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Brand: Hotpoint-Ariston / Capacity: 5.98 Kg / Power Source: Electric / Load Type: Front Loader / Design: Free-standing / Cycles: 10 Cycles

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2009 21:22
      Very helpful



      Review about my new tumble dryer!

      Up until about fifteen months ago, I owned a washer dryer, we chose that machine because our kitchen is fairly small and my hubby, who was chief washer upper at the time decided he also wanted a dishwasher, so, hence no room for a washing machine and seperate tumble dryer. There are pros to having a combined washer dryer, for example, I could put a load of towels in the machine overnight and when we awoke they would be washed and dried, still warm (if I remembered to use the delay start feature). But there were also some cons, the dried washing would be really creased after spending that amount of time in the machine and if the filter got blocked the water would come back into the machine and soak the nearly dry washing. I also found that the fragrance from the fabric conditioner was nearly completely gone. So with these thoughts in mind we decided to purchase a seperate tumble dryer this time and finally decided upon the Hotpoint TVF 760.


      We also purchased a washing machine at the same time (see my review!) so I wanted the tumble dryer to match. The Zanussi was built in and couldn't be seen, but both these machines are free standing so looks were fairly important! The price we were offered on the washing machine was too good to turn down, especially as we liked the look of it, and this tumble dryer looks fairly similar and was again offered at a discounted price through my husbands employers. Our original choice was £15 cheaper, but out of stock, so we kind of opted for this one as we just needed the machines as soon as possible, but it also has more selections on it and a digital display. Not important, but if I'm spending more (no matter how little) I like to know why!

      * 6kg Drying capacity - Not the biggest although it looks huge! Big drum means more room for clothes to tumble, helping the washing to dry evenly

      * Energy rating C - not great, but pretty much the norm for this price bracket and above.
      * Sensor Dry - Helps with that poor energy rating, if you select a programme, it will reduce the time and end as soon as the clothes are dry enough. This is a good feature, although once or twice an item has still been ever so slightly damp.

      * Digital display - handy for seeing how long is left. Not really necessary I suppose but quite handy and as i have a terrible memory, I like it.
      * Child lock - Press after selecting your programmes and if any curious little fingers start messing around with the pretty buttons, the programme will be unaffected. The door remains locked anyway as long as a programme is running.

      * Woolmark Approved - Only for woollens with the tumble dryer label. So I don't really get the big thing about this, as if your garment has this label it can be dried in any tumble dryer, yet Hotpoint seem quite pleased that this programme is the only one approved by The Woolmark Company. I have dried woollens and they have come out fine.
      Easy Iron - This isn't for wet clothes, it is a short programme for helping soften clothes that have been hanging around. Great for us as we always put off doing the ironing for as long as possible! The machine gives the clothes some heat for 8 minutes, followed by a cool tumble for 2 minutes. Not so good for stubborn creases, but I sometimes use this for sweatshirts and pajamas after they have dried on the clothes horse, they are good enough to put straight away in the wardrobes with no ironing! A Godsend!


      This is a huge novelty for me, programmes on a tumble dryer! My washer dryer had two heat settings and a timer button - that was it. Now I have a whole range of programmes to choose from! In all honesty though, with the sensor dry, it doesn't matter which programme I choose, it will only keep the programme running until the clothes are dry.
      All programmes are selected by a central dial, plastic but nice and solid feeling with a pleasing little click as you turn! All programmes have a little explanatory icon , i.e - Cupboard dry = little picture of a wardrobe and a hanger - cute!

      * 1. Ready to Wear - High heat, for cottons. 2.10 min
      * 2. Cupboard Dry - High heat, for cottons. 1.55 min

      * 3. Hanger Dry - High heat, for cottons. 1.40 min
      * 4. Iron Dry - High heat, for cottons. 1.30 min

      * 5. Cupboard Dry - High heat, for synthetics. 55 min
      * 6. Bed & Bath - High heat, bedding & towels. 2.10 min

      * 7. Delicates - Low heat, dry enough to wear. 2.00
      * 8. Wool - Low heat, woollens with tumble dry label. 1.00

      * 9. Airing - To finish off dried clothes. 20 min
      * 10. Easy Iron - To soften clothes. 10 min

      * 11. Cool tumble - All programmes have a cool tumble at the end of the cycle. 10 min
      The last selections on the dial are 20 min, 30 min, 60 min, 90 min and 120 min bog standard drying times. The only problem with these that I have noticed is that the sensor dry does not come into effect. So if you choose a 90 minute dry and your clothes are dry after 60 minutes, they will continue to dry for the full 90 minutes. Not very economical, so it is usually best to choose a programme, even if they are all very similar!


      These extra options can be chosen to tailor many of the above programmes.
      * Delay Start - You can delay the dry for up to 24 hours by 1 hour intervals. Handy if you don't want your clothes sitting dry in the drum getting creased until you get home.

      * Pre care - if you choose the above option, you really don't want soggy clothes sitting in the drum for 24 hours, by choosing this, the machine tumbles the clothes occasionally while it waits, helping to prevent creasing
      * Post care - Guess what this one does then? After drying, your clothes will occasionally be tumbled to prevent creases until you have time to get them out!

      These above options can be chosen to compliment programmes 1-7 and the timed drying.
      * High Heat - Only available on the timed heat programmes, as they are automatically set to dry at a low heat, pressing this button changes it to high heat.

      There are little green lights next to these buttons which only light up when they are selected. There are also lights to let you know that the machine is drying or cool tumbling and when it has finished completely.

      Start/ Finish
      The machine has a start button, located on the left side of the control panel. However, if pressed mid programme, it will only pause, indicated by a flashing orange light. When in use it is green. If you want to correct a chosen programme you will need to turn the machine off completely. The on/ off switch is a round button just underneath and to the left of the programme button and you need to keep your finger on it for at least a second until the green light goes off.

      Filter & vent

      The vent comes out from the back of the machine and should always be fitted for 'optimum performance' and directed away from the machine. This all sounds a bit obvious, but I have a friend who stopped using hers as it kept 'fogging up the kitchen'. The filter should be cleaned out after each use and it's conveniently located inside the door. Emptying it is very easy, there are two good sized finger holes which I would think can accomodate a fairly chubby size and it is just easily pulled out. The filter is larger than I expected and the fluff is easily removed from the mesh, infact, I usually lift mine and it just falls off, so make sure your machine is empty first. There is an arrow either side on the front to help you replace it correctly. Easy.

      Yes. Okay all those drying options are a bit of overkill, but it looks quite impressive. I don't actually use it much as I'm very aware of the low energy rating, but with the sensor dry, I have piece of mind that it's drying efficiently. The clothes come out soft and smell lovely and much of what I dry doesn't need ironing, so that should save on electric and energy too. And, it's fairly quiet and very easy to clean. So far, I've had no problems with it, (but will update if I do), so yes, fully recommended.

      Also, it's available in Polar White, Graphite, Aluminium or Black, although I haven't personally seen all those colours!
      I won't list prices, as they vary enormously and the price we paid included a good discount, but I've had a quick look on the internet and you can pick this machine up for anywhere between £168 & £275 (from the sites I checked) so you can see, it's worth searching for a bargain!

      P.S sorry for the lame title!


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      Short name: Hotpoint TVF760A

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