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Beko DRCS76B Condenser Tumble Dryer

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Brand: Beko / Type: Tumble Dryer

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    3 Reviews
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      21.09.2013 14:42



      Great looking and useful product, would definitely buy again.

      I bought this tumble dryer as had bought a black bell washing machine and thought it would look smart with a matching tumble dryer and was a better way to get clothes dry during the winter months when I'm not able to hang them out.

      Tumble dryer is a glossy black colour, height of 85cm, width of 59.5cm, depth of 54cm and weight of 38kg.This tumble dryer has a large 7kg dry hold capacity and auto sensor. The tumble dryer has an easy way to empty the water from the drawer but fills up pretty quickly. There is 15 programmes to choose from, 11 sensor dryer programmes and 4 timed programmes. I have not used all them but the ones I have used definitely make the tumble dryer worth while. Some of the different settings when using the tumble dryer are: ready to wear, cupboard dry, extra dry, delicates and for different items of clothing.

      I didn't think I needed a tumble dryer at first but after looking at this one and how easy and convenient it was it definitely change my mind and was worth the money I spent on it, it has so many different features so it suits everyone's needs and has such a large drum/capacity that it'll do a big family aswell. Another great product from Beko.


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      22.09.2012 12:35
      Very helpful



      It does the job and looks the part but if I could choose again I wouldn't pick this one.

      Having three young daughters and a husband in the house means one thing, dirty clothes and plenty of them. It has always been a chore of mine washing, drying then ironing only to find those same nicely laundered clothes lying on the floor next to the washing basket the very next day.

      When my last dryer broke I knew I would need another good quality one and this Beko condenser sensor dryer looked ideal for me.

      Product description

      The condenser dryer is a glossy black with a large square door on the front, at the top right you have your control panel and the top left is the water tank. Inside the door there is a lint filter (commonly known in our house as the fluff tray) and at the bottom you have your condenser and water tank cover.

      The height of the dryer is 85.0cm, width 59.5cm, depth 54cm, weight 38kg and you can load a whopping 7kg of wet clothes in there although I don't think I have ever put that amount as it would take so long to dry, not to mention the cost of electricity.

      There is an auxiliary function,warning indicators, time delay and a progress of programme light which lets you know what stage of drying you are at.

      You can also set it so the alarm goes off when it has finished drying.

      You are supposed to clean the lint filter after every use but I get a few loads of drying done before I do this as the fluff goes everywhere. You also have to empty the water tank after each load but there is a light that will let you know when the water tank is full or if your filter needs cleaning.

      When the dryer arrives it comes with an instruction booklet advising you of approximate drying times depending on load although I generally use the same setting every time. It has different settings including freshen up, delicates, rapid dry, shirts, jeans, ready to iron, ready to wear, cupboard dry and extra dry. It also has synthetics or cottons or alternatively you can choose a timed setting of 60 minutes, 40 minutes, 20 minutes and 10 minutes.

      I generally use my washing line but due to the very unpredictable weather here in the north west of England this isn't always possible so this dryer was a necessity for me. I find that a normal load does take quite some time to dry and I had to have a repair carried out within the first year of purchase as the drum itself began 'banging' and 'squeaking'. I must say the repairman did a great job and replaced the drum but then a couple of weeks later (just when the guarantee ran out) I noticed black marks appearing on my clothes. This has now put me off and I tend to turn all clothes inside out to dry as I worry it may happen again.

      Overall I do like the look and design of this condenser dryer and it does the job it is needed for but I think when I need another I personally wouldn't choose this again.

      I purchased mine from Very at a cost of £299.00.


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        29.05.2012 09:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good value condenser dryer

        I know it is not very economical and just a bit lazy but when it comes to drying my clothes 99% of the time they get shoved in the tumble dryer instead of getting hung up on the line outside. For this reason I find a tumble dryer to be an indispensable item in my household. When looking for one I had to look for a condenser dryer as I didn't have room on an outside wall where I could put the vent pipe.
        I had never had a condenser dryer before but a friend assured me that they were every bit as good as the traditional vented ones. I had a look around and settled on the Beko DRCS76B as it was reasonably priced and the colour fit in well with my kitchen.

