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7DayShop Travellers Midi Trippod

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Brand: 7DayShop / Midi tripod

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    1 Review
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      07.06.2013 10:12
      Very helpful



      A great value tripod for cameras and telescopes

      7Dayshop is an online shopping outlet, specializing in photographic, digital and computer goods. I'd never used them before, but came across the site when I was looking for a tripod for my telescope.

      I'd bought a spotting scope for bird watching, for those times when I found myself on a really good reserve where I could set up for a longish haul and expect to see a wide range of birds at a distance. Those times tend to be few and far between, so although I needed a decent scope, I didn't necessarily want a heavy duty tripod. There are some excellent tripods out there and there's no doubt that if you are a regular, serious birder, you need something that will take the wear.

      I didn't want to spend a great deal. I thought that if I could get myself something that was decent but low cost, I could see how things went and always upgrade later. I think I've found what I was after with the 7Dayshop Midi Tripod. It's intended more as a camera tripod and of course can be used for photography as well, or instead.

      /I\ /I\ FEATURES /I\ /I\

      The tripod comes with its own carrying case (with shoulder strap) and not extended it is just 42 cms long. At 612 g it is also very light, which is important as sometimes you have to trek quite long distances before you can set up. The tripod itself has a handle attached for ease of carrying when you don't want to be putting it back in its case all the time as you move from one location to another.

      The aluminium legs have quick release fasteners that snap open and shut and the rubber feet articulate to cope with uneven ground to give extra stability. A built in spirit level helps to ensure that you have it well set. The centre column also has a hook on the bottom from which an additional weight can be hung for extra stability if required.

      The centre column releases and can then be wound up and down for fine tuning the height required. The fully extended height of the tripod is 136 cms.

      The tripod comes with a quick release plate, which carries a standard screw that should fit almost all cameras and scopes. This makes it a lot easier and quicker to put the scope on and take it off the tripod as you are working.

      The locking plate also has a video pin, in case you want to use this for a video camera. The docking section itself tilts to vertical, in case you want to use this for a camera to take portrait shots. This has its own spirit level as well.

      Tilt and pan are controlled by a twist release / twist tighten handle and the action is quite nice and smooth.

      The black and grey colour scheme is restrained and attractive.


      Just doing this review has made me realise what a good buy this was.

      This cost me £12.99 including p&p and they are currently offering them for £10.89 (not sure if p&p is included with that). I think this is excellent value. If you were looking for a camera tripod but didn't have much to spend, or you just weren't sure how committed you were to using it, then you couldn't go far wrong with this. For me, with a heavier telescope and carting it across some rough terrain, only time will tell if it stands up to the wear and tear. I'm very hopeful. It has certainly done good service so far and, although it is lightweight, it isn't tacky. If I find that I'm using the telescope a lot more and bits start to drop off the tripod, I shan't resent having bought it, because it will have done its job. In the meantime, it's a very handy piece of kit.


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