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Hotpoint-Ariston TCL770G

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3 Reviews
  • dries in reasonable tims
  • quiet
  • vaguely labeled controls
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    3 Reviews
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      03.01.2015 17:54
      Very helpful


      • quiet
      • "dries in reasonable tims"
      • "heats up adequately"


      • "vaguely labeled controls"

      so easy to operate,hotpoint does the job

      While I'm not reаl impressed with а Hot Point Clothes Wаsher in mу аpаrtment, I've hаd much better luck with the Hot Point Clothes Drуer Model# TCL77OG. This аppliаnce is аbout 5 уeаrs old аnd the color is bisque.

      The Hot Point Clothes Drуer Model# TCL77OG is electric аnd is а front loаder, with the door hinged on the right. The steel drum inside is prettу spаcious with а cаpаcitу of 5.7 cubic feet. The lint trаp is in front of the drum right where уou open the door.

      The controls on this unit аre verу simplistic, but somewhаt vаgue. On the left side is аn On/Off Diаl. On the right is the mаin control which feаtures а choice of 3 drуing cуcles: Cottons, Wrinkle Free, аnd Fluff (no heаt). Whаt is odd is thаt the Fluff cуcle hаs shows operаtion time in minutes (up to 70 minutes), but the other controls аre lаbeled аs follows: Less Drу, Optimum Drу, or More Drу.

      This clothes drуer is relаtivelу quiet (in shаrp contrаst to the noisу mаtching Hotpoint Wаsher I hаve). It onlу emits а soft hum when operаting. I hаve found the cаpаcitу of 5.7 cubic feet to be good since I cаn sometimes put two loаds of wet wаsh in, which sаves moneу on the electric bill.

      The steel drum seems verу sturdу аnd the drуer reаllу heаts up nicelу. One of mу few complаints is how the controls аre lаbeled (Less Drу/Optimum Drу/More Drу). I've hаd to do some triаl аnd error experimenting figuring out how long these vаrious choices operаte аnd how well theу drу. The problem is thаt if the drуer runs too long the clothes аre prаcticаllу smokin' when уou tаke them out. Аnd over drуing the clothes probаblу tаkes some weаr out of them.

      А minor complаint is thаt the lint trаp doesn't cаpture аll of the lint. When уou pull it out (do so without clothes in the drуer) I cаn see lint sitting down inside the little slot. It'd be hаrd to fish it out too.

      Clothes Drуers аre not too complicаted, аnd the Hot Point Model# TCL77OG is eаsу to operаte. While the controls аre somewhаt vаgue it does drу the clothes effectivelу аnd in а reаsonаble аmount of time (less thаn 1 hour). Doing some web surfing I see this model sells for аround 300 BUCKS, which is not too bаd (mу unit cаme with the аpаrtment). So overаll I would recommend this drуer but think it's onlу ''аverаge'' in rаting due to the odd control lаbels which mау аnnoу some owners.
      This Hot Point Clothes Drуer hаs worked prettу well for me. It hаs some oddities, but overаll I would recommend.


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      29.06.2010 19:22
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      5 stars

      After my old dryer popped its clogs about a year ago, we decided to buy the dryer which matched our washing machine as I'm a bit of a control freak with things like that! After a little bit of research I managed to find the dryer at a price I thought was reasonable and paid £245 from Boots Electricals which included free delivery and also gave me about £20 in Boots Advantage points. Just going off the subject a little, I would definately recommend Boots Electricals which I was otherwise unaware of before I bought my dryer. The delivery options were quick and they were reliable and helpful, offering competitive prices too.

      Once the dryer arrived I was washing anything I could get my hands on just so I could test out my new dryer and I was impressed straight away. The thing that I noticed straight away was the large capacity and how easily it drys a full wash load at once. I had previously had to seperate my wash loads in two to get them dried, but this wasn't the case with this dryer as it holds a capacity of 7kg.

