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Bosch WTE 84103GB

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Brand: Bosch / Capacity: 6 Kg / Power Source: Electric / Dryer Type: Home Dryer / Load Type: Front Loader / Energy Rating: C / Overall Height: 84 cm / Overall Width: 60 cm

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2008 10:22
      Very helpful



      A totally excellent machine. Buy if you can afford it

      We have just spent the weekend with my sister-in-law and she has just bought this model.

      My goodness - it's amazing. I got a full demo and tried it out myself - I even did some of her ironing for her so I could test its de-crease capabilities.
      I need a condensor dryer as in my new house there is no space to vent my old one, which is currently venting into the room so that's no good - it's like a chinese laundry in my kitchen when it's on. I am soooo tempted to get this on. I have never seen one so good. My friend had a Miele once, and did quite envy that, but I'm totally converted to this one.

      My sister-in-law bought it from a high street electrical store and paid £349 for it. Gulp!
      I have done a web trawl and can get it for less - £309 + delivery is my best find so far.

      So why is this so great?
      1. It looks fab - it has a solid white door instead of a glass one which looks classy.

      2. It is a sensor dryer. This is SO worth paying money for. It has some chip in it which detects how dry the clothes are then stops tumbling when they are dry. How neat is that? You can set the dial to iron dry or cupboard dry, depending what you want. So you never over dry your clothes so they get all creased and you don't end up with still wet clothes going smelly in the bottom of the dryer if you've gone out for the day, because you have not put enough time in. My SIL says it works best with clothes made of similar fabrics, or the sensor can get confused. So if you put a load of acrylics in that have been on slow spin in the washing machine on the acrylic programme and you've put a towel in there which is then a bit too wet as it goes in the dryer, the towel might be a bit patchily damp, although the acrylics will be basically dry, but then getting a bit wet again as they keep touching the still wet towel. So don't do that!
      3. It has this brilliant anti-crease function, so when the clothes are done for their drying time the machine gently turns them every few minutes just a couple of times, so they don't sit all creased in the bottom of the machine.

      4. Instead of a simple low/high button this had fully variable temperature control so you could either lower the temperature even to do silks and woolens apparently (we didn't test that though so I can't comment) or change the setting to save energy.
      5. It tells you when the condensor drawer is getting full.

      6. It has a full 6kg loading. That's a good size drum, and again means a full washing machine full goes in and it doesn't all crease up because it is squashed.
      2. and 3. combined meant the clothes came out of the machine totally ready to wear in most cases. We ran an iron quickly over one of my niece's skirts which was pleated (fair enough surely!) and a 100% cotton shirt from Thomas Pink needed ironing as it was that old fashioned heavy duty cotton, but every other shirt honestly you could just take out of the machine and put straight on a hanger. Amazing! Like they were all non-iron shirts!

      I'm in danger of sounding like such a sad old git as well as a sad old bag LOL but It was really fun to use. OK we were drinking a bottle of chilled white wine at the same time as doing her laundry, but still...
      In terms of disadvantages the only thing I would say is that though it was quite energy conscious in its features, it only has a C rating for efficiency. Dunno why.

      Totally ridiculous price for a Tumble Dryer when you can pay a £100 quid but if you can afford the extra it will save you loads of time and effort so it is probably worth it in the long run. It might save you paying someone to do your ironing if you are household full of full-time working people and you don't have much time.
      Not sure I can really justify to you why I think I want to spend three times more than the basic price for a dryer, but I do. Better make sure my husband doesn't read this..

      Of course my SIL's is brand new, so we can't comment on reliability. Bosch are usually brilliant though, so here's hoping. It would be great if another reviewer who'd had one for a few years could comment.


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      Short name: Bosch WTE 84103GB

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