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Brand: Beko / Load Type: Front Loader

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    3 Reviews
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      13.03.2014 22:46



      Bought this tumble dryer from ao.com who were excellent. The tumble dryer works brilliant and extremely easy to use. Really great machine great price and works well. Definitely a great product. Haven't had a tumble dryer for a long time and thought it was about time to include one in my kitchen upgrade. Looks great. The condenser facility is great as no holes needed to be put through the wall making it very easy to install. 5 stars


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      27.09.2013 20:24
      Very helpful



      great value and does a good job

      When we moved house I had decided that I definitely wanted to have a tumble dryer. We had had no room for one in our previous house and I was sick of having washing on airers over the winter months. We had plenty of room for one in our garage, which is where I decided to locate it - so I knew I would like a condenser rather than vented dryer. For those unfamiliar with the difference, vented tumble dryers work by venting warm, damp air through a hose and out of an open window or through an external wall whereas condenser dryers work by removing moist air from the drum and cooling it inside the machine. The water is then collected in a container, which you need to remove and empty regularly. Therefore, a condenser dryer can be installed pretty much anywhere.


      The dryer I have is white in appearance and I would say a pretty average size for a tumble dryer - H85, W60, D54cm. It has a 6kg drying capacity and a B rated energy efficiency rating. The door is solid white and circular. When open, you can see where the filter is located underneath - this needs cleaning out regularly to remove any fluff from the clothes that has accumulated. Located at the top left is the container that fills with water and this slides out to be emptied. Next to this, there is a dial that can be turned to select which drying program to use.

      There are various drying cycles to select from - delicates, freshen up, final cool cycle and an anti-crease option. You can also select to a timed program - 10, 20, 40 or 60 minutes. For Cottons, you can select how dry you wish them to be - iron dry, cupboard dry or extra dry. There is also a specific program for jeans.
      There are indicators that light up to tell you that the water tank is full, the filter needs cleaning and what cycle is selected - these light up in green. There is a push button to start or pause the dryer too. This can be held down for three seconds to cancel the cycle.

      We purchased the dryer for £239.99 from Homebase. It is very easy to install - you plug it in and away you go!


      I find the dryer incredibly easy to use. The door opens very wide and is at the front so it is easy to load the clothes in - it has quite a large drum with a good capacity too so a large number of clothes can be dried at once. The programs are easy to select - I personally prefer the twist of a knob rather than digital settings - and there are a good choice of programs too so you can soon work out which one suits each load type best - for example towels, bedding and clothes.

      In use, I find the tumble dryer to be quite noisy (dependent partly on load weight) but still much quieter than other tumble dryers that I have come across at friend's and family's houses. Obviously noise isn't a particular problem to me as ours is located in our garage and therefore out of the house anyway. The machine beeps when it is finished too, although this is quite quiet (although, again, this is not something that effects me due to where it is located). I like the fact that there is an internal light inside the drum so you can clearly see that you have completely emptied it when finished.

      General upkeep is relatively easy too - the water tan simply pulls out (I do this after every cycle rather than wait for the indicator light as it is usually quite full) and has a hole in the top surface so you can simply tip it up to empty. The fluff filter pulls out easily too (again, I do after every cycle) and this opens up. I just run my fingers over the surface and this removes the fluff that has collected. Less regularly (about every two months or so) I clean the main filters located at the bottom of the machine - using the tools from my vacuum.


      I have used a variety of the cycles and have found them all to give great results. I find that the dryer dries my clothes quickly and effectively - even if some remain damp after the cycle, I can then select a timed cycle to finish them off. I find that towels especially dry really quickly. I also find that my clothes dry without too many creases too - so some do not need ironing at all and others require minimal ironing - this is a definite plus point for me as ironing ranks highly on my least favourite chores list!

      I also find that the load dries evenly and all clothes dry - no matter the thickness or where they are located in the machine. I have used the machine on the delicate cycles for my delicate fabrics on a few occasions too and this has been very good. It has dried the clothes well and been gentle on the fabrics too.


      I am really pleased with this tumble dryer. The price we paid was quite cheap in comparison to a lot of the dryers available and I think it represents excellent value. It is very easy to use, dries well and is relatively energy efficient and cost effective to run too. The design is good and robust - a lot of tumble dryers have the water tank at the bottom so you have to bend down to empty them. Just a small point, but by being located at the top it makes this job easier too. Some of the cycles are better than others - for example I have found that cupboard dry still leaves my clothes quite damp - but after a few trials, you soon identify which cycles suit your needs best and stick to those.

      I would definitely recommend this tumble dryer as an effective, good value, energy efficient dryer.


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        28.10.2012 22:35
        Very helpful



        A good dryer from Beko.

