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Bosch WTE84104GB Classixx

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Brand: Bosch / Capacity: 5.98 Kg / Power Source: Electric / Load Type: Front Loader / Design: Free-standing / Cycles: 9 Cycles

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2010 17:19
      Very helpful



      The bosch classixx tumble dryer is a great machine that drys your clothes perfectly.

      Hubby and me got this tumble dryer a little while ago as a gift as during the winter, our clothes were not being adequately aired as we don't have a real airing cuboard and some things were being left smelling slighly damp.

      This tumble dryer is great, really fab quality as most Bosch products are. In fact I don't think we have ever had a problem with any of our Bosch products. With its 6KG capasity it will dry plenty of clothes in one go and they come out lovely and dry, smelling wonderfully fresh and dog hair and flick free..

      There is a cottons program or an easycare program or a warm 40 mins program. I tend to dry everything on the cottons program unless drying anything particularly delicate or something I think might shrink in which case i use the easycare program.

      I pop everything in there from jeans to jumpers and I only avoid putting silks in it and so far it hasn't shrunk a single item of clothing. The cotton or easycare program automatically decides when the clothes are dry and it stops of it's own accord with a flashing light to tell you it's done.
      To be honest I'm not sure if it beeps when it is finished lol because I have never taken notice of it and alot of the time I put it on when we are out but I will have a check next time I put it on and let you know.

      When the filter is full up the machine will stop and the filter light will come on telling you to empty the filter and when the water container is full, the same thing happens so it is all nice and simple.

      The machine is a condenser dryer which means it condenses all the water into the water container instead of it going out through a vent in the wall. An added bonus of a condenser is that it blows all the warm air out into the house so when you are using it in the winter or on a cold rainy day, it heats up the house beautifully. We have ours in our dining room and when it is on we don't need to have any heating on in that room! The tumble dryer is C rated aswell so it's not dreadful on the energy ratings. You won't find many tumble dryers with ratings much above a C anyway.

      I believe the price we paid for it was just shy of £350.00, which I think is a reasonable price to pay when it comes to buying large household appliances. We have come to learn that when it comes to large appliances, if you buy cheap, you get cheap, so we avoid the cheaper brands these days.

      This is a really great, well made, excellent quality tumble dryer which produces great results when drying your clothes. All in all I rate it a 10/10 because there isn't really a downside at all to this tumble dryer and as an added bonus it helps warm the house up.


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    Short name: Bosch WTE84104GB

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