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Brand: Beko / Capacity: 6.99 Kg / Power Source: Electric / Load Type: Front Loader / Design: Free-standing / Cycles: 15 Cycles

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    1 Review
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      01.06.2011 00:32
      Very helpful



      A fantastic dryer with a large drum and a brilliant little light!!

      In my household a tumble dryer is an absolute must! I do so much washing, without one the clothes would never be dry!
      I do prefer to line dry my laundry but what with living in not so sunny Wales, line-drying day's are somewhat limited!

      I had before this a little zanussi dryer that my mum bought about 13 years ago! She kept in the cupboard under the stairs and used it once in a blue moon, so I decided a few years ago that it would get more use in my house and cheekily asked her for it, after a bit of huffing and puffing she gave in and let me have it! It needed a hose thingy to go outside and to be honest was a right pain!
      When that died I knew I wanted a condenser dryer and went on the hunt for one I liked.

      A few months ago my television gave up and I needed a new one, money was tight so I decided to use a hire purchase company and get one that way. Whilst on the lookout for a tumble dryer in November I had a phone call saying my account was in credit and would I like to add anything to my account! Now I know this is their clever way of getting me into more debt, but seeing as it was less than a month until Christmas I asked if they happened to stock tumble dryers and the lady directed me to their website where they had a choice of 3!
      Luckily for me they stocked this model in Black (I have asked for this in the dooyoo request bit and was told it's already here). I saw it, I needed it, I wanted it! I phoned them back to check it was in stock and it was, and they arranged delivery for 2 days time! I couldn't wait!!
      So they brought my shiny black dryer all incased in the usual over the top packaging of polystyrene blocks, wooden pallets, blue straps and polythene wrapping. After getting it all off, I slotted the dryer into the space next to the washing machine (yep I have decided I would love a new washing machine now too!), I plugged it in and as I already had a pile of washing in the machine that needed to be dried I placed the wet laundry into the dryer and found when I opened the door a little light lit up the whole drum.... I was overjoyed with this.... wow how cool! I popped the laundry in, closed the door and chose my setting. After pressing a little button on the front the machine whirred to life and I noticed how quiet the dryer was. I was pleasantly surprised and really happy with my buy!
      Unfortunately after just using it 4 times the dryer started making an awful banging noise and it was practically bouncing around my kitchen! I phoned up the hire purchase company and they arranged for a new dryer to be delivered the next day...pheww!
      So I have had this actual dryer ever since, some days it is on at least 4 times and yes it does eat the electric but no more than any other dryer I have owned, and less so than the little zanussi dryer I had last time! This time I have had no problems what so ever and it still looks and sounds fabulous!

      It is really modern looking and is flush and neat, it has a solid door which has a flush(ish) handle, you simply pop your hand in the groove and pull lightly and the door opens with ease. The water filter is on the top left hand side and looks very much like a washing machine drawer. The tank holds a good amount of water and the dryer goes off automatically when the tank is full. There's the setting knob on the right hand side with numerous different settings aswell as timed modes etc. On the left to this are 2 smaller buttons, when pressed together these child proof the dryer and stop any of the setting being 'accidently' changed. They are also the start/cancel buttons of the machine.
      The door is reversible and came with all the bit's in case you do want to change what side the door is on. It also came with a pipe for the water drainage as you can choose for the water to drain from the tank that way, I don't however and just remove the tank at the end of the load, you can leave it longer of course as the machine will stop when it is full and the buttons light up in a bright green to let you know to empty the water tank or clean the fluff filter, which is located just in the rim of the machine and can be seen upon opening the door.

      This dryer boasts a massive 7kg drum, which is in fact larger than my washing machine, and the clothes do spin and tumble around brilliantly, which means less ironing!
      It has an 11 sensor drying programmes and time delay setting for convenient drying, the sensor is found just inside the drum and it is advised to clean this over with a little white vinegar on a soft cloth every so often to ensure it keeps working as it should.
      At the bottom right hand side is the condenser unit which needs occasional cleaning. I haven't done so yet with this but I did try with the first machine in case it was something to do with that and found it very simple to remove and clean. You remove the kick plate and undo 4 plastic screws then slide the unit out, run under a tap, drain it and then push it back in.
      The reverse tumble also means the clothes do get a good airing in the dryer and it tumbles one way for a few minutes then reverses the other and back again until the load is dry.

      I haven't had any problems with this dryer and I enjoy using it, it's so much better than having crispy clothes off the radiators and they smell so fresh.
      It has an energy rating of C but it is a tumble dryer so I didn't expect it to be much higher. In my opinion it uses much less energy than my old dryer and as a plus it does actually warm up the whole of my downstairs when it is on, not a great thing on a warm day but then it is only used if absolutly needed, the clothes are on the line on a nice day!

      Oh the price! It retails for approx £200 - £250 but as mine is on Hire Purchase I am paying stupid amounts in apr!
      I think it's available from most good electrical retailers and comes in Black, White or Silver!


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      Short name: Beko DRCS76

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