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With shortly changing parking restrictions...how useful is a car in London? Is the public transport a better way of getting around?

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    1 Review
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      20.12.2000 18:22
      Very helpful



      I live about 40 miles outside of London, and I work in Hammersmith. The journey to work is one of THE most painful and excrutiating experiences in the world. When my Husband was first posted (he's in the armed forces) we decided that not only could we not afford a car, but being environmentally aware, we should utilise public transport. There is no bus provision that would get me to London leaving the train as the only viable alternative. South West Trains service my area so timetable clutched in my hand I boarded the 06.50 to Waterloo. 2 hours later I got there. I apologised to my employers and got on with my day. Next day, 2 and a quarter hours later the train terminated at Clapham. I apologised to my employers and continued as normal. Then the floods / speed restrictions / track repairs begun. Trains were cancelled without notice, destinations changed, late, full to capacity and I was still paying £300 per month for this 'service'. So we got a loan and a car. I spend 3 hours a day driving up and down to London. I see some of the most incredibly rude, stupid and irresponsible drivers that I have ever seen in 12 years of driving. In the fog, cars hurtling past over 80miles per hour on the wrong side of the road, cars (actually often those car/van affairs that BT used to use) running right up to your tail pipe flashing you to get out of the way no matter what lane you are in and regardless of the speed that you are doing. Motorcycles at traffic lights both on the left and right hand sides of the car all charging in front of the car - screaming off into the distance when the lights first change to green leaving me worried I am going to end up hitting one. But my pet hate? Where roads go from 2 lanes (in each direction) to one lane in 800 yds, 600 yds, 400 yds, 200 yds 100 yds and some pillock waits till he (and it is ALWAYS a he) is completly out of road before pushing into the qu
      eue that I have sat in for 20 mins. Why do these people think they have the right to do this? Why are they so special that they dont have to sit in the queue with the rest? Is there something I am missing? Or are these men just rude and selfish?


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