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Argos Deluxe Shopping Trolley

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Brand: Argos / Type: Shopping Trolley

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    2 Reviews
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      18.03.2013 12:15
      Very helpful



      A great trolley for the money

      A shopping trolley might be something that you associate with old ladies but they are very useful, though admittedly, I did buy one for an 'older lady', my mum who is in her late 60s. She does not drive and buys most of her day to say shopping fairly locally so she needed a trolley that she could take into the village and into town on the bus.

      After having a look around at what was available we plumped for the Argos Deluxe Shopping Trolley at £45 in the sale, thinking that it wasn't too bad a price, and if there were ever any issues with it we could take it to a local Argos, not something you can easily do if you buy online.

      The trolley is quite nice looking really, a steel frame with rubber wheels, and has plain navy sides and a tartan style navy and green check to the front and 'lid' of the trolley, which is styled in a square design. The 'bag' is removable and cleanable which is a bonus, overall I think it looks quite neat and not too old fashioned.

      Use wise, it's very versatile. The handle is adjustable which is good because my mum is quite small, and the wheels are well made and with them being of rubber it gives a bit of shock absorption which is good on tarmac and rougher shingle or stones. They also do well on grass but not so well on mud as they don't have any tread / traction, so not good for people who like to go to car boots! It cleans down well, and is waterproof which is essential for our British Summers, and is fairly lightweight so not too difficult to get on and off the bus (though I wouldn't like to try when it's full of potatoes and tinned foods!)

      Overall I think the Argos Deluxe Shopping Trolley is a nice looking trolley which is well made and won't break the bank. It is available in all Argos stores subject to local stock availability and online at Argos.co.uk for a small P&P fee. Certainly it's made shopping that bit easier for mum as she can now pick up heavier items like cooking oil, potatoes and tins and so on herself and not have to rely on one of us to give her a lift to the supermarket all the time, she likes to be independent! I'm very pleased with it and recommend it. I'll give it 5/5, for the money it's a top little shopper which is very very useful indeed.


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      29.09.2009 13:47
      Very helpful



      This trolley has taken a weight off of my mind.

      As you may have noticed from my earlier reviews, I have an elderly Mum who I see regularly. She may well be a bit doddery on her feet but I assure you her brains are far sharper then mine !
      Every time we go out shopping together Mum has to link arms with me to enable her to keep her balance and then with my `spare` arm I carry our shopping. To be honest I found that when I got home I needed to take a couple of Ibuprofen to take the ache out of my overstretched arms.
      I gently suggested that we go and buy a shopping trolley for our outings, then at least that would take care of the weighty shopping and free me up to make sure that Mum was on an even keel.

      Argos is one of the first places that comes to mind, they always seem to offer good value for money and our local Argos has a good accessible parking space.
      I think that shopping trolleys can be a sensitive subject, I was aware that I didn't want Mum to feel useless and decrepit so I tried a little reverse psychology and referred to the shopping trolley as though it was going to be a joint venture.

      Argos have a marvellous catalogue that is crammed with everything but the kitchen sink ( maybe that is in there come to think of it! ) we both looked at the shopping trolleys on offer and decided to plump for the Deluxe shopper, if nothing else it sounded good !
      Argos have created the Aston Martin shopping trolley here and the price tag is just slightly under £50, at first I winced but then I realised that a shopping trolley is for life and not just for Christmas !

      So what does the trolley look like...I bet you are longing for me to tell you.
      The trolley has a smart metal frame that does fold down, there are four wheels on the front and just the two at the back. The handle of the trolley can be adjusted to suit.
      There is a square shaped polyester bag ( in navy check ) that slides into the square frame, the bag has a handle that can be adjusted for carrying purposes.
      The front wheels swivel so the trolley is relatively easy to manoeuvre and it corners well.
      Although the Argos trolley is stable it has no weight behind it so the light trolley could easily be tipped over.
      But the shopping bag that sits in the metal frame is large and is capable of holding a lot of shopping.
      Once the trolley has shopping inside of it then the whole thing feels far safer, another good thing to point out is that the polyester shopping bag can be wiped over with a damp cloth to remove stains and dust.

      There were a couple of points that we had to think carefully about, one being that we really wanted Mum to gently get accustomed to using the trolley as a guide when she was walking, instead of having to lean on me. We remedied this to a point by wrapping up a couple of house bricks and placing them into the bottom of the trolley.
      The trolley always stands in her hallway so it is not in the way and the couple of bricks that act as weights cannot be seen sitting at the bottom of the bag.
      I am always with Mum to keep a weather eye and at first I myself pushed the trolley just to reassure her ( I felt silly but admitting frailty can be very hard for a very proud lady )

      After the trolley had had a few outings it became our `friend` so to speak, the whole process of shopping was far easier, Mum gained confidence in using the trolley and though I realise they can be a real pain in the shops they are often a necessity.
      Because the trolley has no inner pockets we got our heads together and `customised` the bag. In fact we bought a navy nylon shopping bag and then we stitched it into the inside of the trolley bag, this means that Mum can safely store her shopping list, pen and any other bits and pieces.

      At least the shopping trolley has made life easier, I would always forewarn anyone that the lightweight shopping trolley must never be used to lean on unless you have either a weight in the bottom or it is carrying shopping and even then I am still always keeping my eye out for Mum.
      The Argos shopping trolley is well constructed and it is as sturdy as they could have possibly made it. I agree that is seems a little expensive but that's life.
      If you need to you can remove the bag of shopping form the stainless steel frame, put the bag into the boot of the car and then store away the folded frame.
      I bless that trolley and at least it saves my arms !


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    • Product Details

      Metal frame with polyester bag.

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