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Type: Travel Passes

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    1 Review
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      05.05.2010 09:57
      Very helpful




      Unirider is something you might not have heard of unless you live in a big university town or are a student. It is basically a buss pass sold by Stagecoach to students and it is for year round bus travel.

      In my town, I think the bus system is a bit expensive, there are loooads of busses though (probably have to wait about 5mins max for a bus) and they cost between £1 and £1.30 (£2 after midnight) to go to uni, which is about a 30 minute walk, I think this is expensive and when I first came to uni 3 years ago the busses cost 70p so they have had to increase I know but it is pretty steep. On these busses you can buy weekly passes for either £6 or (I think) £7.50 which the £7.50 one lets you get all the same busses as the unirider.

      So the unirider. You can buy them for each term individually but I have one that runs from september to June as there was a better saving to be made when buying this one. It cost £165 in September and I can basically go on every bus around uni as many times as I want at any time I want.

      I thought this (while not a great saving on a weekly ticket every week (when you consider I'll be home for most of the holidays) would make it easier to budget, and it would avoid me having to get the change every week, or more likely, every week get a tenner out and waste the £2.50 change on rubbish.

      If you lose your pass, you have to get a crime number and pay £25 for another one, and you can only ever get one more like this so look after it! This is becase I think a lot of people were transferring them or getting new ones then finding their old ones and selling them to a friend. They are supposed to be non-transferrable and they have your name on. You also have to display them with your stuent card when you get on the bus and flash your card to the driver. This is made easy by the plastic wallet you get given when y ou buy the card.

      I like the unirider too as it makes getting on the bus fast and efficient, people that buy the weekly passes and get them made on a monday morning (taking about 3 mminutes each) now annoy me lol!

      You can buy these online before you get to uni, or at our freshers fair they had a stall where you ould buy them and get them immediately. If you chose to buy it online after that, it did take a few days but from the freshers fair you got them immediatly which was better in my opinion.

      Now, obviously this depends on how often you use the bus but I am glad I bought one and I think it has made things easier for me. I do think Stagecoach could make it a bit cheaper however as it doesn't really offer great savings.


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