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Brand: AEG / Capacity: 6.99 Kg / Power Source: Electric / Load Type: Front Loader / Design: Free-standing

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2011 12:58
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      Save your money

      Our last tumble dryer was 26years old so I guess it's no surprise that it finally died on us! If you've read my other reviews you'll know that we have our washing machine running somewhere between 3 and 5 times a day. This means that we also have our tumble dryer running somewhere between 3 and 5 times a day.

      After looking around we eventually decided on the AEG T35850, we boght it from John Lewis for £310 but it is available online for around £250 so it's worth shopping around.

      We chose this machine because it had some good reviews and probably even more importantly it has a 7kg capacity and so could cope with the large washes that we do.

      ~*~ Appearance ~*~

      This tumble dryer isn't the smallest, its dimensions are 85 x 60 x 58cm and it is white in colour. As far as I'm aware this is the only colour option available.

      It has a wide variety of settings including storage dry, freshen up, jeans, extra dry and easy iron.

      There are seven buttons on the front of the dryer enabling you to select delicate, sensitive, long anti-crease, buzzer, start and pause and an option to delay the start of the cycle for 3, 6 or 9 hours.

      There are also three LED lights to tell you whether it's drying, cooling or has finished.

      ~*~ Ease of Set Up ~*~

      Even for someone with no knowledge of tumble dryers it took around 15 minutes to set up. It simply involves connecting the hose to outside to the back of the dryer with a few screws. There are instructions to help with this but I found that these were not needed.

      ~*~ The Drying ~*~

      Unfortunately I haven't much good to say about this dryer. A tumble dryer only really has one purpose, to dry clothes. The idea with this machine is that it senses how dry the clothes are and automatically switches to cool down when its reached the desired dryness. Unfortunately, after trying several cycles my clothes are never dry. Even when choosing the "extra dry" option I found I had to put it on 3-4 times in order for it to really be dry. After playing with it several times I found that if you put everything onto a Jeans option then it will dry the first time, however this takes twice as long as all the other options (although this is still less time then it was taking to put it on 3 times for one load!) and is sometimes too hot for some items, after putting some items through this option they have come out partly melted! The clothes were suitable to be tumble dried and I have put them through the dryer before so I know this wasn't the clothes. Also, even after putting the clothes through the "easy iron" option they came out very crushed.

      The one thing this dryer does have going for it though is that it is very quiet to run, I cannot hear it going when I'm sat in the other room. The buzzer also works, when the dryer stops it makes no noise unless this option is chosen in which case it bleeps to tell you that the cycle is over. I haven't tried the delay start so am unable to comment on this.

      ~*~ Availability and Pricing ~*~

      This dryer is available in most high street stores and online. Prices vary between £250 and £350 so it is worth shopping around.

      ~*~ Would I Recommend It? ~*~

      No, I'm giving it only 1 out of 5 stars since a tumble dryer really only has the one job of drying the clothes it does not do this! Whilst the variety of options are a good idea the only one that actually dries the clothes is Jeans and this melts some items!

      Overall I would recommend saving your money and going for a different dryer that does the job its designed to.


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      Short name: AEG T35850

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