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VTech Winnie the Pooh Play 'n Learn Laptop

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3 Reviews

Brand: VTech / Age: 3 Years+

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    3 Reviews
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      05.09.2009 21:09
      Very helpful



      Lovely laptop to encourage laughter and learning

      I bought this Winnie the Pooh laptop in the sales last year and put it away for my daughter's christmas present last year. She was about to turn 4, loved all things Pooh and had started to express interest in playing on our laptop; so when I saw this I knew she would love it.

      The laptop looks attractive with a bright yellow lid and purple base. It also has 4 3d characters (Piglet, Tigger, Roo & Pooh) which stand up as the laptop is opened. The lid houses a smallish monotone screen with a friendly picture of Pooh bear and friends in a school room around the outside and a volume switch (the volume only has two settings but the quiet setting doesn't grate too much, which is a blessing).

      The keyboard, in addition to the 3d figures has a sliding curser by which your child can choose which game they wish to play, a bumble bee on/off button and number and letter keys. The keyboard not suprisingly is not qwerty, something that obviously makes sense for children learning their alphabet but certainly threw both my husband and I when at first we were helping our daughter get started! The letter keys bear the letter and a corresponding word and picture beginning with that letter (eg A Ant, T Tigger, P Piglet, L Log etc) which is a good way at first to enable children to locate the relevant letters.

      Gameplay varies from simple letter acknowledgement (the child presses a letter and Pooh says what that letter is and what word is associated with it; upon a further press of the button pooh will make the letter sound) to encouraging spelling (a picture will be shown and the word said, all the letters will appear on the screen and the child has to press the letter keys in the right order. Further games help children to learn the position of letters in the alphabet in relation to other letters (two letters are shown onscreen with a space for a third either at the beginning, middle or at the end and the child is required to work out what letter should fill the space). There are also number games starting with simple counting and moving on to addition and subtraction. If you feel your child may be too young to pick up the letter and number games there are a few simpler games requiring the child to match a shadow to the picture, choose the odd one out or even just press a button to play a different piece of music and watch the character on screen dance.

      For each game the child is given a time limit and the space to make a few mistakes before Pooh gives the answer. If numerous correct answers are given in a row the child is congratulated by Pooh and rewarded with a short cheery tune and the characters dancing on the screen.

      The laptop is sturdily built out of strong plastic and has succumbed to some fairly rough treatment over the last 9 months and yet in all honestly looks as good as new. I have only had to replace the batteries once in all this time and it has seen a fair bit of use so the battery consumption is very good.

      So far all of this review has been from a parent's point of view but i think the most telling part of the review is that from my daughter. From the very first this laptop had her attention and over christmas it was by far the most prized present she recieved. What is more is the speed she picked up the games. After a relatively short space of time she was able to play a few of the games without any help and as she grew bored of one game, instead of putting it down would simply go onto a new game or put it into music mode and sit and watch the screen. The different games ensured that as she was constantly stretched so didn't get bored because there was a good range of games aimed at different levels. She is just about to start school and the laptop is still one of her favourite toys. I all honesty I'm not sure I would have paid £45 for this laptop (I managed to find it in a sale for £12.50) but if you shop around you can find it cheaper and for the amount of mileage my daughter has got out of it and the letter and number help she has recieved from it it has definately paid for itself several times over.


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        16.03.2009 15:36
        Very helpful



        This is a really great learning toy for children aged 3 and above

        The v tech Winnie the pooh laptop was actually bought by my mam for my daughter a few weeks ago. My daughter had seen it on an outing and loving all things Winnie the pooh she just had to have it. My mam was a tad reluctant to buy it as she thought it may have been a little bit too old for my daughter to use but we are now both glad that she did.

        The description:

        The laptop is basically styled like a usual adult laptop. It is bright yellow on the top and purple underneath. It has a thick purple handle on the top so that it can be easily carried. The laptop is easily opened by the small green button on the front. Once opened there are 4 3D characters that stand up. These are piglet, tigger, roo and Winnie the pooh. There is an on off switch in the shape of a bumblebee and a keyboard full of letters and pictures. The laptop is very attractive and looks fun and exciting.

        The top part of the laptop contains a coloured picture of the Winnie the pooh characters in a classroom. This part also contains the screen.

        The features:

        There are many different activities that can be played.

        Letter sounds:

        This category helps the child learn their ABC. Pooh will tell the child to select a letter. When the child has chosen then pooh will say the letter out loud.

