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Awesome Adventures Fiji

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3 Reviews

Package holidays and tours in Fiji.

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    3 Reviews
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      23.11.2010 07:35



      I've booked a package more than one month ago and my money goes to "Awesome Adventures Fiji". After several days I've cancelled my booking. The money are still not returned to me.I really can't understand such attitude. I write them emails with no results.Hope it helps someone to save their time.


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      29.10.2009 14:09
      Very helpful



      brilliant time

      'THe Big Yellow Flyer!' - this is the name given by Awesome Adventures to the catamaran boat that transports customers from the port of Nadi to the Yasawa islands.

      I availed of the package that was called "The Ultimate Lei", with the strap lin - the ultimate fiji island experience. This package included the transfers on the big yellow flyer to 4 islands where you would be staying for 7 days/ 6 nights.

      Fiji itself is a fantastic holiday destination. I was backpacking when I was here, so put my review into context, as I was not staying in amazing hotels, nor did I expect to! The accomodation provided on the islands was basic enough, but again, put this in context as I was travelling round the world and did not have a lot of money! Fiji as a country is quite poor and it is a basic country, nothing fancy here!

      Anyway, back to the review...

      The first day starts with the pick up at your hostel by a big yellow bus that drops you to Nadi Harbour to meet the big yellow flyer. You are transported to the furthest island that you are staying at, so that you work you way back to the main island. We stayed at the Sunshine resort, but there is a choice of staying at Coral View. This is the Blue Lagoon region and it was here that Brooke Shields did that famous scene coming rising up out of the water. You are provided with lunch and dinner on the first day, but get breakfast, lunch and dinner the rest of the days (apart from the final day). No choices here, you eat what you are given! It is mostly local food, all local produce - lots of fish! The food was tasty enough, but not all of it to my taste. The huts slept 6-8 people and over each bed was a mosquito net. unfortunately mine had holes in it that the mozzies got in through, so another small mark down!

      To give you a feel for this, you really feel like you are totally on your own on the island. The islands are very small and you can walk round them in no time at all. There are very few people living on them. There was not a massive amount to do during the day, apart from lie on the beach or in a hammock and relax - which was fine! The beach, as all of the beaches in Fiji, was amazing, beautiful white unspoilt sand.

      Anyway, you spend two days at this island before being taken to Korovou. I liked this island, the accomodation was a little nicer and there were more people staying here. We tasted Kava here, a drink made from some Kava roots that supposedly has hallucinagenic properties, but to me just made my tongue numb and tasted of soil!

      This is a one day stay here before being brought to Kuata (it is also possible to go to Waya Lailai). I did a really nice walk here, guided by one of the locals, up over a mountain (more like a hill) to the other side of the island where I have never seen such crystal clear water in the sea before - so much sea life just passing by your legs, so cool.

      One day at Kuata before the final stop at South Sea Island (also possible to go to Bounty island). This was a beautiful island, the accomodation was the best of the four and the most relaxing place. Really good hammocks here (some of the other ones were difficult to get in!). 'Castaway' island from the film is just across from you.

      So two days here and then back to Nadi.

      I would definitely recommend the yasawa flyer, especially as you get to sample four different islands on this apckage, taste some great food, see locals perform fire dances, chillo out and get the sun - all for £343. It is definitely worth it, hope I have convinced you!


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        13.06.2009 16:33
        Very helpful



        My favourite part of traveling and a unique yet rewarding holiday experience! amazing beaches

        I traveled with Awsome Adventure whilst backpacking around the world and this was one of the highlights of my travels! I organised this part of my holiday in a backpackers hostel in Wellington, although i guess you can also easily book it online or through another travel agency.

        I did the 'Tropical Awgasm' package which consisted of 12 days on the Yasawi islands, stopping on 5 different islands and a couple of night on board a 'cruise ship'. There are a range of tour option froma few days up to 12 days and you can add extra nights on any island, by just adding the cost of the accomodation, which was around £7 per night, whihch included your meals.

        Firstly the group picked us up promtley from our hotel in Fiji-Nada in a bright yellow bus! when we arrived at the port, we quickly recieved our tickets for each accomodation whilst on the islands and jumped on the connecting boat for our first stop at 'sout sea island'.

