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Brand: VTech / Age: 3 Years+

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    1 Review
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      05.07.2011 21:56
      Very helpful



      A wonderful item

      ==Vtech Whiz Kid Learning System==

      A few years back when Woolworths was closing down I went a bit crazy with buying up all of there ridiculously reduced items and I couldn't help myself when it came to this item. Jack was only small and this item was suitable for children aged 3 years and over but I thought at the price I was able to get it for it was worth buying and keeping in the cupboard till he was around the right age.

      The RRP of the item was £49.99 p but I was down to a mere £10! I should have bought all of them and sold them on eBay as I would have definitely made some money but I didn't! The system itself is not available to buy from many places now and will need some tracking down although if found on eBay can be found pretty cheaply.

      What you get when you buy this item is a computer type board, a good deal of game pages, a memory card and a computer disc. The idea of the computer is that you can lift a border type section and place in different game pages. The computer once turned on will recognise which game page is in and then speak out different things to do relating to that page. There is a pen type stick that allows you to point and select items on the page which sends a message to the computer and allows the computer to be very interactive.

      The game pages that come with the computer are not anything really special considering that you can by separate game pages such as Scooby Doo (which we have since bought), Bob The builder and Thomas the Tank engine and many others. Since this computer is not available in mainstream shops you can pick up these game card for next to nothing.

      The pages that we have however are still pretty good as there are so many of them and they are all double sided. They have different games to play which include number games, word games, different foods, colours and many other things which encourage learning through play. Jacks favourite ones are the recycling page and the fun fair page. Not only do they have games on but there are about three different things to on each of the page and the pages are all so different so even though unlike the Scooby Doo one there is nothing familiar about the characters it is still very much appealing and fun to play.

      The computer system works really well and the battery life is exceptionally good as we have only had to replace them once since Jack has had it, which is over a year now. The interaction through the pen and the computer always works well and there is never any problems with it not being able to read the game pages even though Jack has creased some of these.

      The PC disc that comes with the system relates to the game sheets that came with the game and basically means that you can put this into your computer and play exactly the same games on the computer that you would play on the Vtech computer. This seems pretty pointless to me as you have to change the page in the Vtech system to change the appearance on the proper computer and in my opinion you may as well just play with the child's computer rather than having to sit at the proper one.

      Jack really does enjoy playing with this system and I can't say I mind him doing so because of the fact that there is so much that can be learnt from the pages that we have it is really beneficial for him to do so. The Scooby Doo pages that we have since bought at a really good price are based along the same learning theme and I like the way the learning is made to be really fun and jack doesn't even realise he is growing more brain cells with each time he picks the computer up.

      All in all I can't believe I was able to get this system at such a cheap price and the fact that it plays so well and jack enjoys it so much. It is chunky and durable and great for little hands whilst being relatively light weight and perfect to take out in the car and down to Nana's for playing with.

      We haven't encountered any problems with this computer system and I would give it a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and a very high recommendation without question. If you can find it even second hand I would say to snap it up as any child would love to play with this whilst learning at the same time!

      Highly recommended!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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  • Product Details

    Unique educational system combining portable learning with the power of a PC. Learn on-the-go with the touch sensitive panel, or link to the PC to bring the learning to life and transform 2D activities into a 3D world! The touch sensitive pen controls all activities, becoming the mouse for PC play. Over 120 activities including all curriculum related pre-school essentials. Bonus downloads available from the Whiz Kid website. Includes Wondertown Whizware, USB cable and on-the-go cartridge.

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