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Brand: Hotpoint / Capacity: 8kg

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    2 Reviews
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      07.01.2012 13:51



      very good

      I bought the Hot point TCM58OG Tumble Drier recently because I had a new kitchen fitted and finally had the room to upgrade from a very small 4kg capacity tumble dryer to this 8kg dryer.

      The tumble dryer has a drawer on the front which collects the water as you are drying your clothes it can hold up to 5 litres of water and I only have to change it after every four loads on average, so that's not too inconvenient.

      I find that my clothes always dry quickly and well in this dryer if for example I have a heavy load of say towels or bedding I find it takes about 60 minutes to dry properly however if it's just normal clothes it can take as little time as 45 minutes.

      The Hotpoint dryer has a timer so you can leave your drying on when you go out the timer goes from 20 minute all the way up to 120 minutes.

      This is a great machine that dries your clothes well without making a lot of noise; I can't even hear it when i am watching television, so overall I have no complaints and at around £230 i have found it to be great value.


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      03.09.2011 17:33
      Very helpful



      handy to have but not really needed

      I bought this dryer quite a while ago for £199 the colour I had it in was white, but I had to get rid of it when I moved to a smaller house, I would have loved to have taken it with me especially as I moved to an upstairs flat and I only had radiators, and no washing line. This really would have come in handy, and I would have took it with me too, had the kitchen not been so small.

      The dryer

      The dryer is just a plain white dryer, although it is available in the colour shown in the picture too, but I decided white suited my kitchen better. The dryer is really basic and simple to use. It only has 2 different settings on the front which are just low temp and high temp, as simple as that, your low temp is to use when drying cotton and any other thin material, and the high temp is for when you are drying any thicker materials.

      You also have a dial to the front of the dryer, which is just a timer, so you can put the dryer on for as long as you think is needed. The timer goes from 20 minutes up to 160 minutes, you can however stop the dryer at anytime by opening the door.

      On the front of the dryer you also have an empty water part which will light up when the water needs emptying. This is easy to do also in the top left you have what looks like a drawer, like you have on a washer where you put your washing powder, but this holds water in it. It holds up to 5 litres of water so can hold quite a bit before it needs emptying.

      My overall opinion

      I really loved this dryer as it was just so easy to use, and it did dry the clothes pretty well, normally you have loads of programs to use and you need to figure out what program is best to use, but this only has two settings so its simple. The clothes also dry pretty well and do not take too long. As the dryer also holds up to 8kg of clothing it does hold quite a lot of items, although I find if I only put a few items in at a time, they would dry a lot quicker than normal, however they never took that long anyway.

      I would recommend this to buy for anyone, as it does not cost too much, its really simple to use and its not too noisy when its in use.


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      Short name: Hotpoint TCM580G

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