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Ferris Holidays

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5 Reviews

Providing coach tours for Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland Spain and the UK.

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    5 Reviews
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      15.11.2010 05:56
      Very helpful



      Great for a break or a little holiday , deifnatly going with this company again

      Ferris is a coach firm that is based in Wales. And is a coach firm that offers holidays to many Spanish resorts, It is cheap and cheerful.

      We recently went with Ferris to Spain and in a nutshell we really enjoyed it,
      We were picked up from Knutsford service station at around five in the morning which was a bit of a pain as there is nothing worse than hanging round a service station at a sill hour.
      Once on the coach we found that the seating was rather comfortable, this I was told was because it was one of the luxurious coaches, in the brochure it does offer you a choice of having a luxury coach but does tell you to pay an extra £15, this ensures you have that little bit of extra room , however we did not pay the extra and still got one of these coaches. Which in a sense was lucky, But I would recommend adding the extra just for comfort.

      As I said we got on the coach at around 5am and then had to settle back and enjoy the ride.
      The coach did make a few stops but this never once bothered us or upset the journey as it made its way down to Dover. where we caught the 3 pm ferry.
      Once on board the ferry you can just relax yet again or take in the shops and bag a few bargains, though I would recommend you doing this on your return journey.

      Once across in to France you have the harrowing experience of all the roads which I did find to be a little fast it seemed everyone was in a rush, so to get caught up in the worry of the passing rushing traffic I pulled the curtains.
      The coach company host also put on a dvd which helped to take my mind off it too.
      Talking of the hostess they are always on hand to provide you with drinks and of course a pot noodle if you feel peckish, but the coach does make a few stops not only in the UK but also through France and Spain where you can grab something to eat.

      The stops once you get over the channel are often up until around midnight, I guess this is due to the fact most people are sleeping on the coach so there really is not any need but for smokers it can be a little bit of a drag so to speak as there are not many stops till the morning, This is usually around 8am when they stop so you can get some breakfast before being taken on to your hotel which is usually around 2 hours later.

      My overall experience.
      In total it took is just over 25 hours to get from Knutsford to Calella, So be warned if you do not like the long haul then this really is not the kind of trip to take. I found the seats to be really comfortable and very roomy as you are allowed to take on hand luggage which was good as I had packed some crisps and pop for the journey and this is easily placed under the seat. Travelling the long haul did not really bother me or my husband as it was a nice nad easy journey with plenty of stops. Though admittedly the odd stop late a night might stop a few smokers from moaning.

      They also allow children on the coaches which did not really bother me in the slightest but you could tell the mother of one of the children found it draining as the journey is long and the child did not seem to take well to traveling the long distance, but if you are taking a child then do pack plenty for them to do on the coach as they will I am sure get bored very fast if the DVD is not to their liking!

      If i had to nail a problem I guess it would have to be the toilets, they can start to smell a little and there really is not much room in them, But if you do have good bladder control then I do recommend holding it and making use of the toilets at one of the many stops but if you do get caught short then be sure to of packed some baby wipes as they do come in handy if you have to use the toilets on the coach.

      Once we arrived at our Hotel we were basically in our room within 25 minutes so there is not much hanging about. however if your room is not ready the hotels do have a luggage room that is secure for you to place your luggage in so if you want to go for a walk after sitting on the coach for a while this too can be done.
      In many of the hotels they do have a help desk set up for the Ferris passengers so you can enquire there if there are any problems.
      We did not need help but found the help desk to informative as you can usually discover excursions or ideal places to visit.

      We really enjoyed our trip with Ferris and intend to do it again next year. The holidays they offer are cheap, but that does not mean you miss out on quality. I stayed at Calella Palace and that was a 4 star and hand everything i needed in the all inclusive package. But be sure to check meal times and times you can order drinks etc, I did find it a little annoying having to ask at the main desk for information about the facilities and would rather of found a holiday pack in my room with all the infromation inside.
      But I do recommend you also check the Ferris website as they do have some great offers, not only in Spain but within the UK too.
      But most off all if you do go enjoy it and do take a book or ipod as this does break up the journey expecially if they do put on a film you have seen before.


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      08.06.2010 17:22
      Very helpful



      Best Spanish coach holidays and great value for money.

      Ferris holidays: South Wales.
      Spanish coach holidays.

      Me and my family have been going to spain now with ferris coach holidays for the last 3 years.
      As a big party, and im talking 10 people - 5 kids, 5 adults, we tend to book one of their all inclusive holidays which we find a bargain. I do suggest people with children go all inclusive as the main benefit is free drinks from 11.00am until 12.00am. All inclusive also offers a free snacks through out the day.

      Ferris provide ample choice of hotels in spain based around the Costa Brava, including resorts such as Malgrat de mar, Tossa De mar, Santa Susana, Blanes, Calella and Pineda.
      All Hotels Mr ferris uses are at least 3 star (unless booked otherwise) and belong to the H-TOP hotel company.

