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Travel Log Personal Attack Alarm

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Brand: Travel Log / Type: Personal alarm

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    1 Review
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      18.10.2011 03:05
      Very helpful



      A so so product and worth having as an extra safety precaution

      Looking back on my life I have never really took my personal safety too literally. Often I have taken drinks from strangers, even a lift once. I've never been burgled so never had extra locks on my doors and the likes let alone any kind of alarm on any of my homes.

      Up until recently I have felt safe in the world really. I lived in a first floor flat, first off with my best mate/flat mate and above my very good friends. I never felt venerable until my best mate/flat mate moved out and then I started to feel it a little. Then however I moved from that flat that I felt very at home in to a flat slap, bang wallop in Weston centre which is by shops and nightlife. Prior to moving into my flat I knew nothing about the area but then people decided to tell me about all the people that have been killed where I live, the crackheads and the likes. I heard horror stories about my neighbours and for the first few nights of being in the flat I wouldn't stay alone and even considered buying myself a huge dog!

      I have though taken all the safety precautions that I can take. I have locks and a deadlock plus safety chains on my door. I have a huge baseball bat just to make me feel safe and even considered getting a pellet gun (legal here for duck shooting by the way lol!). I am getting alarms fitted to all my windows, have a blind up to my front door window which always stays closed so people can't peer in and always remember to close my windows when I go out. My fire alarms work (someone tried to set fire to the building I am in just prior to me just moving in!) and yep I'm still a tad jumpy to be honest. I usually hear noise near my flat with revelers having fun, me I just want to feel safe.

      Outside the main doors to my flat there is a constant stream of people coming in and out of the pubs and clubs. It doesn't bother me too badly when I am in but occasionally when it goes dark I do need to pop out and this worried me slightly. Add to that putting the bins out means I have to go through a corridor with no light in it (I have complained about this by the way) into an alley way...well it all gave me the heeby jeebies!

      However I may be female but I refuse to be scared so the other day I was at a carboot sale when I saw one of these (the seller had loads of them on sale) for a pound each, and in there original packaging so I bought two of them. One to keep on my person and one to go by my flat front door.

      The Packaging:

      The alarm comes in a see through plastic hanging case with the alarm being seen to the front and back of the case but a piece of card to the front of it in orange and grey contains all the information you need. We are told that it is Travel Log 'For Holiday & Travel', Personal Attack Alarm '130 Decibels, Can Be Heard Up To 80m Away' and that the noise lasts for up to one hour 'Pull out security key for alarm' and that batteries are included. No contact details for the manufacturer of this product are given at all that is your lot!

      The Alarm Itself:

      The alarm is oblong in shape and white plastic and very compact indeed and a decent size but still really light with a black strong cord you can attach around your wrist if you should want to and that loop is really wide and should fit anyone at all. To the back of the unit there are 3 small silver screw holes and to the front of it a finger indentation mark which could be where you push to get the battery out/change it though to be honest I can't open it and think its too stiff for me and nowhere on the packaging are we told that you can replace the battery so I am only guessing that you can. Also on the front of the unit there is a section of slightly raised plastic to which the sound comes out of and finally to the top of the alarm a blue piece of plastic which fits securely into the main unit and in an emergency you just pull it out with real ease.

      Using it is really simple. I know because I have actually used mine in a dummy run and to test it out lol. I was talking to a male mate the other day outside a pub when he got a bit too friendly so I grabbed it out of my bag and as the man advised me who sold it to me I gently pulled the blue plastic section out and threw it. It immediately started a high pitched twill noise and my mate didn't half panic an back off, he seemed mighty confused and people were looking lol! It doesn't stop of course till the battery life drains rom it or you pop the stopper bit back into is rightful place!

      The benefit of this is simple. I feel safer with it than without it. Its simple to use and very loud indeed. The negative is, is anyone really gonna notice it? I mean when someones car alarm goes off outside my home I never assume the worse and put it down to the alarm going off because of wind or something! Also because the front section is stiff to remove I bet I never get around to working out how to change the battery and chances are it will drain before I ever need to use it!

      I do think the best way of using this in an emergency is to chuck it away from you otherwise it could simply be taken out of your hand however it isn't smash proof so you somehow in the middle of being in a bad situation have to think about chucking this gently away from yourself? Gonna happen...I doubt it in a crisis!

      At about £6.50 from sites such as Amazon it is a decent enough and an easy enough to use product however with flaws!


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