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Hama Star 62

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Hama Star 62 - Tripod

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    3 Reviews
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      02.08.2012 22:17



      Overall, for the money, a nice bit of kit.

      Versatile, lightweight piece of kit, quite rigid. I like the use of locking rings on every part that moves up and down or swivels. The locking tabs on the legs are a bit "iffy" but do the job quite well.
      I'm 6'1" and with the tripod almost fully extended I can look directly through the viewfinder on the camera quite comfortably.
      Another plus factor is, spare quick release adapters are available from Hama or Amazon. So if you're using more than One camera or even a Telescope, you wont have to keep swapping the adapter over.
      My only two criticism's are, the 'powdered satin finish', it scratches very easily especially when opening up the legs. And the shoulder strap could be a bit longer on the carry case, so as to position it across the shoulder instead of 'hanging off' the shoulder, as it is top heavy (due to the case design) it tends to slide off quite easily.
      One final criticism, which is more of a suggestion, if the feet could be made interchangeable with spikes for use on rough terrain it would be truly versatile.
      All-in-all for the price, it's a good buy.


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      24.06.2011 22:24
      Very helpful



      Impressive lightweight tripod, be gentle with it.

      I have recently been able to purchase quite a bit of equipment for work, and one thing that I was keen to get as soon as possible was a decent lightweight tripod for the video cameras we have. Up until recently, we have relied on some hulking and clunky tripods that aren't the most popular things to have to lug around.

      The first thing that appealed to me about this tripod was the weight. At 1500g (and yes, I measured this with sugar to see just how light it was before buying!) it really does feel quite lightweight, and this makes such a difference. The legs of the tripod are aluminium, and instead of the standard black or silver colouring, it's coated in a dull green tinted bronze colour. This gives it a bit more of an aesthetically different and pleasing look.

      It's less than half a metre tall when at its shortest, which is how it is delivered. To extend it, there are plastic joints, held tight by plastic screws, and you extend the poles within the legs. Once the centre shaft is also extended, the tripod comes up to about 160cm, and I like the fact that you can adjust each extension to get the right height for you. The higher it's extended, the wider the base, so the support improves as well. The only negative thing about this is that the plastic clasps and screws holding the extensions where you want them don't seem too strong, and if I force it, then it seems it's about to give. If I tighten it, it seems as if I'm overscrewing and could do damage that way. I just tell people to not exert too much pressure.

      No doubt much of this trepidation on my part is due to it just feeling flimsier because it's lighter than the tripod I'm used to having. Where this is similar though is at the top, where the tripod plate and the screw to attach the device on the top is. The centre shaft extends up into the head, where there's a full swivel action that can be adjusted by yet another screw. You can have this loose or tight according to how much motion you need and just how secure you want it. Of course, you can also have it completely screwed tight so that there will be no motion. It gets used for quite a few sporting matches, and it's important to be able to have that motion but also the sturdy base, and this fits the bill just right.

      It's also reliable for making sure it's flat, as each leg is independently adjustable. There's a spirit level on the shoulder which is pretty accurate, and a smaller ball one on the head which is a nice little extra thought considering this part can move independently. These are pretty reliable spirit levels, too, and are consistently accurate from tripod to tripod. There's a handle extending out to the side from the head, which is what you use to move the head around once the camera's on top.

      In action, it's a decent tripod, so long as you don't expect miracles. As it stands, my main concern is the seemingly flimsy plastic screw catches along the legs and at the head, as they just don't seem all that strong. The plate at the top of the tripod has a decent enough catch that seems strong enough to stay in place, although not as strong as the heavier metal ones I have used in the past.

      I know that a lot of the focus of this tripod is in making sure that it's lightweight. Hama is a reliable brand, and this was one of the reasons that swayed me into making the purchase. The tripod comes with a handy carry case, the strap adjustable for you to carry it either by hand or over the shoulder. The case is a solid material, and good material, as well as looking quite smart. All in all, the whole thing cost around £14 from amazon, and this included postage. So far, it's proving to be a really good make of tripod, and as well as me finding it useful and much easier to use than the previous heavy ones, I've also had positive reports back from others about it as well. Recommended.


