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Hama In-Car Camera Support "Click"

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  • easy to turn screws
  • well made
  • none really
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    1 Review
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      23.02.2015 21:42
      Very helpful


      • "standard screw for attaching camera"
      • "well made"
      • "easy to turn screws"
      • "good strong elbows"
      • "sticks to anything flat and grease free"


      • "none really"

      A tripod for you camera that sticks to a window...

      This is basically a suction pad on one end and a ¼ inch screw on the other end, although it may be a little more complicated than that.
      It stands at about 250mm high, fully out, 140mm wide, at the suction pad area, and about 6mm thick, in the frame.
      It bends in two places, both control and locked in place by plastic screws that can easily be turned by hand.
      To use it you simply attach your camera to the ¼ inch screw on the end of this frame, turning the screw from the underside to lock the camera in place.
      Then you simply place the suction pad on the windscreen, or what ever flat glass surface you want to put it on. Then you push the little lever that takes the air from the suction pad, making a vacuum that sucks to the glass like glue.
      Then it's a matter of adjusting the elbows, using the plastic screws to loosen the elbows, then, when the frame is in the position you want, re-tightening the screws so that it locks in the shape you want.
      Then, if you need to, you make the few adjustments until you get the camera at the angle you want to.
      Once this is down you shouldn't have to adjust the elbows any more.
      This is a cracking little frame, and not just for using in cars. It can be used on windows in the house, in case you want to put a camera looking out of the window onto your property. (although I draw the line at pointing the camera into the nurses dorm next door to your house. That's just not on). Or maybe you have lost, or broken your tripod and you want to take a few snaps from one spot. This will help out there. Just get something flat and clean so that the suction pad locks onto it and away you go.
      And as this screw is a standard size it should fit most cameras so there's no need to worry about adaptors or anything.
      The suction pad is great, sticking to the glass with no hassles at all. It uses the standard lever to pull the any air that lies trapped between the pad and the glass so that the pad sticks like glue. Then, to release it, you just pop the lever back up and the air shoots back into the gap and the pad comes loose.
      The cost of this camera tripod/car holder/frame/stand is about £45 - £55 which should a lot for a stand, considering that you can buy a proper car camera for less than this stand, but this stand allows you to use your camera in many different ways.


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