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Brand: Hotpoint

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2012 17:56
      Very helpful



      Not extravagent for extravagance..

      As all guys know the primary reason for the belly button is somewhere to put the gum on the way down....before she tickles your toes. It's also the principal gatherer of lint, that small spool of fluff naturally harvested from your clothes and snuggled up in your naval like a new born squirrel in some warm moss and leaves. The body has everything covered and even does its own hovering! By the way girls, if a man does have the old wool ball in the belly button he doesn't wash enough and so not marrying material. Mine is fully exfoliated if you're asking. That lint, of course, was the primary cause of a series of house fires in the 1980s where sub standard tumble dryers did exactly the same thing as the naval with lint through a major default where the fluff could gather in the rim where the spinning drum created the most friction and so occasionally ignited the material, causing a horrendous spinning fireball chasing you around your house. Today the modern versions are designed not to catch fire and, rather ironically, the only piece of kitchen hardware that does catch fire is those Beko fridge freezers.

      Like egg boilers and yoghurt makers a spin dryer is a bit of an indulgence in recession and something you only really need if you have big family or live in a flat with no garden space or drying area - or you are simply a lazy sod. We purchased ours as the footy team's kit needs washing and drying every week and prefer to build up a big pile of clothes of all colours and materials from the week and stuff them in the washing machine and leave it to dry in the drum after it's washed. In this way you just get a snow shovel and spade it into the tumble dryer. If there are no women around to pick up and put washing in the machine and dryer at the correct time then what's a guy to do? Its surprising what you can use gardening implements for in the house.

      As with getting rid of old kitchen equipment and brining in the new these things are dead weights and hard to get rid off, like getting shot of a dead body, a furtive dumping operation for the middle of the night to avoid sizeable costs for legal disposal, up to 50 quid to get rid of stuff like old freezers and washing machines these days through the council. Its ok to purchase a cell phone made with metals extracted from illegal Congolese mines by likewise child labour at gunpoint but it's not ok to expect the bin man to pick up an old toaster for nothing!!

      The chosen model we rocked into the kitchen just before Christmas was the Hotpoint TVF770G, £179 with delivery from Currys. A sign of the times saw a rather attractive young woman deliver it. I didn't ask her how to use it or, indeed, could she test it with that big pile of washing over there in the corner. I gave her Typhoo and she left.

      As I said before we bought this to wash all the sports kit quickly and do weekly washes over daily ones to save money. If you put your best stuff on the washing line in our street the chavs from the nearby estate tend to steel it. I wouldn't say the machine effortlessly dries stuff and you need a good hour. With a generous 7.5kg drying capacity you can stuff quite a bit of gear in there and it will dry around 2o thin items at once, like T-Shirts, or ten or so thicker items, like rugby tops and jumpers. Fleeces and the occasional thick material coat demand more work from the cylinder so don't put too many of those in guys. The unique 'Bed & Bath setting' (according to the blurb) is designed to give those larger items a good drying. There is a 'Refresh' setting, which is supposed to air your lightly soiled clothing so you don't have to re-wash needlessly, which can be a very useful if you're in a rush but your clothes still have stains on them. I have tried this and I'm not sure if it works. It's a bit like the Dolby button on your stereo, an extra button that doesn't do anything but makes your kit cost that little bit more.

      It's not that noisy and makes a satisfactory whirr, enough to detract burglars when you're out and about. The previous one my brother had sounded like the last car I drove back in the day when I started it up, a chug and violent bang or two or three with accompanying blue smoke and screams. The piping in the back is a little fragile so be careful when you push it square to the wall. Any squeeze on those pipes and its flood time. There is a vent back there to and also needs to be kept clear. These things need to suck in a lot of air to not overheat.

      It looks sexy in black or the blue steel grey model and the door shuts tight. If you do hit it with your knee against the hinge it does look vulnerable to damage over time, and we all know how expensive white goods replacement parts are from dealers and the makers. A new glass dish for our current microwave cost more than the actually microwave! With no real complexity to the programs and a cheap price I can fully recommend this baby!


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    • Product Details

      Type: Freestanding / Model: Aquarius / Vented Tumble Dryer / Capacity: 7.5kg / Short name: Hotpoint TVF770G

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