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Hotpoint TCEM80C6P Free standing Condenser Dryer in White

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2 Reviews

Brand: Hotpoint / Type: Freestanding / Load Capacity: 8kg / Colour: White

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    2 Reviews
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      11.02.2014 13:21
      Very helpful



      Many hot points!

      A close friend of mine owns a hairdressing salon for which I agreed to do the washing, in exchange for free cuts and highlights. For this reason I have a separate washing machine which is kept in my garage for the sole purpose of washing this laundry. It mainly consists of a large amount of towels and the odd load of protective aprons. We needed a washer that could thoroughly wash large loads of heavy towels so as to minimise the amount of times the washer has to be on. We stumbled across this Hotpoint Aquarius and all I can describe it as is perfect!

      The machine cost £279 from Tesco (though many outlets stock it). Ordinarily, I would hesitate at paying that much, but with it being for a business it was not coming out of my pocket and a huge amount of clubcard points meant it was a bargain!

      Initial set-up took minutes, and not many more minutes to look through the accompanying booklet containing details on all the different features and wash cycles available. It's a fabulous looking machine and it seems a shame to keep it tucked up in the garage out of site. White, bright, sleek and modern looking, it looks the part before even switching it on. A digital display on the front of the machine indicates the settings, at what stage of the cycle the washer is at and how long is left remaining of the wash.

      The range of programs available is impressive. There are 16 in total including a very impressive anti-allergy cycle which removes common allergens from the laundry, such as pollen, hair, dust and make-up. This is a fantastic cycle for washing towels which are used by many different people. Another cycle that stands out is the anti-stain program which manages to lift stains and stubborn marks without necessarily using anti-stain detergents or harsh chemicals. In addition to these are the normal wash programs that you would expect, such as cottons, synthetics, delicates, hand-wash and a Woolmark platinum care cycle, designed especially for woollen items such as cardigans or jumpers. There is also a 30 minute quick-wash available, which I have never had cause to use, but imagine it would be a very useful feature for many.

      I would recommend this washer to anyone, particularly large families or people with large amounts of washing to do. Its 8kg load capacity means a large amount of washing can be done at once, which ultimately cuts down on electric usage and saves precious time too. It is also the quietest washing machine I have ever known so would go virtually unnoticed in a busy family home, but the in-built child lock means parents don't have to worry about it being opened by inquisitive little people!

      This is truly a 5star washing machine.


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      21.12.2013 13:40
      1 Comment



      Takes some getting to know but overall good value for money

      Hotpoint say that you can put 8 kg of washing in there... Our washing machine holds 6 kg and to dry a whole load (mainly baby clothes/office wear) can take up to the full 3 hours so if, like me, you have a washing day and, unlike me, have more than one child then maybe this isn't the dryer for you. You can reduce the drying time once you get to know what does and doesn't dry very quickly - towels, bed sheets, jumpers and cardigans definitely need an extra spin and an air on the radiator beforehand. It does have a few quirks but you get used to them quite quickly.
      Having said that if your priority is soft and fresh smelling clothes then this is the dryer for you! I have previously always had a vented dryer due to having an old house that is prone to damp and it being in the sun lounge (a poorly insulated room) but I was attracted to this because of its large capacity. It doesn't fill the room with moisture and does hold a lot of water before it needs emptying. It also has reduced our electricity usage when compared to our old vented dryer, something else I was worried about. It isn't too noisy (always a plus) so long as you ensure to evenly spread the load in the drum and I've never felt worried about popping to the shop with it running like I have with previous dryers.
      It is also very good for getting creases out of clothes on a quick spin after a dampen down which is very useful when you're in a rush.
      In terms of value for money I think that it is. Like I said above it has reduced our electricity bill and once you get to know what does and doesn't suit the dryer you can get the best out of it.


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    • Product Details

      Keep your clothes looking great and feeling fresh with the Hotpoint TCEM80C6P Condenser Tumble Dryer / This appliance has a more than generous 8kg drying load capacity and has been C rated for its energy efficiency / Great news for you and your running costs / The Hotpoint TCEM80C6P Condenser Tumble Dryer is modern and efficient in both design and performance this Condenser dryer is really convenient and can be situated anywhere in the house as there is no need to vent it through the wall as you would with traditional vented dryers / The condenser model works by converting the steam generated from the wet clothes into water which is then stored in a container situated at the top of the machine / A warning light will come on to indicate when the removable container is full and ready for emptying / Features include a reverse action drum which helps to speed up the drying process by preventing clothes from tangling and as a result eliminate damp spots in the garments / Other functions include the pre and post crease option which gently tumbles the clothes at the end of the drying cycle and prevents creasing making ironing a lot easier / The dryer also comes with 2 heat setting high and low and a120 minute timer. /