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Type: Mobility Scooters

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    1 Review
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      05.05.2010 11:51
      Very helpful



      A fantastic day exploring at a very reasonable price!

      We have recently spent on week holidaying in Fuengirola, Spain & while out on a morning stroll my fiancé noticed a place that rented out pushbikes and mobility scooters and kept asking me if we could rent one, so we initially went there with a view of possibly renting a pushbike each but we actually ended up renting a 2 seater scooter for 24 hours. This cost just 30 Euros which we thought was quite decent for a whole day of exploring without walking for miles or paying for taxis.

      The scooters are available to seat one or two passengers and the two passenger ones are quite long so careful navigation was initially needed to ensure we didn't crash in to any of the many bollards set out between zebra crossings.

      The scooter was very easy to use with a key to start it up, one level that once pulled towards you enables you to drive, one level that once pulled towards you enables you to reverse, a horn (quite tinny!), an emergency brake and a knob which adjusts the speed at which you travel. In addition to this there was also headlights for use at night-time although we had no use for these as we returned the scooter just as it began to turn dark.

      The 2 seater scooter we rented had a basket on the front and a pouch on the back of the front seat so there was plenty of room to store bags and bits and bobs. the 1 seater scooters also came with a basket on the front and this would be the ideal size for using in the supermarket or just for carrying groceries home or to your hotel.

      The scooters were very easy to drive and could pick up quite a bit of speed which was brilliant as it allowed us to go further up the coast than we had all holiday and in under an hour too. We both took turns at driving and I really enjoyed myself speeding along and beeping at people or pigeons! Even after a couple of hours driving bath and forth we were still comfortable and enjoying our ride. If the opportunity presented itself again we would definitely hire one of these scooters as they really are ideal for exploring and seeing more in a day.

      When we received our scooter it had 75% battery and although we drove around for a few hours constantly we still had 50% battery when we returned it so our initial fear about running out in the middle of nowhere was a bit silly really!

      The staff at Heli Scooters are very friendly (British of course!) and they took just a couple of minutes to take a photocopy of one of our passports take our 30 Euros and hand over the key. We received a small talk on how to correctly use the scooter and then we were free to drive off whenever we wanted. There was no additional money or deposit required which was good as we were nearing the end of our holiday!

      Rates For Scooters:

      To Buy:

      1 Seat Model 2.700 Euros
      2 Seat Model 3.500 Euros

      To Rent:

      3 hours 1 Seater 15 Euros 2 Seater 20 Euros
      Day (24 Hours) 1 Seater 25 Euros 2 Seater 30 Euros
      Week 1 Seater 100 Euros 2 Seater 135 Euros
      Month 1 Seater 300 Euros 2 Seater 350 Euros

      The rates for renting a bicycle were various amounts I believe and they also had bikes for sale which seemed to be very popular with several bikes having sold signs on them. The prices looked competitive and reasonable and the shop seemed quite popular.

      We really were pleased with the whole heli scooters experience and service and these scooters are ideal for lazy people or those who have a genuine disability and may want or need a little help to get around. The prices are very reasonable and it was amazing just how far along the coast we got in 2 hours or so! Should we return to Fuengirola next year then this is definitely something that we will use again.

      In all I would thoroughly recommend Heli Scooters to anybody visiting Fuengirola as you will never be far from the shop and they are open from 10am - 7pm. While they did not completely sell out of scooters the day we were there they did only have a couple of one seater ones available which just goes to show how popular they are and I would definitely recommend arriving early in the day to ensure you don't miss you as we had great fun on one of the 2 seater ones!

      Contact Information:

      Paseo Maritiuno no 10, 29640 Fuengirola, Spain

      Tel: +34 608 619 584
      Tel: + 34 606 815 082

      Heli Scooters get a firm 5/5 from us as we had a great day driving around and it was nice to be able to breeze past all the crowds. The service they offer is fantastic and very reasonably priced so ideal if you have a disabled friend or relative who needs some mobility assistance or you just want a lazy day on your holiday.


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