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Black and Decker GL640SC Strimmer

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3 Reviews
  • Light weight
  • Long cable
  • Wire breaks easily
  • Small gardens only
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    3 Reviews
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      23.05.2015 14:11
      Very helpful


      • "Light weight"
      • "Long cable"
      • "Powerful strimmer"


      • "Wire breaks easily"
      • "Small gardens only"

      Black and Decker GL640SC Strimmer... Watch your feet!

      So here is another review of mine... I own this Strimmer and it was working fine at first. It was a reasonable price for such a reputable brand, and I was delighted. Now I have a rather large back garden but the front garden is only small. So I started strimming the grass on the front lawn and it was great, the power of the strimmer cut through the grass like there was no tomorrow and I had the job done in no time.

      What makes this job so easy in particular was the weight of the product, unlike other strimmers it was light weight and very easy to maneuver. The cable is of great length (around 4 - 5 meters if I'm not corrected) which is a massive help although could get in the way at times. But this helped me walk around the lawn without any obstruction (apart from the kids and cats). However, when I moved to the back lawn not all was easy as I thought...

      My back garden was slightly overgrown at the time due to not having time to get out there. Within this overgrowth were some weeds. Now as these weeds were slightly thicker than the grass itself the strimmer had issues getting through it and the wire would snap really easily when ever going over one of these. The problem is... When the wire beaks, it hurts! In order to get through my entire back lawn I had to change the wire at minimum 6 times just because it wasn't durable enough.

      As a result the product as a whole is fantastic and I couldn't ask for more out of it. Just shop around for a good wire and do not use the standard Black & Decker ones.


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      29.08.2008 23:50
      Very helpful



      Good strimmer, but for small gardens really

      This strimmer has done me good.
      I find it light weight and mobile, but it has its bad bits.

      Light; the strimmer it easy to hold up with just once hand.

      Guard; it guard it quite good and strong.

      Handle; it easy to hold and can be turned on with one button.

      Vibration; it vibrate rapidly.

      Lead; the power lead isn't very long.

      Safety; the once press can accidentally be turned on.

      Cutting wire; flies back easily on simple things.

      Winding the lead; it take a long while as there is not to points to wrap it around, so it just has to go around its thin body.

      Overall, its a good strimmer, but its not good for big jobs, but ideal for little gardens.

      Also, don't forget to clean the guard out, as it get full of cut grass and if left can make a horrid mess and be harder to get off later.


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      02.06.2006 15:20
      Very helpful



      A no nonsense worker.

      What is the GL640SC Strimmer range.

      There are three strimmers within this range, one the basic lightweight one that I bought, one slightly heavier with an extra handle to help your arms not to ache, and a further with adjustable shield, and a slot to take a harness, for those who want to put the strimmer to heavy use. The Strimmer is made in a solid green plastic with a black shield and the construction really is impressive, made in such a way that there are not loose parts that can easily be broken. The method that the strimmer uses for trimming is a 10 metre reel of cutting line. There is no option for a metal cutter. Strangely enough no lead was provided but this takes a standard extension lead.

      What persuaded me to part with my money ?

      I have a huge garden of four acres, and whilst I have a heavy duty strimmer that is petrol powered, this beast is heavy and cumbersome. The shoulder strap digs into my shoulders, and it makes my arms ache. What I was looking for was a lighter alternative to use around the immediate vicinity of the house, and an electrically powered one seemed to be the right option to take. In the 300W range of strimmers, many looked flimsy. The way that you re-thread the cutting line was of ultimate importance because I had owned a strimmer before and we were constantly losing the head in long grass. Price-wise as well, I didn't have an unlimited budget and found that within the price range of 20 to 30 pounds, there were about four contenders. What impressed me about this one was :

      1.It's lightness. It is amazingly light even for me, and easily manageable for a woman.
      2.It's solidity of build compared with makes like Bosch who had metal stems and parts that I felt would wear much easier than the Black and Decker parts.
      3.It's reel section, and here Black and Decker have really addressed the problem of spools that come loose. With two press in clips that really are solid in the cap that you place over the coil, there is very little chance of this coming undone, compared with others that seemed flimsy.
      4.The one year Guarantee and yes, I was impressed by the Makers name and reputation.

