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Indesit IDV75 Free Standing Tumble Dryer in White

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Brand: Indesit / Type: Freestanding / Load Capacity: 7kg / Colour: White

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    2 Reviews
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      19.10.2013 13:22
      Very helpful



      Great basic tumble dryer

      I had been wanting a tumble dryer for a number of years but simply didn't have the space for one in our last house. During the summer we moved and our new house has a garage, my partner quickly turned this extra space into a gym but I managed to convince him that we could easily fit a tumble dryer in there too.

      After doing lots of research online I finally decided on this Indesit tumble dryer, it was priced at £159.99 and available from various retailers. I purchased mine from Very and paid an additional £6.95 delivery charge, I got 10% off as this was my first order with them and some cashback as I went through Quidco. A few days after ordering a polite man from Indesit rang me to arrange delivery, I was happy to hear there was no additional charge for Saturday delivery and so this is the day I chose. I was offered break down cover but as it already comes with a 5 year parts and 1 year labour guarantee I decided to declined this, I was also asked if I wanted an old tumble dryer removing which I didn't. There was no hard sell and the man was polite, helpful and easy to talk to. I received a text message early Saturday morning with my time slot and my tumble dryer was delivered during this time. The delivery driver was helpful and efficient and placed the tumble dryer in my garage as I asked. I was more than happy with the customer service I received from Indesit.

      The tumble dryer itself was well packaged in plastic and styrofoam blocks, all of which was easy enough to unpack. It came with a vent hose, instruction book and the guarantee information all of which was well packaged inside the tumble dryer drum. The tumble dryer weighed 28.83kg*, my partner found it easy enough to move it to our chosen spot in the garage and it fitted perfectly. The dimensions are: H (cm) : 85.0 W (cm) : 59.5 D (cm) : 58.4*

      Fitting the vent house was very simple and the instructions on how to do this were clear and easy to understand, they even include a number of pictures to help. To fit the hose you simply push one end of the vent into the rear end adapter at the back of the machine and then twist it anti clock wise, the other end of the hose should be placed out of a window or other opening. This took me literally two minutes and then the tumble dryer was ready to use.

      This is a really basic tumble dryer, which suits me just fine as I wanted something simple and easy to use. All the knobs and buttons are located on the front. There is a simple on / off button, a heat button and a timer dial. There are two heat settings: high or low, I tend to keep mine on the high setting which is fine for cottons, the lower setting should be used on acrylics and synthetics. The timer dial ranges from 20 - 120 minutes, there is a a cool spin at the end of each cycle. All the buttons are easy to use and I have not had any problems with them getting stuck, however the timer dial can be a little stiff at times and it makes an awful clicking noise whilst setting the time, its not a huge issue but I certainly think its worth noting. There is no digital time display on the tumble dryer, but the timer dial does give a good indication of how long is left on the cycle.

      The drum door is located at the front of the tumble machine and I find it easy enough to open and close using the handle. The drum has a 7kg capacity and this meets my needs. There is fluff filter inside the drum which needs to be cleaned after each load, usually I find that there is not much fluff in the filter unless I have been drying specific clothes, for example after drying my daughters school cardigans I do notice there is a lot of blue fluff in the filter which I think is due to the fleecy fabric of the cardigans. Still, I do make it a habit to check and clean the filter after each load, it doesn't take long and its easy enough to do.

      Verys product description describes the tumble dryer as having the energy efficiency rating C, however both the Indesit website and the manual give the energy efficiency rating B. Due to the high electricity costs of running a tumble dryer I try not to rely on mine too much, but I already a little unsure of how I lived so long without one. I do dry my clothes outside if I can, but of course this is rarely possible, especially during the winter months. Along with the tumble dryer I purchased a new large airer and try to dry most of my clothes this way, but I inevitably run out of space on the airer or simply need something drying quickly. Some items like denim, towels and bedding can also take forever to dry on an airer and having wet clothes hanging in the house can cause condensation problems.

      I feel the tumble dryer works well and efficiently and I have been very pleased with it so far. Large loads tend to take around 60 minutes, it is very rare for any items to come out damp, but on the few occasions this has happened I just put these items on my airer. I use the tumble dryer for small loads, particularly my children's school uniforms or my favourite pair of denim jeans, such cycles usually take just 20-30 minutes and the items always come out dry. If I am honest I am not one for checking clothing labels and do tend to just bung my washing in and hope for the best, still I have not experienced any clothes shrinking or becoming damaged in the dryer. I have also been more than delighted to discover that clothes come out of the dryer less creased which is brilliant, as I hate ironing.

      I don't find that the tumble dryer is overly noisy during use, not that I have particularly noticed anyways, although I guess I just might not be noticing the noise with it not being inside the house. My partner is often working out in the garage during cycles and he has never complained about it being excessively loud, although I don't think he could hear much over his music!

