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    1 Review
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      10.07.2002 05:56
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      The problem i had with garages and these were main dealers,they take ages to answer the phone when they do every time they book me in on a different day so when i get there they cannot fit me in. Yes i can understand that they do make mistakes but this seems to be every time. So to the title of my opinion, yes it is true i went to my local dealers Renault London with my renault which had a knocking noise comming from the front off the car. So they took a couple of hours looking at it and they decided that the car was knackered and that it was unsafe to leave the garage and it would cost me 1500 pounds to fix so i was not happy. Whenever i go to a garage with a problem i always get the same answer "we have found the problem it's going to cost twice the estimate and the problem needs to be fixed before we can put it back together" Is it me i always feel i'm being ripped off big time, it's daylight robbery. So back to the 1500 pounds so i told them to get stuffed and drove home. The next day i called another main dealer and booked my car in renault watford and they a young lad took me to test drive it. 2 mins down the road he said he knew what the problem was and said it was the front bushes needed replacing so i took a deep breath and asked him how much and he said inc tax and labour about £20.00 so i tried not to tell him how much the other garage had quoted and booked it in to be fixed to which he said sit down and i will have it done in 30 mins. So i sat down with a coffee and watched tv 30 mins later it was done they had also given my car a full valet what a bargin. I could not have been happier and the car was like new for £20 so i kept the garages details ready for my next service but when i contacted them and asked to speak to the same mechanic i was told he was sacked for undercharging, read into that what you will. So remember when
      booking in to get a service try a garage another 20 miles away you might be surprised. Regards Shopalot


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