        I paid around about £300 for the dryer which isn't too bad. There are plenty out there that are cheaper but there are also a lot which are more expensive. This one at least has a plethora of features to justify the price whereas some basically have an on/off switch.

        The dryer is black I personally thought that this would fit in better with my kitchen than a lighter coloured one. One thing about the darker colour is that it is a magnet for dirt and finger prints and always looks streaky even when I have tried to clean the outside of it.
        The shape is quite nice too and instead of just being a solid square lump the edges are angular which help give it a more modern appearance than most tumble dryers. When it is in place the dryer doesn't look or feel to obtrusive and the fact that it doesn't need a great big pipe means that you can push the dryer almost flush with the wall.

        As mentioned the dryer has loads of different features some of which I use all the time and some which I feel have only been included so that the manufacturers can say that it has them.
        Some features include:

        #Drying sensor
        #Start timer delay
        #Intermittent tumble at end of cycle
        #Timer buzzer
        #3 levels of sensor drying
        #Filter full indicator

        On top of these features there are many more such as the ability to be able to delay when you want the dryer to start. I'm not sure why you would want to delay its start but if you felt the need it can be delayed for up to 9 hours. It also tells you when your laundry is at different stages of drying. For instance it tells you when your laundry is dry but it will also tell you when it is hot enough that creased should have been removed which takes away the need for ironing.

        I have had this dryer for a while now and in the time I've had it there have been no major problems with it.
        The size of the drum is 7KG which means that I can fit in all my laundry at one time without having to worry about doing a load later. I really appreciate the large size of the drum as there is nothing worse than only being able to fit in half your laundry at a time to dry.

        For those who have never used a condenser tumble dryer before then they differ from traditional ones only in that they do not need a pipe to vent away the steam. Instead all the steam from the wet laundry drying is collected inside the dryer and goes to a tray at the top of the dryer. You do have to empty this tray on a regular basis and I would say that I probably have to empty it at least twice every time I have laundry in the dryer. This is easy enough to do and it is quite amazing how much water actually collects in the tray every time. The dryer does a good job of keeping all the steam in and making sure that my kitchen doesn't get all steamy and wet.

        You can change the heat settings on the dryer to match whatever material you have in the dryer and the sensor will tell you when the laundry is finished. There is a buzz timer available which buzzes every few minutes until you come and remove the laundry from the dryer. To be honest though the sensor isn't that great and half the time it tells me that the laundry is dry I will check and it will still be slightly damp so I need to put it back on again. One thing that I do like is that the dryer will continue to tumble every 10 minutes or so if you don't remove it so as to prevent creasing.

        The fluff tray is just inside the door and this seems to fill up quickly and I am forever having to empty it. This is easy to do and the dryer does tell me when it needs to be done.
        Drying times are not bad but they aren't the quickest that I have even seen either. A full drum can easily take a couple of hours to be fully dry. Obviously if you only half fill the drum then drying times are significantly reduced.
        The worst thing about this dryer in my opinion is just how noisy it is. It is so loud that if I am in the kitchen and someone is trying to speak with me I can barely hear them and need to go out of the room. It is by far the loudest dryer I have ever owned and even though it doesn't shake about like some dryers the drum spinning is so loud as to be really annoying.

        In the end I would recommend this dryer to people. It isn't perfect by any means but it does a decent enough job and it is a good price for a condenser tumble dryer. Yes sometimes the clothes aren't as dry as I would expect considering that it tells me they are but it is simply a case of turning the dryer back on for a further 10 minutes to just make sure there is no dampness in them. Once you are used to this happening it doesn't really bother you anymore and you just accept it as part of owning the dryer.
        It does do a good job of removing the majority of creases from clothes making them easier to iron or in the case of some things like t-shirts takes away the need for ironing completely.
        It fits in well in my kitchen and doesn't take up as much room as a traditional dryer would either. I have also found it to be well made and even though it gets almost daily use in my house it has never broke or had a problem and I have owned it for nearly 2 years now.
        The only thing that would put me off buying this again would be how noisy it was but as I am usually in the other room anyway when the dryer is on overall I would say if you are looking for a condenser tumble dryer then you could do a lot worse than buying this one.


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