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Marks & Spencer Moulded Travel Eye Mask

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Type: Travel Extras

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    2 Reviews
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      23.10.2011 11:11
      Very helpful



      A good quality mask that you sleep

      Being on an aeroplane overnight is dreadful and the potential of being able to get some sleep is very slim! I do not particularly enjoy flying and would much rather spend the journey zonked out asleep and wake up in a new place rather than trying to entertain myself!

      I bought the Marks and Spencer eye mask to assist me in sleeping on a long haul flight. I bought it from my local store and paid £3.00.


      The eye mask is pink on the outside and black on the inside and made from a soft polyester material. It feels soft against the skin and there are no rough edges to aggravate the skin. The mask itself is lightweight but quite padded for comfort. The padding is thick enough to block out most light. When wearing the mask on the plane, I could not see any light at all: it was pure darkness. Obviously the main idea of the mask was to block out the light so in this respect, the mask is a success.

      The mask size is one size and even states that children can wear it. The mask does come quite a way down my nose so I'm not sure it would fit smaller faces. 

      The elastic strap is comfortable and has a Velco strap to fasten it around the head and adjust it to the correct size. Once you have done this once, you should be able to just slip it over your head when you next want to use it.

      *My experience*

      The eye mask is really successful at blocking out artificial and natural light. I find it really comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time. The mask does not fit too tight around the head and the eye mask does not exert too much pressure on my eyes. This means I can blink freely. It also means that when I wake up after taking the mask off, I do not have red marks all over my face!

      I like the fact that the mask comes in a little bag to carry it around in when not in use. The mask is going on your delicate eye area so it is great to protect it from damage, dust and fluff, rather than floating around in the abyss in my handbag somewhere!


      A great mask to help sleep away those travelling hours. 


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      17.09.2009 09:03
      Very helpful



      A good eye mask that performs well for the price

      Why I bought this
      I bought this eye mask at Marks and Spencer last month. The reason I was buying an eye mask unfortunately was not because I was off on some flash holiday and need it for the plane but because I occasionally do work night shifts and need to sleep during the day. I have used various eye masks over the years some bought and some given free to me on plane journeys. However my current one was giving up the ghost so I needed to replace it.

      What is it and what does it look like
      "This moulded eye mask with its unique shape is designed to fit comfortably across your face and prevent any light disturbing your sleep. The ultra lightweight design and handy carry pouch is perfect for travel or whenever you need to sleep in a light environment " Marks and Spencer website product information

      The molding is black on the inside and a pretty pink on the outside. The eye area is raised slightly so you can actually blink when you have it unlike some eye masks. There is also a raise nose area. The nose area is a reasonable size and with my roman style nose it fits comfortably over it without to many little gaps to show the light through. The straps are Velcro meaning you can adjust it to fit the size of your head.

      What is its purpose?
      These eye masks are designed to block out the light so you can sleep or simply rest your eyes when either traveling somewhere or need to sleep where there is light.

      The design of the mask is very comfortable to wear. Once on the masks molded design allows you to still be able to blink. I find this useful as sometimes when settling down to sleep after a night shift I will open my eyes if I hear my son crying downstairs or a noise and lay there thinking should I go down and give my husband a hand. With other eye masks that I have used I have had to move the eye mask up to blink and then back down again after wards with this design I can just lay there and ponder on my decision.

      The Velcro fastening is very robust and I have had no problems with this coming loose at all during the times I have tossed and turned getting to sleep and once asleep. The fastening of this ideal as it is possible to adjust it to fit you perfectly.

      The eye mask is very effective in my opinion at blocking out light which is the main reason I bought it. I normally find with eye masks that light tends to either peek through in certain parts or they don't block out the entire light totally just make things darker. However with this eye mask it blocks out the light totally, I tried on with a light on the bedroom for review purposes and I was unable to see anything. This for me is the major plus point of this eye mask as it does it job for me wonderfully. Though the days are getting less light now I can see this will be wonderful to use on a bright sunny day when I am needing to sleep after a shift.

      The little pouch it comes in acts as a good storage container for it and with the drawstring bag it stops it getting lost on the bedside table or getting dusty which would then could make you sneeze when wearing it. I think the pouch would be handy to stop it getting tangled up with things in a travel bag.

      The only downside as far as I am concerned is that at times when I am sleeping and moving my head it has moved slightly to the side of my head when I wake up. It has never moves sufficiently to come undone or let in light but the nose area is sometimes a bit wonky when I wake up. Now this is not a unique fault to this eye mask indeed I have encountered the same problem with every eye mask I have tried.

      Overall and would I recommended it
      I think this is a great little eye mask and that it performs it job well. It is comfortable to wear when sleeping and blocks the light out very well. I think for £3 it is a good buy and I can see me using this for a long time. I would recommend it to people who need to sleep during the day or to use when traveling on planes. Unfortunately I have only seen this available in the colour pink so how comfortable so men maybe wearing this I am unsure.

      Where from and how much
      Marks & Spencer Moulded Travel Eye Mask £3.00


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    • Product Details

      The ultra lightweight design and handy carry pouch is perfect for travel.

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