      As well as All inclusive, you have the option to go full board, half board and self catering.
      You can book a specific hotel or apartment or you can benefit from the "specials" section where ferris choose the resort and hotel for you, whilst making sure you are in a hotel thats atleast 3 star or above.

      When you arrive you are assigned a rep who will meet you either at a local tapas bar or in the hotel itself. Their job is to welcome you to Spain and give you all the infomation you need, such as what to do in an emergency, where to find the local doctors, police and pharmacies. The do's and dont's on carrying money and where to excvhange currency.
      They are very helpfull people and are around almost every day ready to help.

      The coaches are very comfortable, especially if you book a place on their platinum coach. to be honest though even when we didnt book platinum we had a free upgrade on the day.
      there are 2 drivers on board and a courier who is independent from the ferris company. their usually cheerfull people even at stupid o clock in the morning. Hot and cold drinks as well as water and soup are surved though out the journey at a small charge (i think its around 80p).
      They tend to show movies for all ages but have a switcj off period of 12am - 7am.

      The overall journey takes between 24 and 28 hours depending on traffic and ferry crossing. I believe they use the ferry as opposed to the Chunnel unless the weather is really bad.
      Ferry crossing takes 90 minutes and is a graet chance to wonder around and have a hot meal, while the Chunnel takes about 35 minutes and usually they give you 20 minutes leg stretch the other end.

      I do advise to take advantage of the many rest stops as the toilet on board is only used for flueds.


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      14.11.2009 06:37
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      why I think Ferris offer fantastic holidays.

      Last summer I decided that because of the awful weather, we were having in Britain, I had to get away to a more sunny climate. Both my hubby and I decided that we would have a year off from our usual caravanning holiday, and treat ourselves and the kids to a fortnight in the sun. After searching for what seemed like hours through different travel sites. I came to the conclusion that we would probably only be able to afford a week away. I just could not believe how much the cost of the package holiday had risen in the last couple of years.
      A chance conversation with an old friend outside the school gates, gave me hope that indeed I may be able to find a two week holiday within our budget. She told me about Ferris coach holidays. Basically it is a great value for money, cheaper alternative to flying. Ferris coaches is based in South Wales (Approx 20 mins drive from where I live) I had driven past their head office many times and seen the fleet of very smart and impressive coaches. but to be honest I had never really given it any thought.
      As soon as I got home from picking the kids up, I went straight on the Ferris website. I downloaded the brochure and could not believe the prices. I decided to ring the office helpline and within seconds I was connected to a superbly professional and helpful lady. She took time to find a holiday for me, that would suit both my needs and budget. And indeed there is a holiday with Ferris to suit every budget. whether it be a one star apartment holiday or a four star all inclusive holiday.
      After much deliberating I decided apon an offer that I felt I simply could not refuse. It was a special package offer and the deal was, that you knew you were staying, in the Costa Brava. You also knew it would be 3 or 4 star. But you wouldn't know which hotel until you got there. The best bit though was that the offer included all inclusive meals and drinks for the incredible price of 1200 for our family of four for a fortnight.
      Booking the holiday was so easy, you just gave your card details over the phone. Within three days my tickets had arrived. What I thought was fantastic was that they were picking us up from our local bus station which is about 3 minutes from our house, which was so convenient for us.
      From the time we got on the platinum coach, we knew we were in professional and safe hands. Everything was so well organised. Our seats were fantastic. Plenty of leg room and very comfortable. The seats also reclined right back which meant that when it was time to sleep you could lie right back.
      Our representative was a lovely guy. He was constantly going around the coach asking if you wanted a drink. There was tea and coffee for sale, plus cold cans of pop all at very reasonable prices. You are also allowed to take a cooler bag on board with you. I took full advantage of this by packing lots of drinks, rolls crisps and sweets. To keep the children satisfied throughout the journey.
      There was also a constant stream of DVDs playing throughout the day, which certainly kept the children entertained. I also thought it was great that they stopped every three hours. For you to stretch your legs and have a cigarette if needed. I found these comfort stops broke up the journey nicely.
      All in all it took us approx 24 hours to get there. Which may seem a long time, but for nine hours of that we were sleeping. When it was time for drop offs again the Ferris representative was very efficient and helpful. We were dropped off in Malgrat a gorgeous town in the Costa Brava. I had been here once before when I was a child and so remembered the area quite well.
      Our hotel was right on the promenade. A really clean and airy hotel with a nice sized pool at the front. At the front of the hotel, were all terraces with parasols and tables. so you could sit in the day and have a drink. When we arrived at our hotel we were given what looked like a credit card. This was our all inclusive card and we could use it to purchase drinks, snacks and of course all our meals were included.
      The amount of money we saved on food and drink alone would have covered the holiday. I also loved the fact that I wasn't constantly dipping into money for ice cream or pop for the kids as all this was included. Every night around the pool there would be entertainment. With a children's disco to start the night off, followed by a different act each night. The entertainment was very good. We had a flamenco night, a Greece the musical night, a fantastic male singer and lots more.
      In the daytime if we stayed by the pool our children would go to the kids club situated inside the hotel. They took part in loads of fun activities and really enjoyed themselves.
      Our room was the best thing for us. It was right at the front of the hotel overlooking the pool area. We had two balcony's!! the room was huge, modernly decorated and very clean. Everyday there was maid service. I didn't make a bed or wash a dish for 2 whole weeks and it was bliss!!.
      The food was ok. I wouldn't go mad for it. The first few days were fine but by the end of the first week, I was getting really fed up of eating pork. However I have to say everything was well cooked and fresh and therefore served our purpose.
      One thing that I thought was really excellent, was that included in your package you could visit other hotels used by Ferris. And whilst there, your meals and drinks were all inclusive. This was a fantastic bonus for us. They even had a coach to take you from your hotel to the hotel you wished to go to. free of charge.
      All in all I would say that our
      Ferris holiday was fantastic!! we had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The value for money was simply outstanding. I would certainly recommend a Ferris holiday. Yes it is a long journey but it is very comfortable and to be honest I actually enjoyed the experience. you could just sit back, relax and look out onto the french scenery. I would most certainly book a holiday with Ferris again in the future as their first class service was commendable.


