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Brand: Bosch / Capacity: 7 Kg / Stackable: Stackable / Dryer Type: Home Dryer / Load Type: Front Loader / Quiet Mode: With Quiet Mode / Cycles: 11 Cycles / Cool Down Feature: With Cool Down Feature / Moisture-Sensor: With Moisture-Sensor / Overall Depth: 62.5 cm / Overall Height: 84 cm / Overall Width: 60 cm

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2011 13:20
      Very helpful



      A very robust and high performing tumble dryer!

      Bosch WTE8630

      The Bosch WTE 8630 is a freestanding tumble dryer machine operating via a condenser system. There are numerous drying options for a range of different fabric types and the product comes with a 2 year guarantee. I paid £379.99 for the tumble dryer from the Co-op which was a tad expensive but cheaper than other retailers as I've seen the product advertised for £480 online.

      My WTE8630 was black in colour but I have saw silver and white coloured ones which are available too. The dimensions of the product are 84.2x59.8x62.5 and the product has a 7kg load capacity for the drum inside. The drum is silver in colour with a built in sensor, the door is quite large and opens from the side and allows good clear observation of the clothes inside the drum. On the sides of the machine are vertical lines running down it which looks very modern and stylish, there is a vent positioned on the bottom left as well. Overall I was very happy with the design of the product, the black looks very modern with silver trim and an orange LED light.

      The product as mentioned is freestanding, of a metal/plastic construction and operates with an electrical system during operation which I believe can go up to a 1400rpm of power. The product features a condenser system which is located at the top of the product, water needed for operation is drained away automatically. There is an orange LED light to the top front panel which can give you warnings in regard to the filter and can function as a timer, the LED display is bright and easy to read. Along this front panel are also buttons for low heat and reduced ironing settings. There is a black easy to turn dial towards the top left of the product which has a large range of settings such as easy care settings, synthetics, delicates, woollens, freshen up, cupboard dry and a short programme should you be short on time. I've found the diagrams and text around the buttons/dials very helpful in that they are easy to understand and allow some scope as for the drying options of the various clothes I own. The start/stop button is towards the far left of this top panel and is silver in colour and of a circular shape. The product operates via a condenser system and has a sensor built into the drum which tells the dryer how dry your clothes are, which is smart technology in my opinion. I've found using the dryer on the settings suitable for your clothes i.e. cotton or synthetics for my t-shirts is brilliant in terms of the drying quality. My clothes come out very dry but not creased or shrivelled up.

      Energy Efficiency
      The energy efficiency of the product could be slightly better to be honest. The WTE8640 is of class B quality which is certainly better than older tumble dryers but still, this tumble dryer uses more energy than my washing machine which is a Hoover OPH-616.

      The durability of the product has been superb in the time that I've had it which is a few years now. The product did come with a 2 year guarantee should anything break down when I purchased it from the co-op which I thought was handy and a good complementary incentive to buy the tumble dryer. All of the buttons work fine but are occasionally unresponsive if you do not press firmly enough, the LED timer has not faded overtime and I've experienced no leakages or overheating. My clothes still come out dry to the same quality as when I used the machine for the first time, so I believe the durability of the WTE8630 is top quality.

      I paid £379.99 for the tumble dryer a few years ago from the Co-op which I believe is still around the same price now. I think £379.99 was an expensive but fair value for the product because of the top workmanship, design and performance by Bosch. I wouldn't pay anymore for the tumble dryer than £379.99 and it is best to shop around for prices, as I've seen these machines advertised at ~£480 online which is way overpriced. You can't readily buy new WTE8630s which is a bit of a shame because they are a top quality machine. I have done a quick search for any interested consumers and found the cheapest online prices in the UK are:
      > Co-operative still sell it for the same price I paid - £379.99
      > Electrical 123 sell it for £379.99
      > Electric shop sell it for £399.95
      > Redhill appliances sell the product for £439

      There aren't many problems I've experienced with the WTE8630 as it has been a very sturdy machine of top performance to me. However, the product is quite noisy despite the advertiser's claim of it being "very quiet". As mentioned the B class energy efficiency could be improved on to maybe an A which would save you some money on electricity bills although the consumption I've used over the years on the machine is not too bad at all. The buttons on the front panel need a firm push sometimes to activate them and they've sometimes been a little unresponsive in my opinion. Maybe it would be nice to see some modern touch screen buttons implanted in the future although I'm sure touch screen styled buttons would probably be less durable over time.

      To conclude, the Bosch WTE8630 is a top quality machine with only a few minor problems. The performance of the product is brilliant with my clothes coming out dry and crease free. There are lots of different settings you can choose which reflect what the composition of your load is, the door is large and easy to open and the drum is of a good size taking loads of up to 7kg in weight. I love the black design of the product with the orange LED light and silver trim, it looks very stylish and modern in my opinion. The metal and plastic construction is very durable and I've experienced no problems in the years I've owned the machine but the Co-op do offer a 2 year guarantee should anything go wrong. The product has been out for a few years now and as such is becoming harder to buy in the UK. The £379.99 price tag I paid was quite high for a tumble dryer but was one that reflected the superb performance and durability of the product. Overall I would highly recommend the Bosch WTE8630 if you can pick one up for around the price I paid, so in summary, an outstanding appliance from Bosch. Thanks for reading my review.

      © Revo9 (2011)
      *Note, I am both a member of Ciao and Dooyoo.co.uk under the same username of Revo9*


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      Short name: Bosch WTE8630S

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