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Trixes 4-Dial TSA Combination Padlock

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2 Reviews

Brand: Trixes / Type: Padlock

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    2 Reviews
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      07.03.2013 02:25
      Very helpful



      Great vaue padlock

      I am sure I must have more padlocks around home without the keys, as I always mislay keys, after trying a combination padlock, (just cheap one - for a weekend away in UK), I liked the styling of the lock but wanted a stronger one so I looked on Amazon and found this combination lock, it was priced at around £4 so I brought one for myself (I had the purple one) I was impressed with the lock that I ordered a 2nd one for my daughter, she has a pink one.

      The lock is a nice handy size, it measures about 7cm in length, 3cm in width and just over 1cm in depth. The TSA regulation symbol is displayed on the side, to lock the padlock there is a silver ring at the top of the padlock this slides through the zip on the this then slots into the hole on the top of the padlock, which acts as your locking device.

      The Combination
      On the side is a set of 4 dials that you move with your fingers and this is the combination. When you purchase the padlock it has the factory settings of 0000, but there are full instructions on how to change this. These instructions are on the back of the packaging, so you do need to take care when opening up.

      To Set
      I found this a bit of a pain to do the lock as I always seem to be all fingers and thumbs, but you have to pull the locking part, turn this around, pop it back into the hole, hold this down, turn another 90 degrees, then put in your new code. I would say get some-one to read the instructions to while you do the lock or vice versa, as it seems complicated making sure you have twisted the right way around. Once you have put your new number in, you then hold it down again and re-twist.

      Doing the second padlock did take about half the time, but as they say practice makes perfect!

      I will add you can change your number at anytime, just follow the set up process, although for me, I'm useless at remembering numbers, so once set it stay that number.

      The TSA accepted symbol.
      The main advantage to this padlock is the TSA accepted symbol. This means that should you be travelling and for some reason your suitcase has been picked out for a random check, then the Transportation Security Administration can open the padlock, as there is a special code on the bottom of the padlock, this means that the bag can be unlocked, checked, relocked up and the padlock then keeping your suitcase safe.

      I find this method that the padlock can be opened, without damaging the lock a good idea, not that I want anyone going through my luggage, but peace of mind that if it did happen, my suitcase would be safe for the rest of the journey.

      Ease of Use
      I found the padlock easy to use, I liked the fact that it is available in many different colours, so like you me you can choose your favourite colour, or if you want to colour coordinate with your luggage.

      Future Use
      I plan to buy another two of these padlocks as my next holiday is a long haul, and I know it may sound daft but knowing that I am liable to be having 40 winks on the plane that my hand luggage will have extra security of a padlock, so passport, money etc will be safe.

      My overview
      I have had my padlocks about a year, they've been used a couple of times for holiday and I was happy with them, they are really great value, and I like the fact they are practical enough to use in everyday circumstances, such as for gym lockers.

      Value for Money
      I feel these locks are excellent value for money, and I would certainly have paid up to £10 for a lock like this.


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      26.02.2013 12:53
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      a combination lock by TRIXES

      I go on holiday quite a lot and always like to ensure my back is locked well when travelling, not only for this purpose but a good lock is handy to have for many things. At the gym I go to the lockers are free to use but I need to bring my own lock as well which is why it was time for me to pay out and get something really good. I know there are a lot of different combination locks you can buy but I knew I wanted the small red Travel Sentry approved symbol on mine as this is for safety. I went on Amazon and they had quite a lot of choice but I found this TRIXES combination lock and it was in my favourite colour purple so it seemed ideal to me.


      The lock is not too heavy but a bit chunkier than I had expected, it weighs 70g and its dimensions are 6.7cm x 3.0cm x 1.2cm. It has the TSA reg symbol on the side of it and a big silver metal ring at the top which slots into a hole to lock this. It is a beautiful purple colour and has four rolling dials, to set a safe combination for security. Underneath is a small TSA number and a slot for a key to go into, it doesn't really have much else for it, the numbers are very easy to see and when the lock comes you need to set it as it is automatically put to 0-0-0-0 and you need to change this by following the instructions given on the back of the packaging.


      First things first, setting up the lock is where you need to begin so you first of all need to pull up the shackle and then rotate it 90° clockwise and then press it into the hole. Once this is done you then hold it down and turn it another 90° counter clockwise, once this step is done you can then set your combination lock. I have to be honest here, I found this a bit confusing to follow and had to get my boyfriend to do it, it sounds easier than it was, a bit fiddly but now it is set I probably will not be changing the combination again. Once you choose your number you turn the shackle back to where it was and it stores it.

      To change your combination number you just need to repeat the steps again and you can change it as many times as you like which is very useful. This lock comes with a TSA accepted symbol on it which means that it is accepts by the Transportation Security Administration and bags can be lock while it will still allow for TSA inspections without damaging the lock. Under the lock every lock will have a TSA code which allows authorities to unlock it if they need to check it. It means your bag can be unlocked and checked easily without them breaking your lock to get in. It is mainly for your own peace of mind and all good quality locks should have this symbol on them really.

      So, I have been using this lock for a while now and it always seems to work fine and is very reliable. I use it mainly at my gym as it is a good few times a week and you just set your combination pull up the shackle, slot it into the locker closing and then push the shackle down and move all of the combination numbers around and it is very securely locked. As soon as my combination is put in the lock opens very easily and it is never a problem trying to open it, it hasn't worn or got rusty. I have used this also on luggage before and it has had no problems either, the good thing is having such a big loop on it, it can slot into a lot of things and wider fastenings.

      I love this lock and it was worth what I paid for it as it reassures me that my items are safe. It is very good quality and always works easily and the fact it is easy enough to change your combination is good in itself. It is small enough to carry around in your pocket and this is all I could need for travelling. The locks come in a wide range of colours which is about as exciting as it gets when it comes to buying locks. My purple one is nice but I have just spotted that they do a pink one which is also very nice and black ones and green, there is surely a colour for everyone. These will last for a good while once bought and everyone should have one in their home.


      These can be bought online, I got my model specifically from Amazon, not direct from them but one of their sellers and it came packaged well and in a quick time too. The lock cost me £3.99 for one but you can buy a pack of two for £7.99 which is good too.

      For more information on these locks go to http://www.digiflex.co.uk/ who were the Amazon seller.


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