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      16.06.2011 14:23
      Very helpful



      A cheap tripod that does the job

      Photography is a bit of a hobby for me and as I became more into it and wanted to experiment further I felt it was time to invest in a proper tripod. However I didn't want it to cast the earth and so when I say this one priced so reasonably with a brand name I trust, I bought it.

      *Price and availability*

      The best price that I have seen the tripod for is £13.48 on Amazon. I went into a local independent camera shop and was advised to buy this model, however they had it priced for £29.99! I decided to shop around and then stumbled upon it on Amazon. Amazon have a wide range of camera accessories and they are all very reasonably priced.


      The tripod looks good with its bronze painted aluminium legs that are supported by rubberised feet to
      prevent slipping. The tripod legs come in three parts and can be set up to 45 - 120cm. The maximum height is 160 cm (the last remaining 40 cm is achieved by the adjusting of the middle column) This is fantastic as it means you can set the camera to eye sight level without having to bend or reposition yourself too much. The legs are easily adjusted with the use of some quick release catches. These catches are made of plastic and feel very cheap. I expect them to snap at some point in the future as they just feel so flimsy. It is a shame they have not made these significant parts to the tripod a little bit more robust.

      In the middle is a locking column in the middle to add extra support and keep the legs in place. There is plastic bolt at the bottom to prevent the tripod folding up on itself. There is also a plastic bolt at the top and a crank handle for further extension of the tripod. This sticks all the time though and is not a very smooth operation. You are supposed to be able to drop the crank handle whilst the camera is in use so you can smoothlessly achieve photographs from a variety of angles. This is not the case and takes me more than a few seconds to adjust it.

      When the legs are adjusted to maximum they have a triangular footprint of 84cm. This is quite wide so it does take some room up, however the size adds to the stability of the tripod and make it able to take more weight.

      At the head of tripod is platform for your camera. To attach your camera there is a standard tripod screw fit with ¼" thread. The platform has a quick release so that you can take the camera off quickly for a shot without having to wait while you carefully unscrew it. This is a great feature and one I find advantageous. The platform also allows tilting and angle moves these are done with ease and find that the platform is easily manipulated.

      The tripod weighs 1500 g so it is light enough to carry around. It comes with a black nylon travel bag with a shoulder strap to easily carry it.

      There are 2 spirit levels; one at the top of the legs and a 'line' level on the camera base plate. I don't use these that much but they are a welcome addition. There are also some hooks so that you can weigh the tripod down. Again, I don't have much call for this feature.

      *My experience*

      I use the tripod with my Nikon P100. The tripod is steady even at full height and I have had some fantastic results using it. It is steady and the exposures are crisp and sharp. The ability to swing the head round with ease is a fantastic features and offers great scope for experimentation.

      When using a heavier zoom lens, I found the tripod less stable and some of the shots were blurry. The tripod looked sturdy and set but as soon as the shutter goes off the camera must wobble causing the exposures to be effected this way.

      This is a little disappointing but when I only paid £13.48 for it, it was something I was expecting. For the money I paid I am happy with the purchase and have used it many times. The speed of setting it up is a bonus and the little travel bag means it is easy to transport.

      I am a little concerned about the durability of some of the fittings and care is needed when setting it up and putting away. However, again this is simply due to the price I paid.

      The tripod does not come with any instruction. As a person who never bothers with instructions, it is not a problem and the tripod is so easy to work out that they are not relevant. A little bit of information regarding after care of the product would be appreciated though.


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  • Product Details

    Hama is committed to developing and delivering products that achieve the highest performance at a most competitive price, within easy reach of everybody. Hama has dedicated manufacturing facilities and partners all over the world to meet the needs of all its customers for years to come.


    For photo and video;
    3-way tripod head with quick release plate;
    With crank for continuously variable height adjustment of center column;
    With rubber feet;
    Aluminum legs, dia.23mm;
    Closed length: 64cm;
    Fully extended length: 160cm;
    Holds up to 3,5 kg;
    Weight: 1500g;
    Spare quick release plate: Hama item no.4154;
    Comes with bag.