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2 Reviews

Brand: Indesit / Front Loader / Home Dryer / Electric Dryer / 2.99 Kg Capacity

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    2 Reviews
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      08.03.2012 19:54
      Very helpful



      A decent budget tumble dryer

      **The product **

      This is a cheap no frills dryer we brought it because we were short on space and to be honest short on money but with 3 young children and 2 adults in the household we needed a dryer as other methods do not seem to work well. We paid just £100 for this dryer from Sainsbury's around 2 years ago and one of the reasons we chose it was because of its size it is small but fully functional. . With a width of just 49cm it can fit in small places but it still has a drum size of 3kg although it is not great for a family dryer we manage to get by with it.

      This is a vented tumble dryer and this means it needs an air filter hose attached to the front drum of the dryer to carry all the moisture away. This can be a fiddle to get on but once attached sits well and does its purpose although it does need to be near a door or window to let the steam escape.

      On the front of the dryer it has a list of suggested drying times for different items but to be honest you tend to learn with time what needs how long so we do not really use this.

      **Noise **

      This tumble dryer is surprisingly quiet I was worried with it being a basic model it would be very loud but it just creates a small hum and once the utility room door is shut it is undetectable.

      As time has gone on the amount of noise is slightly increasing to when we first got it.

      **Functions **

      This dryer is very simple it is a case of plugging it in and then choosing from 2 heat settings medium or high and then twisting a knob to choose how long to dry the clothes for. It has a maximum cycle of 120 minutes and you must bear in mind the last 10 minutes of a cycle is with cool air rather than hot so when putting your things in to dry bear this in mind.

      **Cleaning **

      It wipes clean very easily and there is a fluff filter around the brim of the dryer that needs to be cleaned out regularly to keep it at its best performance this is easy to do and only takes around 5 minutes of your time.

      **Negatives **

      We found the hose that needs to be attached to the dryer very annoying to attach and once it was attached is rather small so we purchased a longer one from Amazon that seems to fit better and does the job more efficiently while still making the tumble dryer convenient.

      **Our experiences **

      Over all this is a simple plain dryer it does the job we needed it for and although I would suggest it for a single person or a couple it still works ok for us. I do not like to use the dryer much as it is not very energy efficient. We find using the lowest heat setting provides our clothes with the best finish as the higher setting dry's them out too much and makes them hard and uncomfortable.

      The clothes come out nice and dry and not too creased which is great as it cuts down on the ironing for me. They do not take too long to dry and I never have to use the full 120 minute function for anything as it is energy band D and not too efficient it is great it dry's in such a small amount of time.

      It is band D for efficiency which although is not the best as most of our other appliances are A rated, D and C and pretty normal for a tumble dryer so not too much difference from more expensive dryers.

      **Summary **

      This is ideally suited to a couple or small family and very soon we will need to upgrade to a dryer with a bigger capacity but also a condenser dryer as messing around with a hose out the window can be a pain. This dryer is cheap and cheerful and has lasted well for the price we paid but it is not practical for a family of 5 and soon to be 6. It does the job it is intended for and has lasted around 2 years so far what more can you ask.


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        03.02.2010 21:43
        1 Comment



        Good for small households

        This was a house warming gift from my parents. I use it a lot throughout the winter and it was chosen because it was small and compact and happened to be on special offer at the time.
        All in all its a great little machine and it dries very well, however the front hose that you can attach to the front to vent the warm, moist air away from the room, needs to be screwed on from an awkward angle on the inside.
        I like to have the choice as to weather or not I leave the hose on and im not happy that I have to tape it on for the times that I need to have the back door closed.
        If you are wanting a small dryer that can still handle a fair load and dry evenly and thoroughly, this is a good one for you.
        However if you want a dryer that can take full loads of washing and have hose on the front as and when you feel like it, i would advise that you consider something a little bigger.


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        Short name: Indesit G31VU

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