      The one I chose was the bottom end of the price range at 20 pounds, because I was afraid to make a mistake that cost too much money.

      Use and experience of the strimmer.

      My first use of the strimmer was cautious, although here I do have experience of larger strimmers and did make sure that I had glasses on, because bits do fly through the air whilst you are working, and believe me, without the use of glasses could actually blind a user. This isn't something that should put you off buying though, because if you are a responsible user, it does not hamper the use of the strimmer at all. Also, wearing jeans is a good idea, and I would certainly not recommend working with the strimmer in shorts, as again, little bits fly all over the place, and your legs are likely to become scratched. I think it's common sense really to use every safety measure that you can when using instruments of this nature. The electric cable tucks nicely away with this strimmer underneath the trigger area, and it is actually very easy to ensure that the cable is always behind you and never comes into contact with the cutters.


      In contrast to my petrol strimmer, this really is a piece of cake. The strimmer is light, and upon pressing the “go” button which is neatly located in the handle, the strimmer head rotates. It's really essential to have the shield facing the direction you want to cut, and around borders, I found that the best manner of using it was away from the borders, so that the bits of grass don't end up all over your nice neat borders. The strimmer swings from side to side too easily for me to recommend it's use by children, although to an adult responsible user, the advantage is that it cuts through the work in a very easy manner. Close to trees and walls, the length of the cutting thread (just cut short of the shield), has a 25 cm. Diameter and this makes quick work of even very deep grass and plants like brambles, and if brambles get caught in the head of the strimmer, the strimmer cuts out which adds to its safety aspect. I found that when strimming into thick stemmed weeds, it does spit bits and could be dangerous although all strimmers do this. What I really liked about this strimmer is it's stubbornness to succeed. It never lets me down, cuts easily through every trial I gave it, and the only part of my body that suffered was the finger I chose for the trigger which needs to be pressed at all times, although changing hands is easy. Release the trigger, the strimmer stops, which of course is ideal as a safety feature.

      On the more expensive models you can change the position of the shield, whereas on this one, it is just a matter of turning the strimmer in the direction you want to cut in, and here I would say never cut towards yourself, as accidents can happen and it is utter stupidity to have a swirling cutter coming towards you without the use of the shield.

      I love this cheap tool. I can't enthuse enough about it. It never loses its' head, unlike its' owner, and what really amazes me after using heavier duty strimmers is that the cord seems to last for ages and ages, and in two years of using the strimmer have never had to replace the bobbin. Now really is amazing, and another reason why I would recommend that users buy the bobbins that are made by Black and Decker instead of choosing cheaper alternatives. You are talking about a couple of pounds and I am still using the one that came with the machine, whereas on my petrol strimmer, I replace the bobbin about once every three months.

      Storage and Cleaning.

      As with all tools, I believe that an element of owner care comes into how long a machine lasts. The shield here is very easy to clean and much easier in fact than the more expensive models, and I store the strimmer indoors between uses. This is an electrical gadget and keeping it indoors is necessary.

      Safety in General

      I would never use this when the grass is damp. It is electrical and therefore should only be used in dry weather and on dry grass. It is not a toy, and it is essential that it is never left plugged in where a child can access it. The rotating cutters can harm a child.

      Overall conclusion.

      I marvel at the efficiency of this tool. It really does know how to work hard, and never lets me down. It's a bargain and saves me so much heavy work that since owning it, my garden has become neater, and I am able to cut all the grass around trees, close to the house, and even around outdoor pots, using the shield to guide where I want the cutters to work, and not damaging anything like my precious ceramic pots. At this price, there really was not much of a gamble, but the gamble I took paid off, and even within the same range of strimmers, in retrospect and with experience of using the tool, would not have changed my decision and bought one of the more expensive ones with the extra options, because quite frankly they do not add to the efficiency.

      Forget the gimmicks. Go for a good, straightforward worker. It's worth it.



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    • Product Details

      330 watts. 'Reflex' automatic line feed. 25 cm cutting width. 10 m cutting line. The Trim 'n' Edge feature works by rotating the head to trim lawn edges.

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