

          I had seen the laptop in Argos for £29.99 but then I was lucky enough to find it in the Early Learning Centre also at £29.99. I am a member of the ELC birthday club and had a 20% discount voucher and so used this to purchase the laptop.

          The laptop is in the standard Disney Princess pink colours. The base is a dark pink and the lift up top is a lighter pink. The laptop is oval shaped and the lid is shaped like a club. The laptop has a handle that can be folded up and down. On the top of the lid their is a raised blue crown and heart slippers and in the centre is a cameo style picture of Cinderella. There is also a small window in the lid and inside you can see the magic wand. When you lift the lid the underside is covered with pictures of Cinderella, her Fairy Godmother and some little creatures from the Cinderella film. In the centre is the small screen.

          The bottom part of the laptop has a standard qwerty keyboard layout without any of the function keys or space bar. Above this are the on/off switch and the number keys. The letter keys are shaped like little hearts and the numbers are in the shape of stars. The magic wand is on a short wire and is held down by a clip. The mouse is a small blue oval with a 3D heart slipper in the top and there are two diamond shapes that have lights in them. There are other keys that can be used to change the play mode to find the answer and an enter key. At the bottom there is a small sliding clear diamond shape that can be moved over different pictures to choose any one of ten activities.

          I hadn't seen the laptop apart from online or in the catalogue before I made my purchase and I was expecting it to be a bit flimsy and plastic looking. I was very pleasantly surprised at how solid the whole thing was including the handle and hinge. The whole thing is quite heavy even the top. When the top is closed it doesn't click shut but the weight of it and the strength of the hinge keep it closed. I was also pleased that the batteries required were 3 x AA as most toys seem to require the more expensive sizes. The batteries fit in a small section in the base that can be reached underneath the laptop. There is no screw holding this closed but so far my children have not managed to access the batteries by themselves (unlike some other toys that we have).

          When you switch on the laptop you are greeted by the voice of Cinderella who says "Hello, I'm Cinderella, Shall we play a game?" You will then be told by another voice which game is selected by the slide at the bottom of the laptop. The instructions are then given at the start of each game and they are said in a slow clear voice and are easy to understand.

          The ten activities available include:

          Lovely Letters - In this game you are shown a grid of six letters, three capitals and three lower case, and you have to use your magic wand to touch the matching letters or you can use your mouse.

          Missing Letters - In this game you are shown a word with one letter missing. The voice on the laptop tell you the word and then you have to find the letter that is missing from a selection shown at the bottom of the screen.

          Picture Match - In this game you are told a word and then pictures slide past on the screen and you have to select the correct picture with your mouse.

          Number Order - In this game you are shown three numbers and you are asked to put them in numerical order.

          Magical Maths - In this game you are shown a mathematical equation with one number missing and asked to select the missing number using the number keys.

          Choose a Shoe - In this game you are shown one shoe and different shoes then slide across the screen and you have to select the matching one when it appears.

          Dress Up - In this game you have to choose an outfit for Cinderella to wear to the ball.

          Pretty Puzzles - You are shown a picture than has been split into section and you have to rearrange the sections to complete the picture.

          Charming Pairs - This game is like normal pairs that you play with cards. You are shown cards that are face down and you have to select two that you think match. You carry on playing until you have found all the pairs.

          Music Time - You are shown a grid numbered 1 to 0 and asked to select a song. Behind each number is a piece of well known classical music.

          The graphics on the laptop are very basic but there is always something showing in the screen like Cinderella Dancing with Prince Charming or various other moving images. There is also always a little tune playing all the time while you play and a voice that encourages you and repeats the instructions. Every action can be completed using the wand or mouse apart from when you are asked to use the number or letter keys.

          My Daughter loves this laptop and has played with it more than any of the other toys she received for her birthday. I think the suggested age of 4+ is just right as a younger child would struggle with the word and number games. I have two younger children aged three and one and they both love this laptop as well although they do tend to play the pairs game or the Music Time activity.

          Overall I was very impressed with the laptop and cannot think of anything wrong with it. I was worried about the strength of the wire attached to the wand but so far it has remained intact and shows no signs of straining. The whole thing is very strong and has taken a lot of bashing about and pulling back and forth. My son isn't bothered that is has princesses on it because he is used to seeing them around our home but I would definitely consider getting him maybe a Thomas the Tank engine or Wall.E laptop because this one has been so good. I think that even though it is nearly a year old this laptop is still in excellent condition and so far we have only had one set of batteries and it is played with all the time.

          I would recommend this to anyone with a princess mad girl but I think that the standard of the Vtech laptops would follow throughout their entire range so any would give you the same quality and standards.


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        • Product Details

          Beautifully designed learning laptop featuring Cinderella. Interactive 'Magic Wand' to answer touch-screen questions, glass slipper shaped directional mouse as well as featuring a full qwerty keyboard and number buttons. Teaches pre-school basics such as the alphabet, numbers, vocabulary, simple maths and learn time concepts along with Cinderella's story!

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