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Fresh Limousines

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Services for Surrey and surrounding area.

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2008 12:41
      Very helpful



      Luxury Limo Service to make you feel like a super-star!

      ***About the company***
      Fresh Limousines are based in Guildford, Surrey. They are a private hire Limousine Company providing an excellent level of customer service and to make that special occasion even more special and memorable.

      They provide you with a complimentary bottle of chilled champagne with every booking to celebrate the occasion.

      ***What occasions can I hire a limo for?***
      You can hire a limo for any occasion including airport trips, Mother days, Engagements, Special Occasions, School Proms, Days At The Races and more!***What limo's are available***
      Fresh limousine's have a number of limo's available including,
      *White 120" Super stretch Limousine
      *White 100" Stretch limousine
      *Black 120" Super Stretch Limousine
      *Black 100" Stretch Limousine

      All vehicles are less than 3 years old, and all come with leather seating, DVD and cd player, along with a gorgeous bar and air conditioning for your comfort.You can hire a karaoke and disco light for an additional cost, but other features also include. Ice buckets, Fibre Optic Lighting, uniformed drivers, mirrored ceilings, a cellular phone and more!

      You are able to view the vehicles through appointment only.

      You need to take care in the limo as you will be charged a cleaning fee, if anyone is sick or if anyone spills drink, etc. I think this is very reasonable.

      I personally prefer the black limousine's as i think they look classier than the white one's.

      ***How much does it cost***?
      Cost can be anything from £100+. It depends where you need to go, how long you want to hire the limo for and whether you want it for a return trip or for a single journey.

      ***How do I pay?***
      Deposits are made only via using a major credit card.

      Receipt's can be provided upon request.

      Payment can be made using Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Switch, Delta and Maestro.

      You can also pay by Cheque or Bankers draft but this must be paid 10 days prior to the booked date.

      All money due must be paid to the chauffeur prior to the beginning of the journey.

      ***My 1st experience***
      We booked a limo for hire last October for a 21st birthday. It was a pick up from Guildford, going to Bournemouth town centre. We also needed to be picked up later at the end of the evening in Bournemouth and taken back to Guildford. There was 5 of us in total!

      Our white limo arrived on time with a pleasant, driver (sanjay). He opened the doors for us, let us in and showed us how the cd player worked.
      We paid a £10.00 drinking fee, to enable us to take our own drinks into the limo to drink.

      The limo was beautiful inside, with black leather seats and a lovely mirrored bar stocked with our complimentary bottle of champagne and glasses. The limo was lovely and clean and smelt fresh. There was plenty of room for us all to spread out.
      Our journey was very pleasant and when we stopped half-way to Bournemouth for a toilet stop, the limo driver gladly took some pictures for us.

      The journey in the limo was amazing, as we were all buzzing from being driven in the limo and were able to have a nice glass of chilled champagne & sing along to the cheesy music! (Try to sing anyway . . Poor driver!).

      When we arrived in Bournemouth the driver bid us a farewell, as he had another job to do and advised us that we were getting another driver for on the way back and confirmed times with us. He also gave us the driver's mobile number in case we ran into any difficulties. He wished my friend a happy birthday, told us to take care and made his journey back.

      We were picked up by a different driver (rob), whom arrived on time and again, the driver was pleasant and very kind. By this stage we were knackered and of course, feeling quite drunk. It was a pleasant chilled out journey on the way home.
      When we got back to Guildford some of us had to get a taxi from the town centre to our homes, and the limo driver waited until he saw us get into a taxi to ensure we got back safely, which I thought was very nice of him.

      From what I can remember, the price to hire this limo was just over £300, which was the lowest quote I had received from all the local limo companies in the Guildford/Surrey area.

      ***My 2nd Experience***
      We hired a limo for a 21st birthday, to take us to Kingston Upon-Thames, so we could go clubbing and drinking up there.

      We had to ring the limo driver before-hand, to just confirm details, etc. The limo was due to pick us up outside Guildford Train station.

      The limo arrived on time and we all got really excited when we saw the white limo come round the corner. The driver saw us, and opened the door and made sure we were all sat down and then poured us a glass of champagne each.

      We were off, on our journey, in this fabulous limo. It was clean and fresh inside and looked brand new. There was a bar with glasses and a tv and cd player, with plenty of cd's to choose from if we wanted to change cd's on the way.
      We were all buzzing with excitement & we felt so special!

      The limo dropped us off in Kingston and we arranged a time and a meeting point to be picked up. He offered to take some photos of us in front of the limo and he even posed for a photo with the birthday girl. We were able to leave our coats and any other bits in the limo which was really handy.
      So, we go out drinking/clubbing and its the end of the night!

      When we got to the meeting point the limo driver was there and again he opened the door for us and asked us all if we had a good night. We were on our way again, and we felt chilled out and relaxed in the limo on the way home.

      The driver dropped us all off in Guildford and we went home. We of course gave him a tip, as we were so pleased with the service.

      I can't remember exactly how much the limo was, but we paid £36 each, for 8 people and that included a corkage fee which enabled us to drink in the limo.

      Another fantastic, upper-class experience to make our night extra special.

      ***Would I use this company again***?
      I would without a doubt definitely use this limo company again, as the drivers were kind, funny, helpful and very pleasant, the service was just amazing and it was truly a night to remember.
      I was so pleased with the service I sent a Thank you note to the company, thanking them for a great time.

      I have actually booked a limo from this company again, for a 21st birthday coming up in December. Believe it or not I had to book the limo for this in February, so as you can see they get booked up very quickly. We were also very lucky as it was also the last limo left available for that date, so remember to book early to avoid disappointment!

      ***Do they have a website***?
      www.fresh-limousines.com - This shows you the fleet of limousines they have for hire, and gives you information on how to contact them and ideas of what occasions you might use the limo's for. There's also pictures of previous clients.


      Under current laws, most limousines are restricted to carrying no more than eight passengers unless they have COIF (Certificate of Initial Fitness). This is due to the low ceilings and inadequate safety exit access, which is dangerous when the limo is over crowded.

      If the vehicle operators want to carry more people, they need to register the vehicle as a passenger carrying vehicle (PCV), likening it to a bus, and carry a PCV licence. However, the Vehicle Operator Service Agency (VOSA) who issues the licences, will not recognise stretch limos as PCVs as they do not meet the safety requirements for this class of vehicle.

      This includes the oversized limousines, such as the stretch Hummer, some of which can carry up to 28 passengers, and are doing so without proper licensing. Therefore, many limo hire companies are taking advantage of the public and police ignorance of the passenger laws and operating illegally.
      To obtain a PCV, vehicles need to have a certificate of initial fitness (COIF) and very few new Ford Excursion (140") and Hummer limos have now passed these to qualify for the COIF.

      To get around this, some operators have registered their limos as mini buses. However, simply being registered as a mini bus does not give operators the right to transport more than eight passengers.

      Don't take the word of the operator when he tells you the limo can seat all 12 of your friends.

      If you are unsure about anything, contact the National Limousine Association. (www.nlca.co.uk)

      I have personally seen police stop limo's on roads to check how many passengers the limo is carrying and if they are carrying more than 8 passengers in the limo, they have a right to take the limo license away, which means your lovely paid for, limo journey would have to come to an end!

      (Review also on ciao!)


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