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Hotpoint TCL 770G

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Brand: Hotpoint / Capacity: 7 Kg / Power Source: Electric / Dryer Type: Home Dryer / Design: Free-standing / Overall Depth: 58.4 cm / Overall Height: 85 cm / Overall Width: 59.5 cm / Energy Efficiency: C / Timer: 160 minutes / Features: Iron anti-crease function and pre and post crease care.

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2008 17:57
      Very helpful



      Please see full review

      Up until 3mths ago I had been happy with my no frills White Knight CL42 dryer that was until it stopped with a bang. I initially was going to buy the same one again as I had used it pretty much nonstop for 3yrs so I really could not complain that it was now broken. Given the fact that dryers are so expensive to have repaired I decided on a new one.

      So why this model?
      As I have recently bought a new Hotpoint washing machine in the grey/Silber colour and I have intentions of buying a fridge and freezer in the same colour I thought it would be a good idea to look at silver Hotpoint dryers. Dows to my local curry's store I headed and I was actually very surprised how many silver dryers where available. After spending lots of time reading and opening and closing the doors I decided on the rather fancy and expensive Hotpoint TCL770G.

      I really choose this model due to it being in silver and having a large capacity than others, you know living in Scotland it rains a lot so having a bigger dryer is very helpful.

      Where did we buy from?
      Usually I buy from Curry's as I am literally over the road from it, but on this occasions they were more expensive that other outlets. I decided to buy this item from Tesco.com for £259.97 that included free delivery and of course 259 extra club card points.

      This item is available from other outlets - Prices from £259.97 up to £330.97
      So it's clear your better to shop around.

      So what does the Hotpoint offer?

      1~ An amazing 7kg load capacity which is just fantastic - This dryer can hold more washing that my actual washing machine so it's a case of all what fits in the washing machine can defiantly fit in the dryer.

      2~ Condenser ~ As this is a condenser dryer it means you have no hose from it what you get is a water tank situated at the front (bottom) which will fill up during the drying process, A little indicator on the dryer will tell you when the bottle needs emptied but from my experience I would recommend you empty it after every use.

      3~ Easy use controls~ A few options available here but still rather easy to use, your normal dial which will turn the dryer on and off for your desired time. All control are clearly marked with what they do.

      4~ Sensordry~ A function that I have never used, even though the instructions state that this is always on. It's my understanding that the machine cuts the heat when it feels the clothes are dry. I may have experienced this without known. What I mean by that is when I get to the machine to check the clothes often the cycle is finished and the clothes are always cool.

      5~ High Or Low~ Depending on what your drying you can have the heat set at high or low, I tend to have it set on high as I feel when it is on low it takes forever to dry clothes.

      6~ Delay ~ Ladies this is a setting that you will find useful, how many times have you told your man to put the dryer on when they get up? Yeah i thought so. Well you can simply programme this machine to come on in within an 18hr period. So when you go to bed simply tell the machine to come on a 8am or when you're away at work tell the machine to come on at 8pm whatever suits you. It's just another fantastic little add on.

      7~ Reversible door, this is a good idea as its often a pain in the neck when the dryer door opens the wrong way. Simply by removing 2 screws will allow you to change the opening side very easily?

      Sizes and ratings

      Height: 850mm
      Width: 595mm
      Depth: 584mm
      Energy rating is C
      Energy Consumption is: 4.48KWH
      This dryer is slightly deeper than most dryers on the market due to the fact it's a condenser dryer.

      Being a condenser dryer I believe clothes do take slightly longer to dry, where I used to be able to dry bath sheets in a hour in the last dryer I find with this one it takes about 1hr 20mins.

      Obviously your drying time will vary depending on how many items you place in the actual machine.

      I never usually put my shirts in the dryer, but as we have had rather heavy rain we have no really had a choice, when we put 6 shirts in the dryer, it taken 50mins and I used the easy iron option. Now I actually think it made a slight difference, the shirts were not as creased as they had been in the past.
      Gone were the days when you open the dryer door the clothes where that hot you can't touch them, with this dryer it has a final cool cycle which is does for the last 5mins of each timed setting. All it means is when you're drying finishes and you open the door the inside of the dryer and all your clothes are cool to touch.


      I have not had any safety issues with this machine as yet; Obviously you need to be careful not to close the door on the little ones fingers.


      Official Rating is - 72DB

      To me and you this dryer is just as quiet as the others on the market; it's not overly loud and certainly won't have your neighbours complaining at your door.


      You can buy this from many outlets including the following:
      You local electrical store may also sell this model
      This model is only available in Silver

      What's included?

      You get a helpful instruction guide which has illustrations to help you use the dryer for the first time.
      Guarantee card which you dint have to complete as your receipt from your retailer covers you for a year.
      One sample packet of bounce tumble dryer sheets, which was a nice little surprise.
      Hose~ Covered above.


      I am delighted with this dryer, the massive 7kg load is ideal for most families. The performance is as good as many other dryers out there. The huge plus point for me is that I do not need to vent this dryer. I can place it in a cupboard or room and there will be no steam from it. I initially had the dryer in my hall whilst my kitchen was being pulled apart and I can report that there was no additional heat in the hall when using this. It's really fool proof, from the full bottle indicator down to the easy use delay programme start. This dryer may be a little more expensive than a standard vented dryer but I would certainly have no problem recommending it to anyone.

      Thanks for reading

      Marcellep - Dooyoo - 2008


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