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Maisie Moo Funky Floral Small Holdall

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Maisie Moo / Capacity: 25L.

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    2 Reviews
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      10.01.2012 18:26
      Very helpful



      Going away? Need a piece of hand luggage? Look no further than this massive, stylish, robust bag!

      When I saw this bag in Debenhams a couple of years ago I was smitten straight away. Not only is it a composite of my absolutely favourite colours, but it is a good size for hand luggage and was under £20 (£19.99 to be precise). I didn't really need to think about it for too long and soon enough had another bag to add to my collection. However, this one has had more use than any of my others because I often have to go away for work and also take a lot of trips to Europe on budget airlines that charge more for checking in a bag.

      So what makes this a good bag for hand luggage? Well firstly it's massive, it has a 25 litre capacity, even with all of my weekend stuff in it, I could still fit a small handbag and a couple of bottles of water. When I get to the airport I'm not one for shopping, but I'm sure you could fit all of your duty free purchases in here in addition to your belongings. I do however like to buy a couple of bottles of water and a few snacks for the journey and there was plenty of room in this bag for those.

      The downside of this bag is (as the previous reviewer also states) that there are no internal pockets to separate your belongings with. But just as the previous reviewer states I often just put a small handbag inside the bag that I can get out on arrival at my destination. To counter this downside this bag comes with a 5 year money back guarantee, which I have yet to have to use. I always find this sort of guarantee reassuring because you know that the bag is made of good quality, and so despite being able to pick up hand luggage style bags for a couple of quid in the cheaper shops, I find this to be a false economy because they often break within a few uses.

      All in all , if you can find this bag I would recommend buying it, because it has everything you need in a piece of luggage!


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      01.10.2009 11:21
      Very helpful



      A great bag especially good for flying.

      As I do a fair amount of travelling both in the UK and abroad, I wanted a bag which I could take with me that would look good, and would also serve a very important function, that is, being roomy.

      I don't know how many of you are like me, but going away I used to take a small holdall for hand luggage, or even just a large handbag, until I discovered it would be bulging at airport security leaving me no room for purchases after in departures. I'm not someone who heads for the duty free but actually for Boots, where I stock up on water bottles for the flight, and I also buy one of their veggie meal deals instead of purchasing aircraft food.

      As I have got older I also seem to need a bag full of glasses and contact lenses, and as these are very costly items to replace I really prefer to keep these with me rather than putting them into the hold luggage.

      So with these points in mind, and also because by having a bag which just fulfils the size requirements for hand baggage I came up with the perfect solution, my Maisie Moo holdall.

      Now I have to say it was a difficult choice as I also rather like the very small hand luggage bags which have wheels, but I thought this bag would also be useful to use on holiday as a beach bag so it would be good for many purposes.

      I purchased mine in Debenhams for £19.99 a couple of years ago now but you can still purchase this style in a different pattern and at the moment Tripp themselves are selling this in a blue/yellow exotic garden holdall pattern on their website for the fantastic price of £13.49 (only 1 left in stock). Other colours are available from Debenhams and in their sale good offers can be found.


      As airport security insists that you only have one bag with you going through security, I find this one a real bonus, as it is cavernous for all my belongings, and yet still looks young and fun.

      Added to this it also has the attribute of being very lightweight, in fact empty it is almost weightless which is another reason I favour it over those on wheels, which though more sturdy do weigh more even before you pack them. It only weighs 0.6kgs.

      Made from 600 denier polyester these bags are guaranteed for 5 years, and certainly I can verify you are unlikely to need to claim on this as mine is as good as new 2 years on from purchase.

      It has the capacity of 25 litres, and it also has an adjustable shoulder strap which is fully removable in case you want to carry it by hand. I use both carrying methods as the hand straps are study and clip together with Velcro to make a cosy, but firm, hand grip. It measures:
      height 23cm, width 49cm, depth 23cm. British Airways guidelines state that the bag must be no larger than height 56cm x width 45cm x depth 25cm so this easily meets these criteria. I use this bag on small aircraft too, but you will need to check if you go on really tiny planes that they are happy for this to go in the cabin. This sometimes depends on the numbers booked, I sometimes travel to Barra in The Outer Hebrides on a tiny Twin Otter aeroplane and here rules are fluid to allow for differing circumstances/cargo/passenger numbers etc.

      My bag also comes with a pretty luggage tag which is made in the same colour as the pattern of the bag, and so you can make sure you have your details in case it gets lost.

      I only have one problem with this bag and that is that it has no internal zip compartment for valuables, and I find this is something which would really improve the product in my opinion. It has no compartments at all and is like a giant cavern, so really sometimes finding items can be tricky if I have it packed to capacity.

      However as it is so voluminous I often pack a small secure hand bag inside it in which my valuables are contained, which actually means at my destination I can take a small bag around with me when out for the day. There is plenty of room in the bag for doing this, so it really makes travelling simple. I think you do need a little bag inside it for items like personal music players as these need protection from heavy items which you may have in there.

      It also saves money if you fly on airlines which charge you to check in luggage into the hold, as this will contain clothes for me for the weekend easily. It also saves time if you are flying and have to endure a long wait for the luggage to come off the carousel, for some reason mine is always one of the last!

      It fits easily under the seat in front of you and it really does hold the kitchen sink. When I went long haul recently I took 5 litres of water in it for the flight and for the first few hours of the holiday, as past experience showed I that dehydration was as much to do with airlines running out of water, as the humidity of the destination on arrival.

      Of course I purchased this after security as fluids over 100mls are not allowed, and of course hand baggage on some services have a weight limit before check in of 5kgs.

      The great thing about these bags is they are bright and fun. Debenhams have a lovely aubergine/orange exotic garden colour way and a navy/pink version in at the moment. Designs change with the seasons and these are more autumnal in style than the bright turquoise designs they do for summer.

      I think this is a great bag for travelling and one I have loved using. I'm sure if it could talk it would moan at the weight I put in it, but it certainly it has done me proud.


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