        ~*~*~ Beko DCU6130 ~*~*~

        ~ What is it? ~

        This is a condenser dryer with a 6kg capacity. It comes in a range of three colours white, silver and black. It has an energy efficiency rating of B.

        ~ Why did I buy it? ~

        I actually didn't buy this dryer nor did I choose this model, I have had this dryer for the last nine weeks as a replacement for my Beko one, mine has gone in for repairs and as nothing can be done for it I am awaiting for the company to get one in stock, so I have been left with this one until they decide to give me my new dryer. I am not overly thrilled with this as I preferred the look of mine and mine will hold a kg more in wet clothes but I have it so I use it.

        ~ The dryer ~

        I have this dryer in black and it looks quite sleek and attractive. The door of the dryer is located at the front of the machine and is round in colour, the door is completely black and does not allow you to see the clothes inside. I quite like this as it makes the whole machine a whole lot sleeker looking, the handle is incorporated into the door and is accessed via a little cut out curved groove.
        When open the hole behind the door is quite generously sized, you will also find that the fluff filter is located at the bottom part of the hole. This just lifts out and unclips for emptying and then easily slots back in.

        The water tank is on the left hand side of the dryer and pulls out like a washing powder drawer on a washing machine. When pulled out the tank is a frosted white plastic colour and has a little blue spout where the water enters the tank.
        To empty the tank you simply pull the tank out and dispose of the water in whatever way you see fit, down the sink, in the mop bucket, to water plants etc...

        On the right hand side you will find a row of two lights, a row of four lights, two buttons and a round knob.

        The first two lights are indicator lights that will come on when either the filter needs cleaning or if the tank needs emptying and I have found that they both light up at the end of each drying session.

        The next row of four lights activate at different options through the cycle, they let you know where the cycle is at so you can stop it if you wish to do so.

        The lights are -
        Iron Dry
        Cupboard Dry

        Next are two buttons. Button one is Buzzer Cancel and Button two is Reset. The cancel button can stop the cycle midflow if you need to check on it or add something etc. If you press both buttons together for three seconds this will activate the child-lock feature.

        Next to this is the control knob, this has the following options -
        *Synthetics } Iron dry and Quick dry
        *Cottons } Iron dry, Cupboard dry, Cupboard dry plus, Extra dry
        *Time } 10 mins, 20 mins, 40 mins, 60 mins
        *Freshen up
        *Xpress 35

        It has six sensor settings and five timed settings, the timed ones are the obvious 10 mins etc and the Xpress 35, the sensor ones are the rest and this means that the built in sensor senses when the clothes inside are dry and it stops.

        At the bottom of the dryer is a plate that can be removed by simply undoing the clip, under this plate is the condenser unit, this is held in place with four clips, you need to undo the red clip first in order for the others to move, this needs rinsing out every so often to keep the dryer running efficiantly. Last week the dryer seemed to be loosing heat and clothes were coming out still damp so I removed the condenser and it was filled with fluff, after rinsing it in the shower it looked completely different and my dryer works perfectly once again. I would recommend checking this every 6 - 8 weeks to make sure your dryer works the way it should.

        ~ Using the dryer ~

        Using the dryer couldn't be easier, it justs needs putting in it's place, plugging in and it is ready to be used. I tend to use the dryer on the Synthetics Quick dry settings as it does the job just fine for me, I wouldn't necessarly call it quick dry however as it tends to take about 60 - 90 minutes to complete the load, however for drying a few items it is much quicker. The Xpress 35 is also quite good especially in the mornings if a wash hasn't finished when I am ready for bed. I'll just pop the kids uniforms in the machine in the morning and they will be ready in the 35 minutes.
        Because the drum has a reverse drying action where the machine will turn the one way and then switch to the other way every so often means that the clothes come out with less creases and if your quick enough clothes like tracksuit bottoms and sweaters can just be folded and they will remain crease free and don't require ironing.

        It's quite a good dryer, it does what I need it to do which is dry the clothes and it does it very well.

        The only draw back for me is that this is not the dryer I wanted nor chose, I like the square door on my other dryer and that is has a few more options, but this is a good alternative and it has the Xpress 35 feature that my dryer is lacking.

        Overall it is a great dryer that can be picked up for around £200 in Argos.

        I have been using it around 2/3 times a day over the last nine weeks and I have had no problems with it all. I know nine weeks doesn't seem like much but for the use it's had in those nine weeks without any failure it does stand out to me to be an effective good dryer.

        I have nothing negative to say about the dryer other than the fact I prefer my one and can't wait to have it back but this has been a really good replacement for me.

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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        Short name: Beko DCU6130

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