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Lifeventure Wash Holdall

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3 Reviews

Brand: Lifeventure / Type: Holdall for washing

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    3 Reviews
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      11.09.2011 14:34
      Very helpful
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      A nice wash bag that has room for everything

      Having a travelling wash bag saves so much time when you are unpacking and packing as everything is in one place. Even when I go camping I have my wash bag so that I can take it easily to the shower block and then pack it away afterwards. I did not buy this myself and received it as a gift from my boyfriend for my birthday. He had filled it with lots of nice toiletries, which was a really nice touch.
      The brand behind the bag is Lifeventure, who design and manufacture a wide range of packs and accessories for travel and outdoor use. We have had a couple of other products by them and they are a very reliable and trustworthy brand.

      *The product*

      The bag is fairly big so it will take up a big chunk of your suitcase. If you are travelling with hand luggage only then you may not be able to fit this in. The dimensions of the bag are 250mm x 180mm x 130mm. You can also buy a larger one which is 300mm long.
      The bag is made from tough Cordura and Hypalon fabrics which are shower proof but not waterproof. This sort of material is really tough and will not tear, rip or puncture easily. Due to the thick fabric and size of the bag, it is fairly heavy which eats in to your valuable luggage allowance. The smallest of the wash bags weighs 300g unpacked!

      *Pockets, zips and extras*

      The best thing about this bag is that you can hang it up as it has its own built in hanger. As soon as you open the main section with the zip, the flap opens out and can be hung up with the hook, perfect for hanging on the Back of a door or on a shower unit. The flap also has a built in mirror. Disappointingly on a trip to America while the wash bag was in my suitcase, it must have got squashed as the mirror had cracked in transit. Great 7 years bad luck! There is nothing behind the mirror to protect it from any sort of impact.
      The main part of the bag is fairly large and will accommodate quite a lot in it, I usually take shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush and various other bottles and tubs. There is a smaller internal pocket where I store my face wipes and then two zippered pockets at either side. These are both quite roomy, so all in all there is plenty of room for your things.
      The zips on the bag are robust and tough and have an easy to pull rubber toggle so they are easy to operate with wet hands.
      At the top of the bag is a handle for you to carry the bag about easily. This handle is double stitched so it is on quite securely and can not easily be pulled off.


      This is a really top quality bag and it is really useful to have. I do not use it on every trip though as it is cumbersome to carry round. It is perfect for a couple vacation and I share the room with my partner. It is a shame about the mirror, but I never really used it any way as it just gets steamed up in the bathroom and I have another mirror in my make up bag if I really wanted one.
      I'd recommend this bag but they are not too cheap; the small one is £14.00 and the large is £20.00. quite expensive but I definitely get the use out of it.


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        19.06.2011 21:13
        Very helpful



        Nice and somewhat waterproof

        This is a good bag to take travelling as long a you are not trying to travel as light as you can.

        I do two different types of travelling, one it is perfect for, the other it is useless for!

        For travelling backpacking across the wildereness of Scotland on a Long distance trail it is useless as it is just too big. The whole point of backpacking is to travel light with as little as possible!
        This is too bulky for that and just gets in the way.

        For travelling to visit friends and family or B&B/Hotel holidays we do, this is brilliant. It is a rounded design so tucks away in your bag well. It is also soft material and so can be squashed down also. It has a large main pocket which is divided by a little partition and also two end pockets. It has a plastic mirror on the lid which can be taken off on a velcro bit also. The lid zips up over the top and when opened has a handy hook so that the whole unit can be hung up on a door or somewhere in the bath room for convienence.

        The little partition bit in the main part is really handy as it keeps small items separate and makes finding things very easy.
        It is long enough to just fit a tooth brush in comfortably but it is wise to buy travel item lite tooth paste and shampoo to fit in as any large items would not fit in!

        The material is pretty robust and withstands water splashes and any leakage inside the bag meaning that anything which spills wont go all over your bag too!

        The bag cost £14.99 so not a cheap bag but to be honest worth the price if you want something and dont have to think too much about space and weight!
        For backpacking, think again, far too bulky and heavy!


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        21.12.2010 20:27
        Very helpful



        4 stars from me

        This is a large luxury holdall from the travel equipment brand Lifeventure. As well as the main zipped compartment it has five more zipped compartments, eight smaller elasticated mesh compartments, a mirror and tuck-away metal hanger.

        ~~ Availability ~~

        You can also get this holdall in a smaller size. Both are available from outdoorsy and travel shops such as Outdoors Kit, Field and Trek and Sports Direct; both online and in stores. The larger holdall (which I am reviewing here) retails for between £14 - £19. It is available in either a blue/black colour combination or a light grey/pink option. I have the blue/black option, which stays looking clean even when it's not, unlike I'd imagine the lighter colour combinations.

        ~~ My experience ~~

        I chose this wash holdall specifically because I trusted Lifeventures range and this was the largest holdall that they did. I'm ashamed to say that when I go away my essential dive equipment takes up half my rucksack, and the near entirety of the other half is occupied by my toiletries. For this reason I needed a wash bag that would be large enough for all my 'essentials'. This holdall is 260mm x 190mm x 125mm. Perfectly roomy for about five 200ml bottles, several smaller ones and various other bits and pieces.

        ~~ Pros... ~~

        The outside of the holdall is made from toughened rip-stop fabric. This is really useful if you just chuck it in your rucksack without any thought to what dangers lie in there. Of course if you carefully pack your luggage in a proper suitcase, then this is actually a little overkill for a wash bag. The rest of the bag is made really well - with durability definitely in mind. The zipped pockets, mesh pouches and lining are all fully intact on mine after a lot of wear. I store sharp things like scissors and earrings in the pockets and they have never torn through the material.

        The zips all have chunky rubber attachments which is really helpful when you are trying to get into this with wet hands. The zips are all plastic so they won't rust, and the metal hanger is coated in plastic too.

        This holdall is really well designed. The pockets and pouches are placed so that you don't end up with unusable space elsewhere when they are packed full.

        This holdall is fully washable, and I've chucked mine in the washing machine dozens of times and it always comes out looking like new.

        ~~ ...And cons ~~

        Because of the supremely durable fabric this wash bag is comparatively heavy, even when it is empty (300g to be precise). When every gram of luggage counts this is a particular downside.

        The plastic coated, metal hanger is not at all strong enough considering the large size of the holdall. When this is filled with full up bottles of toiletries, if I then attempt to hang this bag up the hanger simply bends and everything I have so carefully packed away ends up on the floor. I tend to use a karabiner which I attach to the nylon part of the hanger to hang this holdall up securely.

        The mirror in this bag, although a very decent size, is not reinforced at all. Before I even had a chance to use the mirror, it had snapped in half on the journey.

        ~~ Overall ~~

        This holdall loses a star because of the poor hanger and mirror design. However I'd recommend this to anyone who likes to keep their toiletries organised and easy to get to whilst away. And I'd especially recommend this to anyone who needs a long-lasting holdall which can withstand a lot of heavy use.

        This review also appears on Ciao under my username sbeach000


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