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2 Reviews

Brand: Hoover / Capacity: 7.99 Kg / Power Source: Electric / Load Type: Front Loader / Design: Free-standing / Cycles: 4 Cycles

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    2 Reviews
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      18.09.2013 14:59



      A* Machine

      Hello, i will start with a rating of this dryer. It is easily 9/10 for us.

      Functions offer the option to make items: cupboard dry, iron dry, bone dry, extra dry and wool finish.
      We use the cupboard dry programme mostly.

      I love that it has anti crease built in where it will automatically pause and turn in reverse intermittently to keep clothes crease free, and it works.

      It is not loud (baby and toddler in our home).

      As with all Hoover products it is well made, points to make clear though are the water tank that you will need to empty possibly fairly regularly, dependant on useage, is located at the bottom. The door that masks the tank is a clip on clip off type you need to match hook fastenings up fairly easy if you are fit and able, a hard task if you would find bending/kneeling tough already as it could be a little fiddly. The door filter is removeable and opens out like the open closing of butterfly wings, for a thorough empty. Dust tends to accrue around the inner glass rim of the door, the inner rubber seal, and around the plastic & door filter. This is a bit annoying to clear up but not a major ask i mop up the moisture & fluff with a microfibre cloth.

      Flashing led lights indicate when the tank is full, and the machine stops. Also the same for filter needing attention/emptying. The machine gets hot as to be expected. It came with a 5 year guarantee which is lovely, though i don't expect to have to use it, i believe ours is around 5 years old now and no issues have been detected including surviving a small fire!

      The drum size is excellent, roomy and takes lots of large towels but don't expect them done quickly of course.

      B rating for energy efficiency, good compared to most being a C rating.

      Overall there isn't much more to say. It's reliable, dries clothes, we like it, it doesn't give us problems.


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      29.07.2010 10:50
      Very helpful
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      A bit of a luxury product, but makes life a lot easier

      At £350, this tumble dryer is not exactly a cheap purchase, so you want to be sure that it works well, and for the most part I am happy to say that it does. It seems as if there are deals about at the moment as well, so you may be able to pick up the machine for less. We have only had our dryer for about 6 months, so I cannot say too much about its reliability, but certainly nothing has gone wrong with the machine to date.

      The dryer is well designed and looks good, it is the same size as a standard washing machine though, so make sure you have room for it. Ours actually sits on top of our Hoover washing machine, but it does look a little precarious so I wouldn't necessarily advise this.

      The machine has a number of different features, such as different levels of 'dry' such as 'cupboard dry' and 'extra dry'. I normally use cupboard dry, since I am aware that using a tumble dryer doesn't really do clothes any good, and this works perfectly well for most things. It takes about three hours to dry a full load, and if you are saving the pennies your electricity bill would definitely be something worth thinking about, but this is a problem with all tumble dryers. I am also very careful about what I put in the dryer. I do not put in anything that is delicate, and anything made of wool will shrink (I have had a couple of disasters). You can stop and start it at any point though, so it is easy to partially dry something and then remove it. You occassionally have to empty the water draw, but this is easy to do.

      I have been very pleased with the VHC381, and would recommend it to anyone, even with the few downsides, it sure beats having washing on all of the radiators when it's raining outside.


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      Short name: Hoover VHC381

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