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Yorkshire Animal Ambulance

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Type: Ambulance

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    2 Reviews
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      24.11.2010 13:00
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      Their costs are reasonable, and their service is priceless.

      Dave the driver of the ambulance was wonderful, calming both me and my cat down.

      My cat, Jeff, suddenly took ill- his back legs stopped working, and was gasping. ...as he'd never been ill before I felt lost so phoned the vet. It was the early hours and the ansafone advised I contact an emergency service. They said the Yorkshire Animal Ambulance could transport the both of us to them.

      Dave and ambulance arrived quickly - 15 minutes - and got us to the hospital within 15-20 minutes, where Jeff was assessed and given pain relief. I was told he would be transferred to his vets later, which Dave also took care of. This took a lot of worry out of the situation for me. I went to visit Jeff that morning at the vet hospital, but 24 hours later he sadly passed away.

      I feel that without this service, Jeff's last days would have been more stressful as transporting a poorly cat isn't the easiest of tasks.

      I can't thank or recommend this service highly enough - Thank you again. From me and from Jeff xx.


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        06.05.2010 22:27
        Very helpful



        if your pet is ill or injured, this is the best you can find to get them to the vet

        This is an incredibly hard review to write, but I hope that it will help someone else the way the service helped me.

        A few weeks ago, our family dog was ill. She was epileptic and had been having more frequent seizures. This particular day was a Sunday and she had been not right all day and ended up foaming at the mouth, which obviously was very unusual. I had called an emergency vet who had said to monitor her. Well, at 1am she started to have a massive fit. I rang the vet again who said she needed to come in. Now, there was the problem because I don't drive. They said not to worry because they had the number of an animal ambulance. Thinking this was a taxi service who didn't mind animals in their car, I asked if they would mind coming out at that time of night. The vet nurse laughed and said the man practically lived there at night.

        So I rang the number they gave me. I was in a complete state by now as I had to watch my much loved dog fitting uncontrollably. The man who answered the phone was amazing and this is why I am recommending the service. He calmed me down and asked about my dog. When I explained she was fitting, he said he would have to speak to the vet before he was allowed to take her. He said he was coming from quite a way and would be 30 minutes but would ring as he got closer.

        When he arrived at my house, he came in and talked to my dog and he had such an amazing manner that even in her very ill state she instantly calmed. He explained that as well as driving the ambulance, he also did behaviour therapy on dogs. He spoke to the vet to check it was safe to transport my dog and then carried her (she was not a small dog!) out to the transport. I say transport because this was a van like no other. It is kitted out inside with a special dog cage and fixed cat carriers. It also has resuscitation kit and oxygen on board. He explained that he had had special training in how to deal with sick animals. They are also licensed by the UK Government's Animal Health Agency and DEFRA and are fully insured to administer first aid.

        All the way there, he talked to me and kept me calm(er) while explaining about how the animal ambulance had come about. Apparently a lady who was very heavily pregnant had been unable to get her sick animal to a vet and set it up. When we arrived at the vets, he carried my dog in and explained to the vet what had happened. He stayed with me while the vet started treatment and then very kindly took me home again even though my dog had to stay at the vets and he would have a longer drive home after dropping me off.

        Unfortunately, my dog didn't make it and we had to have her put to sleep a couple of days later.

        I am eternally grateful to Dave and the Yorkshire Animal Ambulance for helping me with my dog and deal with an incredibly emotional and difficult situation. Whilst I hope that you don't ever need his service I really cannot recommend it highly enough. They are caring and calming and in an emergency situation where one of your family (as our pets are) is hurt they are exactly what you need.

        The website for more information is www.yorkshireaa.co.uk. The cost was about the same as a regular taxi would have cost me and because it was an evening (between 7pm and 8am) there was a call out fee as well, but this was very reasonable. Obviously the cost depends on where you are and where the vet you need to be is. He did say that he would collect my dog from the vet and bring her back home again without me being there and then I would only pay the fee for one journey.

        If Dave is reading this or you know him - I just want to say thank you again.


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