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Bosch WTE 84102 Classixx

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Brand: Bosch / Capacity: 6 Kg / Power Source: Electric / Dryer Type: Home Dryer / Load Type: Front Loader / Quiet Mode: With Quiet Mode / Cycles: 9 Cycles / Cool Down Feature: With Cool Down Feature / Moisture-Sensor: With Moisture-Sensor / Overall Height: 86 cm / Overall Width: 60 cm

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    2 Reviews
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      03.08.2010 18:09



      A good buy and can't go wrong with build quality.

      We brought this at Christmas after our washer drier packed up and we've been really happy with it.
      After using a washer drier this was a jump into the future, we brought this alongside the matching washing machine, they are a matching pair, if you do buy both then you ideally want the washer to left as the doors are opposite.
      The tumble is very light and easy moved around the kitchen for cleaning and getting access behind.
      The installation is little more than a single plug which uses any standard socket and off you go.
      The dial on the right lets you select how dry you want the clothes and what type of clothes they are, for example cottons very dry. Most of the programmes run off a sensor inside the machine so there are no present time period. In case you have something annoying that needs drying further but the sensor will not work there is a warm 40min programme at the bottom.
      if you are doing something that does not like hot dry a dedicated low heat button is available to the right of the machine.
      Lights down the centre of the machine give you an idea of what stage the drying is at and an idea of long much longer it will be. There are two lower lights letting you know if the water or main filter needs checking.
      The draw holds a lot of water, its the entire depth of the machine with a curve to it. Normally for us it takes about two loads plus a towl load to fill it, to empty just pull it out and empty into the sink, its been designed not to spill when in transport and it does very well.
      Its pretty quiet but does throw some heat into the room so its not one to use while cooking in the same room but putting jumpers etc near by will help them dry.
      The lint filter is easy to clean open the large door and it just lifts out, unclip it and push the felt off, very quick a easy. I haven't had to clean the main filter yet but it looks simple going by the instructions.
      The drum is huge and takes a 4kg wash without problems drying cottons in under a hour.
      The only really annoying feature is the button can be brushed accidentally.


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      11.07.2009 00:11
      Very helpful



      Great budget model that just does what it's meant to do.

      If you have a baby, chances are you have either a tumble dryer or a pile of washing. We had space for another appliance, and already having a washing machine we opted for a seperate dryer - this Classixx condenser unit.

      Heres the beef on the 'condenser bit' - if you don't know - because its important. My memories of dryers as a kid was this dusty looking white vibrating lunk with a tube snaking from it, along the kitchen floor, hanging out of the window. For the dryer to effectively dry needs to get rid of the water - old style was blown out of a tube attached to the front of the thing.

      Condenser style dryers don't have the tube. The hot, moist air, is condensed back into water within the dryer itself and ends up in a large hopper (which is removed and emptied every other wash or so).

      Advantages of this are - no tube or venting to the outdoors - and for the eco warriors out there you can water your wisteria with what comes out of your wet laundry.

      The dryer has a moisture sensor in built, so rather than selecting a time on the dial on the front, you select how dry you want your clothes - and it will dry them till it reaches this level of dryness / dampness.

      Other controls are superfluous. This is a dryer. It dries.

      One thing which is missing, which I would have liked is a delay timer on the device to take advantage of cheaper electricity at night. However this isn't exactly a silent model so my neighbours probably wouldn't agree with me.

      On balance then, unless you are a techno geek that won't buy anything without an LCD screen, internet connectivity and built in MP3 player, you won't get a better dryer for your money than this model.


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      Short name: Bosch WTE 84102

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