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2 Reviews

Travel service for students

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    2 Reviews
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      14.11.2010 09:24



      HelloI was cheated by this company during my e-bookingI have been purchased one ticket but they charge me three times,and nobody care about it when I try to solve this problem with customer supportvisit website studentagency.in for more details. The porpose of this site is to collect opinions of unhappy customer and to share this information with the future customers


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      05.11.2010 16:17
      Very helpful



      Recommended for travel in and close to the Czech Republic.

      Student Agency is a company based in the Czech Republic that performs a number of travel functions. In this review I am only going to be looking at the coach services that the company offers.

      Despite the name, it is not purely a company offering services for students, anybody can book and travel with them.

      The Offering
      If you've had the fun of using the bus system to travel a long distance in the Czech Republic you may have a mixture of good and bad experiences, the worst probably involving some old busses and standing up for a number of hours on the way. At peak times you may even struggle to get a bus at all.

      Student Agency run an inter city coach service using modern air conditioned coaches, with allocated seating, entertainment and even a free drink. It's a world of difference but for a similar cost to the normal busses.

      The coaches are easily identifiable by their yellow colour and feature leather seats with a little recline, a footrest and little tray table to put your complimentary hot drink on. Other drinks and snacks can be purchased, you normally only get one drink during the journey which is served to you in your seat.

      Coaches also feature a toilet, but as you can imagine a coach toilet is not a luxurious or pleasant experience.

      Entertainment is provided in the form of music videos, movies or tv shows, often in English with Czech subtitles. Take your headhones along if you want to enjoy this. They also offer complimentary newspapers and magazines but unless you can read Czech you'll just be looking at pictures :)

      Luggage space is provided in the bottom of the bus, the first bag is always free and on some routes further bags are charged for.

      Free wi-fi is also provided, though in reality the reliability of this is a little hit and miss.

      The Routes
      There are many routes within the Czech Republic and between the Czech Republic and cities in 13 other European countries.

      Within the Czech Republic you can easily travel between the major cities, the busses do not stop everywhere along the way and usually travel to near the centre of each city. In Prague, depending on the route, the coaches can be found at Cerny Most, Zlicin, Florenc and the airport.

      From Prague you can travel to Brno, Ostrava, Plzen, Liberec, Hradec Kralove and Karlovy Vary.

      Some of the European routes involve very long journeys, for these I would certianly choose to fly, the longer routes can sometimes be more expensive than flying.

      Costs and booking
      Booking can be done in a number of Student Agency offices, over the phone, or the simplest option is via their website. It is easy to use in English and all their quotes are in Euros. Bookings can usually be changed to different dates once made, but not cancelled depending on the exact terms and departure date. They accept the most common debit and credit cards.

      Whilst booking online you are able to select a seat on the coach in advance, so you can ensure you are sitting with your friends. You are also shown what movie/entertainment is going to be showing on the coach.

      It is possible to buy a ticket at the coach, but if all of the seats are booked then they wil not take you, so it is better to reserve if possible.

      To give an idea of costs, for a one way ticket between Prague and the spa town Karlovy Vary it would cost less than 6 Euros per person, Brno to Prague is around 8 Euros, Prague to Liberec around 3 Euros.

      International routes cost more of course, Prague to Vienna is around 16 Euros each way, which is comparable to the train.

      My Opinion
      If you're travelling to the Czech Republic and want to go beyond Prague without renting a car, I would definitely reccomend Student Agency. Also, for travel to nearby countries it is a good option, but I would not consider them for a trip to France or the UK due to the length of the trip.

      Try and plan ahead and book tickets if you can and be sure to check where in Prague your chosen route departs from.


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