        Letter order:

        In this category Winnie will give 2 letters on the screen. The child then has to select the letter that comes after the 2 selected.

        What is it:

        In this section pooh will show you a picture and a few words will appear under the picture, once the right word matches the picture the child must press the arrow button.


        In this section the child must copy off Winnie and spell a word that he has chosen.


        In this category Winnie asks you to count along with him and identify how many items are on the screen you can tell him the answer by pressing the correct number.

        Addition and subtracting:

        In this section the child can learn to add and subtract basic sums.

        More or less:

        In this category some characters will appear on the screen with a number of items and Winnie will ask you to identify which character has more or less items that the others. You can use the 3d characters for this game to select the right one.

        Odd one out:

        In this category we see some of the characters dancing, we have to watch closely and see which character is the odd one out by doing a different dance move than the rest of the gang. Again the 3d characters can be used here to select the correct answer.

        Chasing game:

        In this game piglet likes to follow butterfly's. Pooh will give u 3 letters on screen then take them away you must enter the letter in and each one you get correct, piglet will catch another butterfly.

        Shadow match:

        In this game you have to press the arrow button to match up a shadow to a picture.


        This is the final category of games available and in this one the child gets to listen to some music. Each letter on the keyboard will play a different song. You can see the characters on the screen dancing to the music.

        Altogether there are 11 different activities and 26 different melodies to chose from. There is also a sound setter in the laptop so that you can play a quieter mode if you wish.

        The age range:

        For this laptop the age range is 3 years plus. I think this is very acceptable as the activities would definitely be a little bit difficult for a younger child.

        The price:

        The price of this laptop is £30.00.

        My opinion:

        I am very impressed with the play and learn laptop. I love toys that try and make learning fun, as there are too many toys these days that don't contain any learning ability. With this one you play games with pooh and the gang as well as learning the important basics of ABC and number. The laptop really is fantastic and I would definitely count it as one of the best things my daughter has been bought. She loves playing with it and is slowly recognising how the games work and what is needed to complete them.

        I am also very impressed to how the laptop is made. There is a lot of detail gone into the design to make it fun and exciting for younger children. The laptop is made from a strong plastic.


        I would definitely recommend this learning toy to any parent as it really does help with development.


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        28.10.2008 21:11
        Very helpful



        a very nice toy for little children

        I bought this 3D interactive laptop for my daughter about 8months ago from toys-are-us and it turned out to one of the best toys we've invested in so far.


        Very bright yellow lid and a blue base that would attract any little busy body. With its nice shaped well spaced keys with clear marking is ideal for tiny fingers and eyes.

        Screen features:

        A good sized LCDscreen of 6"X4" so is less stressful for developing eyes also as it has a black and green(like those in old mobile phones) .

        Activities and added features:

        Buttons teach core pre-school content on letters, numbers, words, simple maths, memory games and music based on common rhymes.

        There are inteactive activities like match the shadow,counting , music from rhymes for each button, addition, subtraction,general alphabets and phonetics with games for matching alphabets and items, simple age oriented spellings, catching butterflies for spellings etc.

        Music is very nice and has a lot of variety hence you won't feel as if the record has struck on the same track unlike in some toys, unless your little one has a preference for a particular tune.

        On screen animations guide your child through age-appropriate curriculum.

        3D Pooh, Piglet, Roo and Tigger character shaped button teach core pre-school content on letters, numbers, words, simple maths, memory games and more.

        There is an a-z style keyboard and number pads from 0-9 and the voice is of Winnie the Pooh!

        Parent-friendly features:

        To be honest there is very little usage of batteries which can be an issue with all of the toys needing so many batteries.

        There is a volume control button for quieter play.

        portable with weight being just right for little ones to carry.

        Keeps children occupied for ages.

        suitable for :
        ages 3-6 (but I bought it a bit early and it was fine ,its helped my little one learn phonetics and words quickly .)

        A thing I really found good was that it has been dropped down the stairs more than on one ocassion and has survived all abuses so I think that is definitely a plus point.

        Priced at around £30 and less if you are buying from e-bay or other places this is good value for money really for all that it provides.


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      • Product Details

        Join Winnie the Pooh and friends on a learning adventure! 3D Pooh, Piglet, Roo and Tigger character shaped button teach core pre-school content on letters, numbers, words, simple maths, memory games and more.

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