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Brand: Creda / Capacity: 2.99 Kg / Dryer Type: Home Dryer / Load Type: Front Loader / Cool Down Feature: With Cool Down Feature / Moisture-Sensor: Without Moisture-Sensor / Overall Depth: 48.01 cm / Overall Height: 67.01 cm / Overall Width: 49 cm

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2008 20:18
      Very helpful



      A great, small load dryer on a budget.

      During last summer's wash out, I cursed my husband the day we had to get rid of our old washer dryer and buy a new washing machine. We had decided to buy a separate washing machine and tumble dryer and after weeks of husband saying 'Nope, don't need a tumble dryer', he admitted I was right and we needed one.

      Foremost in our minds was price and it had to be one of the smaller, tumble driers as we have very little space. Budget wise, we were looking up to £120 at the time.

      Doing a quick search on Comet, we came across the Creda T313VW, which came in at £119.99. There was no particular motivation for buying this model as opposed to any other. We both felt Creda was a trusted make and the price was right for us.

      Simplicity of this machine, on the website also appealled to us. It was a simple, looking turn dial timer and it had 2 heat settings. The timer has 120 minutes use, perfect for our family and an option of gentle or high heat, you choose the temperature by the guide which is printed on the front of the machine.

      After reserving and collecting the machine, we managed easily to get the drier into the car, with very little problem, I would advise though, due to the bulk of the packaging, to go in a large car or estate car, if you want to save a delivery charge. My husband noticed it wasn't too heavy, I also was able to pick the machine, in packaging up, out of the car, which I was surprised at.

      We found that unpacking the machine was straightforward, too much packaging, too much cellophane but overall, well packaged. Unfortunately, we also discovered we were missing instructions but as the machine looked fairly simple and self explainatory, we decided against returning the machine for the sake of a set of instructions.

      After unwrapping, we found the hose and this, with it's adapter and provided screws, fits screws on the the door and filters out your condensation, we bought, as well a filter box, for £5, which was on a special offer with this machine but doesn't come as standard. If you don't have a window close by to pop your hose out of, this is probably a decent investment if buying this machine. The hose was a good length for most people, just under 1.6m and the process of screwing the hose and adapter to the door was completed within minutes and caused no problems whatsoever.

      I was equally impress with the length of the plug lead, this is nearly 3metres in length and was more than adequate for us, where we were intending to have the drier in one room but the plug point was round the corner in another room.

      Overall I was pleased with the look of the drier too, just plain white with the Creda logo border in a pleasant jade colour and the text on the machine in a complimentary grey colour.

      The drier gives drying advice on 3 types of fabrics on the actual machine, cottons, synthetics and arcrylics. It advises on drying times for half loads or full loads and also whether you should use the gentle heat or high heat, so it really does appear fool proof, even at this early stage.

      The time is a dial format and it very clearly marked with the minutes. Also marked, just prior to the 10 minute indicated is a small fan symbol, I have recently found out this is the final cool cycle, which reduces creases, bonus for any lady like me who loathes ironing.

      The only downsides for some people may be that this drier has a small capacity of 3kg and a unidirectional drum, but these a very little snags which I have no complaints about, given I chose this machine for the reasons of size and price and a bigger budget will buy you better features.

      I initally used this machine to dry my husband's shirts and that is still what I predominantly use it for these days. I generally only ever have half a load to go in, as I was initially worried about either over filling the machine or having to increase the drying time which would dry the still damp shirts but over dry the ones which were dry or nearly dry.

      I set my machine for 60 minutes on high heat. The machine itself, is unfortunately, noisy and there is no getting away from this fact, despite being two rooms with closed doors away, you can still hear it. I was initially concerned about this but have got used to it over time. Condensation wise, the filter box didn't quite do it's job and the hose fell out of the box end and we noticed a lot of condensation on the walls from a 60 minute cycle. It was essential then we fixed the box as increased condensation can lead to peeling paint and mould.

      The results of the shirts, approximately 5-6 was outstanding. Every shirt was soft, dry and had very little creases. I found ironing them was easy too, an added bonus.

      I began using the machine for jeans, which didn't fair as well, I had initially put the timer on for 70 minutes, didn't quite get 3 pairs of size 12 jeans dry first time, they were 70% dry, simply turning the dial for a further 20 minutes did the trick and now I put the timer on for 90 minutes when drying jeans, which I did on the high heat.

      T-shirts are something this dryer excels at. I wear a lot under my scrubs for work and to uni so I have a fair few to dry most weeks. On average I have anything up to 10. I found that the drier worked wonders, drying 10 for 50 minutes gave me dry t-shirts with no creasing. Some of the t-shirts I wear under my scrubs were ready to wear without ironing, a few needed a light press and one needed an all over iron because it was a slightly thinner cotton than the others.

      My only disappointment with the drier as been with drying towels. I have Egyptian cotton towels and I normally dry hand towels together, then the bath towels and bath sheets, in 3 separate loads. The hand towels dried perfectly when I had 6 in the machine and were wonderfully soft after 70 minutes on high heat. However the bath sheets and towels were a different matter, putting them in together made a full load, the drum was full. I popped the machine on for 90 minutes on high heat but sadly, the towels were still very wet after this time, especially those in the middle of the drum. Drying for a further 30 minutes was useful but didn't dry completely. It took another 40 minutes beyind that before I could honestly say my towels were dry, by which time the fragrance of my softner was long gone. I now dry my larger towels for a minimum of 2 hours if I use the dryer straight after washing, although I now try to line dry my towels as far as possible.

      Trial and error has been a big part of using this machine, for instance, now I can dry 6 shirts on high heat for 40 minutes rather than 60 and get the same results. I also know not to dry 15 T-shirts on high heat for 90 minutes as they all come out over dried.

      I have only used the gentle heat once, which was to dry a delicate top with beading on. I used the gentle heat for 30 minutes. After drying, my top was crease free but not quite dry, so I popped the machine on for a further 10 minutes, which did the trick and I wouldn't hesitate to put delicates in the dryer, although I personally would pop them in on their own.

      The machine has a removable filer, located in the inside of the door. The filter lifts out and the contents can be removed from the filter with such ease it is unbelievable, you get a round, plate sized mound of dust, fluff and threads, which just lifts away and can be thrown away, with no mess whatsoever. The filter is sturdy and I cannot see when or if it would need to be replaced.

      I've now owned my Creda for nearly a year and I am very very impressed with the machine as a whole.

      I have had a few mishaps but nothing that cannot be easily remedied by either extending the drying time or learning not to dry things for so long.

      The ease of use is simply superb, there is a lot to be said for what is says on the drier 'Simplicity', just two simple heat setting and a lovely dial timer, which works like a treat. The drying results are also superb, as I mentioned, trial and error has been a great learning curve and I now know how to get the best from the drier and the best times to dry clothes on.

      I would definitely recommend this dryer for people who maybe have limited space or want a dryer just for emergencies. I don't think that this will be suitable for busy families due to the small load capacity, also if you wants lots of features, this isn't the dryer for you but if you are thinking simplicity on a budget, you can't go far wrong with this model.

      I believer this is still selling in Comet for £119.00 but you can buy it from Asda Electricals for £103.78.

      Thanks for reading.


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    • Product Details

      T313VW CREDA vented tumble dryer in white with a uni directional drum and an easy acces filter to allow easier cleaning out / With a final cool cycle and the vent kit is supplied with the model / Short name: Creda T313VW

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