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        26.08.2009 14:34



        All in All a Good Holiday

        I went on a Ferris holiday to Llorett de Mar in Spain. We left from Chatham in Kent where we (Family of 4) we put on the top deck of a double deck coach right at the front. We really couldn't have been happier as we had a great view but also a lot more space at the front. However we arrived at the services on the motorway and all had to swap coaches depending on where we were going for our hols, we then got put on a smoking coach (single deck) and were quite near the back and they had the air con on which was really cold.

        The hotel was really nice as was the food and location. We were really near the beach and town so had plenty to do.

        The coach journey back was much better and we seemed to have more room, no smokers and a nice normal temperature!!

        All in all a good service from Ferris, we were just disappointed with having to leave the double decker!!!


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          16.07.2009 14:19
          Very helpful



          Very good value for money

          Ferris Holidays are a company that is based in South Wales, but have branches throughout the United Kingdom. The company offer a variety of holidays, either it be just the accommodation, or the travel as well, either it be by flying or by coach.

          The way that I have used the company previously was when flying was not the cheapest option to travel abroad, and therefore decided to travel by coach. Although it was not just me that travelled on the holiday, as it was a large family group that I went in. The way that I booked was through the main office that can be found just off the A470 in South Wales, near the Caerphilly turn off, as this was the nearest office near me and just happened to be the main office.

          In terms of the staff that where at the office, they were kind, polite and helpful, as they showed us the destinations that the company travelled to and any special offers that they had on offer. Overall I would say that it was very helpful going to the office, but now the company have their own website that you can use to look at the holiday destinations, which you can also book your holiday through.

          In term of the holiday that I booked through the company, which was to travel by coach, I had to decide where I wanted to be picked up, which was easy as the two pick up points which I could chose from were local, although there is a large variety of possible pick up points.

          The travel time would take over 24 hours which is a long time, but it is not constant travel, as you travel on a ferry from Dover to Calais; and have a stop in France for dinner, although the bus does travel through the night. Throughout the travel on the coach entertainment is provided, either in the form is quizzes and other group activities or films and TV programmes being shown through the television system.

          The coach that we went on was surprisingly comfortable, as during the night the chair that you are sitting in can be reclined to about 60 degrees, which while not being absolutely flat, was enough for me to sleep. But on new coaches for a small fee of about £10 to £15, the chair almost fully reclines, which is quite good, but I have not used these yet.

          Although this may not seem the most appealing of transport, I was surprised as it did not bother me at all, as I thought that I would have felt the coach rocking and rolling, but that was not the case, as the bus ride was smooth and gentle, with perhaps the odd bump now and again.

          In terms of the holiday destination, it was exactly as it was described in the brochure, as it hotel was exactly want we wanted. The rep at the hotel from the company was also friendly and helpful, as a member of our group had a problem with their room and it was sorted with an hour.

          Although it should be stated that the company do not just consentrate on foreign holidays, as they arrange holidays within the United Kingdom, but I have not used the company in this way.

          Overall I would recommend Ferris Holidays, although I cannot comment on the flight part of the firm as I have not use the company this way yet. But as for the coach holidays I would definitely recommend the company for, as the holidays are cheap and the staff are all helpful and polite. But this type of holiday is not for everyone, as some in our group did not like and hated the coach trip, but for me it did not matter, as it was a cheap holiday. So I would state that you should seriously consider if a coach holiday is right for you before you book.


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