        'South Sea Island'.
        The island is very small, you can walk from one end to the other in a matter of minutes, yet it seems like a cute desert island. on the island the accomodation was basic yet clean and there was a swimming pool on the island (although not sure why, as see about 3 steps away!) and a big open kitchen/bar/common area. The beach was white sand and crystal clear water. The island offered free snorkling equipment which is a much! i found the snorkling so exciting! lots of beautiful fish and corral and you could snorkle for hours!
        The only downside to this island was is consisted of a lot of drinking games in the evening, which is fun for a night, but you may as well stay at home if your drinking!
        Whilst here, we took a day boat tour (through the hol package) where we visited another island and a tour around the loacl village. The locals all came out with some touristy gifts to sell yet there was no pressure to buy anything. The locals were very smiley and honestly appreciated anything you choose to buy. Whilst on the island we were invited to a tradition Kava Ceremoney (you'll come accross a lot fo these!) it was very interested although i felt a little forced for us tourists. After the village we had a lovely BBQ on board whilst the crew sang! the songs were beautiful and is so relaxing listening to them sing whilst surrounded by crystal clear water!

        Kuata island
        This was our next stop and the accomodation was slighty better with small aparments consisting of about 10 beds but with plenty of space and also very clean. The best part of this island was the hamocks! lots of them dotted around where you can sit for hours relaxing! This island was a lot bigger and i loved walking around exploring it! the locals were very friendly and one lady even taught me how to make a paper/leaf book mark! The food here was amazing! cant express how tastey it was yum yum!
        Whilst here me and a Finnish guy took a couple of kayaks to the island opposite, which took about half an hour. this island had no touristy point and the villageres instant welcomed us and offered for us to stay for lunch! they were so thoughtful and genuinly curious about our home's and how life was different! We stayed for another kava cveremony and was invited back the next day! i found all the people on the islands amazingley friendly!

        Yaqeta island.
        Another slightly larger island, with a couple of villages a chruch and a school. i would definiteley reccommend a tour of the village which cost about £3. The village seems very honest and its interesting to look around the school, which is taught in english. Most chidlren on the islands attend school on the mainland so a school on an island is quite unusual.
        Whilst here, it happened to be my birthday and the family running the accomodation surprised me with a home made birthday cake! they are all so thoughtful! they had then organised a get together in the next village in the village hall to celebrate! we had an amzing time with traditional singing and dances! i even got a dance with the village cheif! The chidlren loved us 'white tourists' and we were surrounded in minutes with kids wanting to hold our hands and dance! The people were so open and friendly i can say enough how kind they were and how special they made our holiday!!

        Nanuya LaiLai
        This island was slightly busyier (over 20 guests) yet there was a lot more to do on the island, including cooking courses, kayaking, snorkling and a day trip to the Sawailau caves. Another great site, within an hours walk on the island is the blue lagoon. The water is crsyall clear and there is a massive area of fish and corral to explore!This is also a fab spot to watch the sun set! The sun shines on this part of the island for the majority of the day so we did come back a little red!

        Mantaray island
        We had not planned to stay on this island, this was instead of the cruise, as the ship had broken down so we were relocated! this was a bit annoying as the staff at first tried to put us back on south sea island, but i argued for a different island to get value for our money, and im so glad we did!! Mantaray island, the accomodation was amazing, with air conditioning! there was also a large shop on the island and lots of forstery with walks to other parts of the island. The snorkling here was fantastic and the bar did a hug range of cocktails - alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The food on this island also had more variety with a selection of buffet style dishes. The staff also sat on the bach each evening with their instruments and played and sang while the sun set - beautiful!

        Bounty Island
        This is where the TV show 'Celebrity love island' was filmed and it is possible to walk around to the actual area, about 15 minute walk. The island was another fantastic experience and for some reason had a pool again :P there was some evening entertainment of local dancers as well as some fun balloon games and competitions for guests. Snorkling here was also good, although it got a little choppy so couldnt do it for long! There was also a small turtle pool behind the main hotel filled with cute baby turtles!

        The islands are all very safe but a lot of guest travel though on various tour so i wouldnt reccomend leaving any valuables about. also make sure you bags/cases are secure on the boats between island, as a couple of people had their ipod stolen from side pockets. Bottles of water are also vital and sadly are about £3 for a large bottle, this cant be helped though as you need it in the hot sun, so be prepared with some cash!

        I've rambled on a bit here, so just to emphasise all the beaches on every island were white sand and crystal clear wateres. the majority of islands were suitable for snorkling, many offereing snorkle gear for hire. The food was all tastey with the exception of 1 evening of bangers of mash :P The people are so friendly and honest and could not be more welcoming!

        I would reccomend this company who were very helpful, even with the problems with the cruise, i emailed them after adn tehy instantly sent me a partical refund and a apology. The tour was fantastic, particulary meeting the people and the amazing beaches!


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