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Hotpoint TCYL757C6G

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Brand: Hotpoint / Load Type: Front Loader

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    2 Reviews
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      07.03.2013 12:21
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      A well built machine and good value for money

      This tumble dryer has a 7.5kg load capacity which would suit most families, I have by error over loaded it to 8.5 kg and found it still worked well, as there are so many settings it is important to read the manual to get the best out of it, cloths come out with less creased than my old dryer, but it important to use the right setting to get good results, the door glass get very warm but not to hot to burn, this machine seems to have less condensation than my old machine however it makes a lot more noise.
      It has a C energy rating and the built quality is good, check the width of you space as this dryer is 62 cm wide and it was a tight fit in the space where my old darer was, I run this dryer at night to save on electric, the noise is not a problem as we keep the kitchen door closed.
      A good machine and I am very happy with it.


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        13.02.2013 14:22
        Very helpful



        An essential appliance in my kitchen, it looks great and works well, albeit with lots of electricity

        When replacing my old washer dryer which had given up I went on a mission to buy a separate washing machine and tumble dryer without spending a fortune. I don't really like having one, but find it a necessary when our weather can be so bad. I wanted the tumble dryer to be silver to match my other appliances, and also wanted a condensing tumble dryer not a vented one - as I didn't have a hole in the wall for it, and didn't want a tube hanging out of the window! I bought this tumble dryer purely because it was the cheapest silver one that was in stock and would fit in my kitchen, a slight risk but one I had to take as the others were too expensive for me. There is a matching washing machine which looks exactly the same as this tumble dryer, however it was above my budget.

        I ordered the tumble dryer from Appliances Direct and it cost £265, which was more than my washing machine! Appliances Direct delivered it quickly and for free which was a huge bonus. They left it in my kitchen where I had asked them. The tumble dryer was well packaged in plastic sheeting and polystyrene and it was very easy to take off. The only downside is all the plastic is very bulky and could easily take up a few bin liners.

        One very important thing to check when buying an appliance like this is the size, especially if it's one that can hold a large load like this tumble dryer can (7.5kg!). The measures for this dryer are 85cm high x 59.5cm wide and 62.5cm deep. It's quite a deep and wide dryer, and has a very snug fit under my worktops.

        The dryer is described as 'graphite' in colour. I make it silver in the middle with a grey panel at the top and a grey door, it looks modern and smart. To the top right of the dryer is a removable draw which has all the drying cycles written on it. This draw pulls out and is the water bottle which collects all the condensed water when drying. To the left of this is the power button, cycle selection knob, then the drying level and time knob. There are five other button below these 'High/Low heat', 'Extra Care', 'Crease Care', 'Delay Timer' and 'Start/Pause.' Above the buttons is a set of lights which shows how dry you clothes are, or how long your delay timer is set for.

        The door is very modern, and has a full handle which is easy to use and doesn't have any buttons to pull/push when opening. It opens from the left to the right, and gives a big 'porthole' space to allow for getting in sheets and more bulky items.

        A great feature of this dryer is that is has a 'sensor drying' option, which means you can set the level of dryness you would like to get your clothes to and it will automatically stop. This means you don't have to check it every 10 minutes, or worry about drying too little/much. It also means you can stop your clothes when they're still a little damp and hang or iron them dry to save a little electricity. It's a feature I would sorely miss now. The other option is a timed dry which means you pick from a 20-180 minute cycling, although I find no use for this when I can dry my clothes by sensor.

        There are 15 drying cycles to pick from, all tailored to suit different types of clothing, types of load and heat settings needed. These range from cottons, bed and bath, easy iron delicates and baby clothes amongst a few, and also offers a 'heat and enjoy' setting, which will warm your clothes to blood temperature if you want cosy clothes in the morning (and a high electricity bill for the luxury!). Each setting has specific settings for the type of fabric, for example cottons will be done on high heat - although you can alter this to a lower heat if you would like to by pressing the 'high/low heat' button.

        The dryer has a 7.5kg capacity which is huge compared to my old washer dryer. It has a 'C' energy rating, which seems about average - A rated dryers were hundreds of pounds more than this one. The large capacity means you should be able to dry 25 t-shirts, or the sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover from a double bed in one go. This saves the problem I used to have with having to dry a full load of washing in separate batches to keep within the capacity of the dryer. The dryer can hold around 4-5 pairs of jeans, and 4 good sized towels. It also has a reverse tumble action which prevents your clothes from being damaged from constantly being tumbled in the same direction. I have found that the machine doesn't let my clothes get as creased as they used to in my washer dryer, and even without using the 'crease care' setting. Most clothes don't need ironing if they are hung up straight from the dryer which is another bonus for those of you who, like myself, avoid ironing whenever possible! I don't have a problem with washing coming out hot and steamy like it did from my old washer dryer either.

        The water bottle and fluff filter, found just inside the door, will need emptying after every cycle. The water bottle isn't always full but I like to make it's empty as if it does become full it won't collect anymore water and you clothes will not dry properly. The fluff filter collects and impressive amount of fluff. The condenser will need cleaning every few months, there is a warning light for all three of these things - the fluff filter and water bottle light come on after every cycle. The condenser is very easy to clean, it unclips and slides out, and a quick wash out is adequate.

        One gripe I do have with this tumble dryer, which isn't specific to this particular one, is the amount of electricity it uses. As mentioned it has a 'C' rating for energy efficiency, which is average for a tumble dryer and uses 5.12Kwh when in use, it does however still use a significant amount and I try to avoid tumble drying my clothes when I can get them dry outside. There is also the issue that some clothes can't be tumble dried and still need to be dried by other methods.

        Overall, I'm really pleased with this dryer. It looks great in my kitchen, dries my clothes well and has some really good features for a relatively cheap dryer.


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