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Antler Torque Leisure Bag

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2 Reviews

Brand: Antler / Type: Hand Luggage / Style: Holdall / Duffle Bag

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    2 Reviews
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      12.01.2012 10:32
      Very helpful



      A no nonsense travel bag that will last.

      ***I bagged it for him***
      I bought this bag for my husband to try to wean him away from the horrible camouflage utility bag he insists on heaving around with him (apparently he used it when he was a Boy Scout). I paid 24.99 for it in the Antler shop in Cheshire Oaks retail Park. I would have paid more for it because it looked well made and just the right size for carry on on a plane. It is gunmetal grey and black with silver coloured metal fittings.

      The bag is quite heavy before you start to pack it but the thickness of the canvas type carcass explains that, to be honest I prefer the extra bit of weight as a trade off for a more substantial piece of luggage.
      It is quite a rugged looking little bag. The material is water resistant and fairly stiff. The webbing carrying straps have a velcro wrap around fastener which is slightly padded to your hands. I find the velcro a bit of a pain because it catches on clothes and things whilst I am packing but it does close the bag securely for carrying. There is detachable shoulder strap which uses very sturdy metal clips to attach to each end of the bag. This strap has an adjustable shoulder pad which slips up and down to lessen some of the discomfort of the weight on your shoulder. It is a well made pad and doesn't slip around when not in use.

      The rounded ends of the bag means that when I am carrying it by the hand straps, it doesn't hurt if if I bang it into my legs when walking, or sometimes running, for a plane. It sounds like a small thing, but rigid squarish bags can really hurt yourself or fellow passengers in a crowded place or jostling queues and they are often just the right height to behead an innocent toddler!

      ***It's my bag!***

      Even though I bought this for my husband, I'm the one who uses it most. I 'borrow' it from time to time depending on where I'm going and for how long. It easily accomodates a couple of pairs of jeans, two tops and jumpers and the necessary toiletries and footwear necessary for a few days away. The large front outer pocket holds travel documents well without scrunching them on the journey and it makes them easily accesible. The two end pockets are fairly spacious and tend to hold my books (suduko) and bits and bobs. I particularly like the quality of the zips on all the compartments. It drives me mad when cheaper zips come unconnected and the bag gapes. They are sewn in well at the ends too. The top zips join together with a little hole in the metal tabs for a padlock. I never see the point of this, if someone was about to steal from you they would take the whole bag wouldn't they? A fiddly little padlock isn't going to deter anyone.
      The front of the bag has minimal adornments but it does have a square metal ring thingy for attaching things to. It would make more sense if this was closer to the top of the bag. As it is, anything you clipped onto it would drag on the floor so I haven't really worked out what it is for yet. Perhaps it's just to add to the overall 'Manly' look of the bag. (Is there a connection between men and useless dangly bits?) I tried connecting one end of the shoulder strap to it in case I was missing something but that didn't work at all.

      ***Inside information***
      The fairly stiff nature of the bag means that my clothes stay put and get minimal creasing if I pack it properly. The top zips curve a little way down the side of the bag which makes access easier. There is a stiffener at the base which is removable. It fits well to the bottom so stuff doesn't tend to slide under it and hide. (I lost a big silver necklace for a few years this way. I was lucky to see it exposed by a luggage x-ray machine which I happened to be in the right place to see! The baggage inspectors thought I had gone a bit mad when I cheered!) There are no other compartments inside the main one, just a single space. I find it a comfortable and roomy bag to pack.

      The best thing for me about this bag is that it is a perfect size and shape for carrying onto a plane. I know that the Ryan Air Bag Sizing Gestapo will not single me out and try to make me pay £40.00 because my bag is too big or too orange or too baggish! (or whatever reason they can manufacture to charge the traveller extra!). It holds enough for me not to have to check luggage in if I am on a short business trip and that suits me fine! On longer trips it's a useful size for being out and about with carrying beach gear and shopping etc.
      The actual dimensions are 55.0 x 29.0 x 29.0 cm or 22x 12x12 inches approx'.

      I think it was a good buy. It does it's job well, looks reasonably smart. We have been using it for over a year and it isn't looking tatty, scuffed or saggy (unlike me). It was a reasonable price and looks as though it will last a fair time. I reccommend it. My husband still clings on to his antique Boy Scout bag though!


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        20.09.2011 22:43
        Very helpful



        A decent bag with a lot of space.

        Often when we travel, my boyfriend and I tend to try and avoid taking bags that we need to check in and much prefer it when we can have just carry-on bags. This is definitely doable on a city break or short stay vacation and seriously reduces the cost of the holiday. Our last trip to Madrid was cut by £60.00 by us being able to avoid the extra supplement of checking in luggage. It also makes things a lot quicker, once you disembark the plane. I truly despise the hustle and bustle around the luggage carousels and I much prefer it when we can saunter off and jump in to a cab.
        I have always had a large carry-on bag and my boyfriend usually has something similar and we tend to fill each bag together; we don't necessarily have a his and hers bag. The bag that he chose to take though was his Antler Torque. It probably was not the biggest bag he could have taken but it was big enough for a weekend away in a hotel in a hot country; no jumpers or coats needed!
        The Antler Torque was bought by us around six months ago in a luggage sale at the York Designer Outlet. We ended up buying a couple of antler bags in the end. This one cost £19.99 and for a brand such as Antler; it was not a bargain to be missed.


        As much as we do not have a his and hers bag; this is a bit of a macho bag and it looks really good slung across my boyfriends shoulder so casually. The bag is a little dull looking; being grey and black; however it does have an air of sophistication so it could be used on more formal trips.
        The dimensions of the bag are 55.1 x 29.2 x 29.2 cm, making it a very decent sized bag for your travelling needs. The only problem that I have seen regarding the design of the bag; is that it is quite heavy even before it is loaded. The bag alone weighs 1.4kg. As we only had a 15 KG limit each this starts to eat into our valuable allowance.  However, being used to travelling with backpacks; we know how to travel light.
        The reason the bag is so heavy is because it is made from a really robust thick material. This material is shower proof and offers amble protection to anything you wish to store in the bag.


        There are two carrying option; a large detachable shoulder strap that has a moveable cushioned area to take some of the pressure of the bag off the shoulder and two carrying handles. These can be Velcro fastened together, however once the bag is full, they are not the easiest way of carrying the bag.


        The main compartment of the bag is fastened with a large zip, there are two zip heads that can be joined together and secured with a padlock. The zips open in a large D shape, this makes the main compartment very easy to pack and unpack. At either end of the bag are two large sized side pockets and then at the back is another zippered flat but quite large pocket. We kept flip flops and pumps in the side pocket to keep them away from the bulk of our clothes. We also used a side pocket as a laundry bag whilst away in order to keep clean and dirty clothes separate. This pocket is perfect for emergency access items such as guide books, passports and mobile phone.


        The bag is very contemporary and designed to look good. It is practical to use for a holiday because it has a good selection of pockets and you can secure the main compartment with a padlock. Security is one of my main concerns while travelling; therefore this is an important feature for me. In terms of comfort, I do not find the bag as comfortable to carry as other bags and find that the shoulder strap is not as comfortable as it could be. My boyfriend finds it very comfortable however, so it must just depend on ones build! The bag has suffered the perils of chewing gum under the seat of a coach seat and it needed to be washed. I placed the bag inside the washing machine; removing the shoulder strap and put it on a low wash. It came out fine but the fabric took a long time to dry. It came out looking like a new bag, so I was rather pleased with this move.
        I would recommend this bag; especially if you can pick it up in the sale. What a bargain.


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      Front zip compartment with heavy duty zip and twin end zip pockets

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