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Total Limos (Portsmouth)

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Location: Portsmouth

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    1 Review
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      30.04.2013 12:02
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      Total Limos, Portsmouth

      After a recent bad experience with a Limo Company (Limo Broker), I needed to find a Limo for my boyfriend's 30th birthday and I only had about 4 weeks to do it which may seem a long time, how-ever 2 companies that I contacted about Limo's had none available for that date. I did a Google search and sent emails to at least 4-5 different limo companies and got a reply from a few. I finally found a good, decent sounding limo company whom quoted me a good price for a limo so I decided to stick with them and booked the limo.

      Total Limo's
      = = = = = =
      Total Limo's have been in the Limousine Business for over 10 years and are based in Portsmouth, Hampshire which was perfect as the night out for my boyfriend's 30th was going to be in Portsmouth. Although based in Portsmouth they cover areas including Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Sussex and surrounding areas. It states on their website that they price themselves on delivering First Class Limousine Hire at affordable prices. All their Limousines are licensed by Vosa and their drivers are fully trainer, uniformed professional chauffeurs with CRB certificates. They aim to make your trip special and memorable meeting your needs for whatever event. All their limousines have a C.O.I.F (safety certificate). They have a range of different limos available for hire including Lincoln Limousines in Black, White & Pink, and A range of different Party Buses, Chryslers and even a Fire Engine. They have a website where you can see pictures of their limousines and range of party buses and you can also read some more information about the company as well. I had to admit that their website isn't great as it's not a very good layout and some of the pictures are rather small.

      Enquiring/Booking the Limousine
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
      After sending Total Limo's an e-mail regarding the details such as the event and date I wanted the limo for I received a reply the same day giving me a quote for the trip which was a lot cheaper than I was quoted from the previous company (Limo Broker). I also got told to look on their facebook page where I could see pictures from recent events and read short reviews and comment from other customers. After reading information about them and checking their page on facebook I decided that I would accept this quote and I rung the phone number which was in the e-mail, to ask a few more questions. The lady on the end of the phone was very polite and took down all the details for the trip including the pick up time and place and also the destination details. I told her I wanted a return trip so she also took down the time of when we wanted to be picked up later in the evening. She told me that I would need to pay £100 deposit which secures the limousine and I could pay the rest on the day of the event.

      After taking my details she informed me that we would get complimentary champagne in the limousine and we could also take our own drinks if we wanted to as well. There would also be a few balloons in the limousine as well as the occasion was a party celebration. After I paid the deposit she told me that I would receive a call on the day or the day before our booking to confirm all the details again. I would also receive an e-mail with all the booking details and terms & conditions as well. Shortly after getting off the phone I received an e-mail confirming all the details of the booking and the number to call if anything needed to be changed. I also received another attachment in the e-mail which was the Terms and Condition about if the limo was cancelled at short notice and if there was any spillages or mess made in the limo that a £50 cleaning fee may be taken from my card which I used to pay the deposit. I expected this anyway as this is the same with most Limo companies.

      I chose to have the White Lincoln Limousine which can hold up to 8 passengers, although there was only going to be 6 of us so there would be plenty of space in the limousine which was good. The limo would be picking us up from a location in Farnborough at around 7pm and taking us to Gunwharf Quays in Hampshire. This would be a return journey and we would be picked up again at 1:30am and dropped back off at the original pick up point. For the hire of the limo it was going to cost £320 which I thought was very reasonable and better than the other quote I had got where they were going to charge me just over £400 for the same trip. We could take our own drinks and a CD for the journey. The other people who were coming were also going to pay towards the cost of the limousine as well which I would collect on the day or just before the celebrations began.

      I actually received a call on late Friday afternoon to confirm all the booking details and the pick up time and destination, etc. The man on the phone was very polite and also told us to have a good night. I was getting a little excited about the night out now and hoped that my boyfriend and his friends would enjoy the night out.

      The day of the Celebration
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
      Although I had positive feelings of this Limo company, I was also a little nervous as I have read so many bad reviews about different limo companies. I was hoping that the limo would turn up on time and everything would go as planned on the day. My boyfriend didn't have any idea what was going to happen for his birthday so everything, including the Limo was going to be a surprise. The Limo was due to pick us up at 7pm outside our local pub. We were there a little early in case the limo came slightly earlier. It came dead on 7pm and my boyfriend couldn't believe it when he saw a white limo pull up. The limo was really clean and looked brilliant and we were all going to feel like stars in the limo. The driver got out and opened the door for us where we all climbed in very quickly as it was raining rather hard. I climbed to the front of the limo where I gave the driver the rest of the money. The drivers name was Terry and he seemed like a very nice man. He told us we could have the music as loud as we liked and that there was a selection of CD's in a case at the back of the limousine. The CD case had over 20 CD's which you could chose from but we bought our own anyway so we popped this into the CD player. The driver also handed us a microphone as well so we could sing or say stuff over the mic so everyone could hear. Terry also informed us when pouring out the champagne to only half fill the glasses just in case we go over bumps, to avoid any spillages.

      As we made our way to the destination we were all buzzing and in a really good party mood. The limo was really clean and was luxurious inside. The seats were made from black leather and the carpet on the floor was dark. There was strip lighting around the limo which changed into various different colours. On the inside of the limo along the window were 2 Happy Birthday banners and 3 balloons as I told them it was a Birthday Celebration. There were 3 complimentary bottles of champagne for our journey, how-ever we were intending on leaving at least 1 bottle for the journey home. Although the limo holds 8 people and there was only 5 of us in it, it was actually really nice to have some extra space in there to be able to move around. Half way through out journey some of us needed to go to the toilet so we told the driver this and he pulled into a town where we went into the pub to use their toilets. The weather had cleared up a bit by then so we got the driver to take a picture of us by the limo before we set off for the rest of our journey. We were in the limo for just over an hour and we really enjoyed the journey to the destination. The temperature in the limo was perfect but we could have adjusted it if we wanted.

      We were in Portsmouth for a good 5 hours before being picked up again by the Limo and being taken back home. The limo driver was actually a little early which was fine as we were all ready to go home anyway. The boys had a cigarette whilst chatting to the driver and me and the other girl sat inside the limo to keep warm. We were off again and started to make our way home. We opened the 3rd bottle of champagne to enjoy and also put the CD on again where we all sang along after having a great night out. It took us just over an hour to get back home and we were all still buzzing. We thanked the driver and I also asked him for a business card so we could keep in case we needed to book a limo again. We left the limo and walked round the corner back to the flat.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = =
      I was a little nervous about using this company as I have never used them before; how-ever I was really, really pleased with the service and can't fault it in anyway. The limo arrived on time and looked fantastic inside and out as it was really clean and we all felt like stars in the limo. I was only expecting one bottle of champagne so was surprised to see 3 bottles of champagne in the coolers. It was great that they had a large collection of CD's which you could choose from to play whilst in the limousine. The driver was dressed very smartly in a suit and was very nice and seemed like a really good laugh. His driving was good and we felt confident that we would get to the destination safely. We chatted to the driver for a bit when whilst the boys were having a cigarette and he was really nice and polite. In terms of value I think the Limousine was very reasonable, especially when divided by me and my boyfriend's friends. Although we could take our own drinks in the Limo we didn't as we didn't want to give too much away and my boyfriend suspect anything and to be honest with 3 bottles of champagne we didn't need to take our own drinks anyway. I don't have one bad thing to say about my experience with this company as everything was perfect. I would highly recommend this company to others if you need a Limousine for any occasion.

      Contact Information
      = = = = = = = = = =
      Tel: 02393 358627

      (review also on ciao)


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