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Manufacturer: Hotpoint / Capacity: 8kg / Energy Rating: C

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    1 Review
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      13.01.2012 09:11
      Very helpful



      A very good and decent priced dryer

      When it comes to drying clothes especially when the weather is poor outside a tumble dryer is something I have always had and just before Christmas mine decided it wanted to stop working.

      Problem was the insurance had run out and the repairs would have cost a small fortune so out I went and found one which appealed to me due to price more than anything else but also because of how easy it looked to operate.

      The tumble dryer is designed by Hotpoint so instantly that brand name just sticks out and makes you want to explore it more and then you see the colour and get very disappointed. I call it the dull grey but they name it graphite.

      The machine is a condenser machine and I believe that is when the water gets put into the system and you have to empty it out rather than a pipe at the back, I might be wrong.

      The machine on the front has dials everywhere and it seems complicated at first to use which frightens some people away for an item like this because we worry the manual will make it harder for us to understand and to be fair this machine is very easy to use.

      On the front panel where the gadgets are you have one which is a round knob and this has pictures and numbers all around it and you might assume this is complicated but it is basic. If you have clothes such as jeans perhaps and jumpers and general clothing you turn the knob to the clothing picture.

      You do not state a time at all and just press start and the machine knows how long to have it on for and usually when you open it up when the machine has stopped the clothes inside are dry. Now the capacity is 8KG and you have lots of space to put plenty inside.

      Over Christmas my family and me went out and got completely drenched and when we got back we used tones of towels to dry ourselves and we put them inside the washing machine and then used the dryer we filled it up to the top and when we turned it to the correct picture icon it dried them all.

      You have on the other hand a different dial so this is used for items where you might want to set the temperature higher. I sometimes put the temperature to 30 degrees but it depends on the clothing in my eyes. So as you can tell the dial is basic and so easy just look at the pictures for what you're putting inside and then you use the other side to change temperature settings if you want to.

      Next comes the power button right above this are some problems with lights next to them. Now the lights show up if the machine has stopped and whatever has the light to it is the problem. One of those is the filter being filled and you can just easily empty this out by undoing clips at the bottom and a few minutes later it is done and you press the start button everything is back to normal.

      However, the most common reason for the machine to stop is due to the water storage this machine develops. At the front of the machine is a draw feature which opens and it is when the tank is filled with water and this tank is huge and you empty this out and then you put it back inside ready to fill again.

      So now you know what the various dials and buttons do and it does sound simple to me and even if you did not know how to change the filer the manual is superb and explains it all very well.

      The machine in my eyes is also good for one very simple feature but some machines fail to have this on them and this is the ability to open the door when you are currently drying some items. I have had numerous occasions where in the past I have had items I left out and wished I could open the door to put them inside but the door is locked until the end.

      There are other buttons and I have never used them so I cannot really give people much detail on them and one is a delayed timer which I believe means you can make sure the items are dried later on in the day but I am not too sure as never used it.

      The energy efficiency is A which is pretty good and also the door is reversible which means you can open it whichever way suits you best because some of us have rooms which are small resulting in the door having to be opened a set way.

      In terms of problems the biggest is how often I have to change the water tank on there because it is frustrating when you are drying items and the alarm goes off and it is not a loud and constant noise it is just a dull horrible noise you want to sort out before it drives you crazy.

      I guess some might say how much water it can collect is excellent and I suppose it is but it is annoying trying to empty it every so often.

      The weight of the machine is over 33kg and the size dimensions are width 59.5cm, depth 58.5cm and height is 85cm.

      In my view it offers an easy guide to using this product and most people will find it easy and very efficient and it does produce excellent results.

      I got mine for £189 in a sale but the price can very recently see this on the Tesco Direct website for around £229.


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