      The dryer offered several different settings which I thought would go unused as most of the settings on my washer do, but I'm pleased to report that these settings are all invaluable and all work well in their own way!

      The energy rating is a relatively average C, but I have found that it drys washing a lot quicker than previous dryers I have owned, so would imagine although its an average rating, the consumption will actually be lower.

      The easy iron and creasecare options were in my opinion a bit of a bluff and I thought they wouldn't work but they are actually effective in preventing a lot of major creases and some items actually come out of the dryer without needing ironing at all.

      The dryer has an easy to empty water bottle along the control panel, and you'll be amazed at how full and how quickly this fills up with water. I often recycle the water and place the water in my iron (I run an ironing service so go through gallons of water!). The filter is just as easy to empty and again this fills up with fluff quite easily. I would recommend once a fortnight, getting the hose off the vac underneath the filter though as stray bits of fluff do find their way out and you would be amazed at how quickly this can build up.

      There are several indicators on the dryer such as the end of cycle alarm which beeps a few times, there is also a clean condensor indictator which tells you when the water bottle needs emptying.

      There is a temperature controller knob on the panel which allows you to select pretty much any temperature you want from 20 degrees to 160, and a temperature guide depending on the kind of clothes you are drying, which is handy if you are unsure.

      The dryer also has a handy nine hour delay start feature which to be honest I don't use very often. All the same it's nice to have the option there if you want it!

      Overall this is an excellent and well priced dryer. Its graphite grey finish
      means this dryer is a perfect option for someone looking for something as an alternative to a white appliance and it won't break the bank either.

      Useful information:

      Height (mm): 850
      Width (mm): 595
      Depth (mm): 584
      Capacity: 7 Kg
      C Energy Rating


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        21.03.2010 23:46
        Very helpful



        Great features and functionality at a bargain price

        The Hotpoint TCL770 is a condenser tumble dryer, which means there is no need to have a ventilation pipe going outside, the condensing unit gathers the water in a compartment inside the dryer.

        I have found this dryer to be really very good, I looked at a variety of different dryers, ranging from Bosch to Zanussi, but to be honest I was put off most of them by the big price tags, so I compromised and went for what I thought would be the lesser appliance.

        After 3 months of use I have been really impressed with the TCL770's performance. It comes with several drying sensor aided presets which Hotpoint calls "Set to Forget" these presets are: Ready to Wear, Cottons Cupboard Dry, Synthetics Cupboard Dry, Easy Iron & Cool Tumble. It has a capacity of 7kg.

        The full specs of the dryer is available from most websites but I have put them here for convenience:

        * Energy rating C.
        * Maximum drying capacity 7kg.
        * Condenser.
        * 2 drying programmes:
        * Pre and post Creasecare.
        * Easy Iron.
        * 2 heat settings.
        * Sensor dry with 2 dryness levels.
        * 160 minute timer including 10 minute cool tumble.
        * Reservoir full light.
        * Manual control.
        * Reverse tumble action.
        * 9 hour delayed start option.
        * Fluff filter.
        * Freshen up cycle.
        * Anti-crease cycle.
        * Size (H)85, (W)59.5, (D)58.4cm.
        * Energy consumption: 4.48kWh/cycle.
        * Estimated annual energy consumption: 330kWh/year.
        * Manufacturer's 1 year labour and 5 years parts guarantee.

        The sensor drying is brilliant, and you save so much energy and also don't end up over drying your clothes. I have tried it with synthetics only, with cottons only and a mixture of both, and it did a good job with all of them. I have also tried it with heavy things like towels mixed with socks and shirts, and it still coped pretty well, it is a bit noisy, but for the price it is still really good. It has a decent energy rating for a tumble dryer, and looks really nice too. It doesn't give a damp smell like some condenser dryers do and it's very easy to empty the water from the reservoir after each cycle.

        Overall I have been really impressed with this dryer and would definitely recommend it to others, its does what a lot of other dryers do at a much more premium price, the TCL770 is a bargain.


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