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Wesco Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver LED Torch

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3 Reviews

Brand: Wesco / Age: 5 Years+

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    3 Reviews
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      18.06.2013 15:10
      Very helpful



      Perfect gift for a young Doctor Who Fan!

      My sons likes and dislikes has changed dramatically over the last 4 years. He truly is someone who knows what he likes and doesn't like. Gone is the innocent affection he had for Peppa Pig, his love of singing away to In The Night Garden and the laughter he got watching Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom. That's all been swapped for pretend fighting, jumping off chairs, Spiderman and Doctor Who. I bought the infamous Sonic Screwdriver from my local B&M store for under £7.00 at the beginning of this year.

      Why did I buy it?

      Its easier to answer this question by explaining how and why he knows about Doctor Who. I missed out on watching this when I was younger because of my age ( early thirties ). When it would have been shown I would have been very young, and not something my dad was into anyway. I do remember catching a feature length film version starring one of the McGann brothers and I thought it was ok, but nothing special. So I was curious when they re launched it with Christopher Eccleston. I love sc fi, thrillers, horrors and thought this could be a happy mellow medium to watch on a Saturday night. I found myself loving the show then gutted when he left. Bring on David Tennant and I thought I wouldn't like him but I did. Couldve cried when he done a bunk and brought in Mr Floppy haired Matt Smith but hes done a good job. So to reminisce the good old days last Christmas, I watched more or less the first 3 seasons of Doctor Who on Watch and my poor son went along for the ride. What I didn't expect was how much he loved and enjoyed it, to the point he kept asking me when the next one was!

      So since then hes experienced 2 regenerations, 3 different looking Doctors, countless companions and likes to occasional be referred to as ' The Doctor '. When I saw this toy on sale I immediately knew he would probably have a heart attack from joy if he got this for his birthday, and he actually kept asking me to get him one leading up to it.

      Who is the ' Doctor '?

      Im going to use my sons definition here. A lot more simply put and much more straight forward than my interpretation:

      Hes an alien who looks like a man. Travels around the world and visits different planets and sometimes to different times. Always taking a friend of his on his journey because he gets sad on his own. He has a spaceship that he travels in that looks like a telephone box and its huge on the inside but small outside. He doesn't believe in violence and wants everyone to be happy and nice to each other, and when theyre not he gets angry. He tries to help lots of people and places but most of the time he gets himself in trouble as well!

      He doesn't carry a gun or weapons, but he has his sonic screwdriver, which helps him open things, make machines work, fixes a lot of things and makes a great buzzing noise!

      Sometimes when he gets really poorly and medicine wont save him, he doesn't die but his face and body changes and then hes fixed, but is different.

      How was it packaged?

      That got ripped to shreds when my son realised what was inside it! I do recall that there was a picture of both the current Doctor ( Matt Smith ) on one end and the previous Doctor ( David Tennant ) on the other. It wasn't the easiest thing to get into because it was encased in plastic and needed to be cut open with scissors, but Im sure my son would have ripped it open with his teeth if needed!

      I love the fact that it came with an instruction manual that told you it could override control panels, reverse teleports and so much more. Shame my son cant read properly yet!

      What does it look like? What does it do?

      Its a toy device that has a built in light and sound features. Also can be used as a special pen that allows you to write secret messages.

      Blue light ' bulb ' at one end, with a grey coloured stone effect type body further down. Button on the side.

      Screwdriver can be extended in length, and to make the relevant buzzing sound, you press the button on the side of the toy.

      Length ( without extra nib on the end as we lost that! ) is 5.5inches, just under 1 inch across.

      It comes with a spare black ink nib with cap.

      Takes 3XAGI3/LR44/LII54 batteries ( comes included ).

      Suitable for age 5 plus.

      Any my sons opinion is.......

      He was bought so many gifts for his birthday it was crazy. The first thing I let him open before he went into nursery was this and the joy on his face was evident. He adores it and refuses to put it down. I think if this was the only thing I bought him he would have been just as happy. It really has sparked his imagination, hes zapping people and things, hes running around pretending to be ' The Doctor '. In a way, hes creating his own character. He did this before he got this toy, but having this makes it more real for him. The only criticism that Ive got about it from him was ' Mummy, why did you get me the blue one? I wanted the green like the current Doctor! ' Erm, ok then. Didn't even notice that but I take his word for it! David Tenants screwdriver lit up blue, Matt Smiths must be green. Despite that this is his favourite toy ever! Just uses it in its most simple form-press button, its lights up and makes a noise and that will keep him occupied for ages.

      As mentioned it has other features, pen, uv light thing but my sons only 4 so we dont bother with that and not even checked how that all works-not needed for this little boy.

      On a mummy note, its very durable. My children have thrown this around like crazy and it hasn't broken. It looks like The Doctors screwdriver, its lightweight and easy to hold and use. The negative is as cute as it is seeing him run around zapping things, its not so good when its strangers or teachers! Also not acceptable to find a sonic screwdriver zapping away in your face at 5am when your trying to sleep, just because he wants to.

      One of the buttons fell off, but can easily be put back on. The spare nib for the pen function went AWOL. But the positives out weight the negatives.

      Would I buy this again? Oh yes. When you give a child something so simple and inexpensive, and you can see on their face not how much they like it but love it, its one of the best purchases ever made! Hes hasn't tired of it yet and hes had this for awhile now. My son loves this toy, I love my son so I love this just as much!


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        16.09.2010 16:45



        Its guarenteed to brighten the day of any doctor who fan -both young and old alike.

        The humbe Sonic Screwdriver is the Doctor's most used piece of kit which has helped out of many a tight spot. It opens locks, repairs electrical equipment and if used right can be a deadly weapon.

        This replica does none of those things (unless the doors already open) but does provide hours of fun and can be used as a nifty torch. When the torch button is pressed it emits a blue light and plays the classic screwdriver sound!

        This screwdriver is a fantastic plastic replica and is ideal for doctor who fans everywhere and those who want to be the doctor as fancy dress. Which is why I bought this. Its alot of fun to point it at a lock and hear the sound while people look on wondering whats going on! You can have alot of fun with this.

        The batteries are already included so its ready to go from when its removed from the box. My only concern is that close up it doesn't look as good as it could do, but that is merely being very picky.


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        12.01.2009 13:20
        Very helpful



        Good fun for any Dr Who fan and functional also

        I bought this for christmas for my daughter who is a HUGE Dr Who fan.

        At first inspection there didn't seam to be much to it. It is simply a torch that emits a blue light and is modeled on the sonic screwdriver as seen in the Dr Who series.

        As it was only £5 and I knew how much my daughter would love it I snapped it up.

        When she opened it I was very impressed at just how much it looks like the actual sonic screwdriver. Normally replica toys are badly copied and poor quality but this is quite sturdy and is identical.

        I was also quite pleased that the light is also very bright which makes it a fully functional torch and not just a toy. I have actually borrowed this from my daughter when trying to find the mains switch in a power cut.

        My daughter loves it and runs around 'zapping' eveyone in sight.

        So while it isn't really much for the money it is a usefull product and good fun for any Dr Who fan.


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    • Product Details

      He's over 900 years old, travels through time and space and frequently stops armies of aliens with little more than a sonic screwdriver! Aah, long live the Doctor. Now you can own your very own version of the Doctor's most trusted tool for opening locks, repairing equipment and fighting foes, with this sonic screwdriver LED torch. Based on the original BBC Doctor Who design and featuring a bright blue LED, this torch is an ideal gift for Whovians of all ages. And, as batteries are included, it's ready to use right out of the box.

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