      To look at the tumble dryer it is a little cheap and basic looking, this isn't something that overly bothers me especially as it is out of sight. Some retailers stock a silver version which may look a little posher and would perhaps be more suitable for those who have a silver washing machine and like their appliances to match. It is worth noting that the silver one may cost slightly more than the white. The silver version is currently priced at £182 on the Very website.

      I have been more than happy with my Indesit tumble dryer and feel I received a quality item at a bargain price, plus the customer service was brilliant. I have no problems recommending this tumble dryer for others looking for a cheap basic tumble dryer, so its the full 5 Dooyoo stars from me.

      * taken from the Indesit website


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        13.11.2012 00:12
        Very helpful



        Cheap machine, does the job

        This is a review of the Indesit IDV75 vented tumble dryer we bought recently to install in our new utility room. It is the first time we have ever owned a tumble dryer as we have never had the space for one before so it's been a bit of a novelty to us to have this. I had reached breaking point in trying to dry clothes inside when the weather was bad outside and whilst I am an advocate of the old fashioned line drying method, it is so handy with another baby imminent to have the option of a tumble dryer.

        The purchase
        When we were looking, my Mum offered us her virtually unused dryer (which must be around 20 years old now!) but I politely declined as I felt there would be more energy efficient models on the market now. I did a bit of online research, with a few pointers in mind of what we wanted out of a dryer. Sadly, my main thought was colour, because it would be beside the washing machine which was silver, I wanted a silver dryer too. I wasn't fussy about brand but I wanted to make sure it was a good dryer first by reading reviews on it. We eventually settled on the Indesit IDV75 from Argos as I could get a bit of cash back on the purchase, it was free delivery and the spec seemed what we wanted with the brief customer reviews also endorsing the product on the site.

        Once the hole in the wall matched the vent we were ready to go. Fortunately our builder was very helpful and came back to do the hole specifically to match this machine. A quick read of the instructions and it all seemed very straight forward. Firstly, choosing the load from the washing (making sure it was all OK to go in the dryer), estimating the weight of that load, choosing between a cotton or man made fibre mode and selecting the amount of time we wished to dry for between 30 minutes and 120 minutes. You can always select a lower time and add more time on afterwards if it's not quite ready.

        We paid £179 for the dryer and it was advertised as £199 originally. It is now £159.99 on the Argos website only a few weeks later which does niggle me a bit but there's not a lot you can do about that! I did get cash back for the purchase and a bit back on my cash back credit card so I shouldn't moan too much.

        I am really pleased with the dryer. In an hour I can dry a small load of towels and bedding and we have been gradually getting more confident about putting in our clothes. I have terrible memories of shrinking all my clothes in the university halls of residence dryers many years ago so have been quite reluctant to put anything I am particularly attached to in there! Jeans are a really good item to dry though and they do take ages to dry indoors so I am pleased to get a load of denim dry in there. We have been using tumble dry sheets with each load which seem to have also reduced the need to iron with a lot of clothing so that can only be a good thing. It also helps with scenting the clothes which works out nice on towel and bedding especially.

        My thoughts
        I like how simple this machine is and that there are not tonnes of buttons and dials to work your way through. It can be a little confusing if you have a mix of clothing styles to dry but I am sure I will get through this once I have been using the machine more. I think the price of this machine at Argos is great too and I never realised that you could buy a brand new tumble dryer so cheaply. On the flip side of this is the electricity bills (this machine is energy efficient rated C) which can only be getting higher with the use of a dryer. With this in mind, we will still line dry where possible to save money on bills.

        Final word
        At the risk of sounding like a tumble dryer bore, I am sure this will become one of those appliances that you can't live without once you start depending on them! No more will I think twice about changing the bedding because I can't get the washing dry. Our towels will be soft and scented like never before and we'll get to pay for it with the ever rising electricity bills.

        The techie bit
        I have put this at the end as it is really just the spec of the machine. Important to include in a review of an appliance such as this but also not my opinion, just fact.

        * Energy efficiency rating C.
        * Energy consumption: 267kWh per year based on dry cotton cycle.
        * Energy consumption: 3.98kWh per cycle based on dry cotton cycle.
        * Noise level 69dB.
        * Maximum drying capacity 7kg.
        * Maximum cotton drying capacity 7kg.
        Dryer features:
        * Rear vent.
        * Vent kit included.
        * 2 heat settings.
        * 120 minute timer.
        * 12 minute cool tumble.
        * Reverse tumble option.
        * Manual control.
        * Fluff filter.
        Drying programmes:
        * Freshen up cycle.
        General features:
        * Size H85, W59.5, D58cm.
        * Manufacturer's 5 year parts and 1 year labour guarantee.
        * EAN/MPN/UPC/ISBN: 8007842746297.


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      • Product Details

        The Indesit IDV75 Vented Tumble Dryer has a drying load capacity of 7.0kg and has been rated C for its energy efficiency / The Dryer features a reverse action drum which prevents clothes tangling and as a result helps to reduce the creasing of garments and speed up the drying process.The IDV75 features 2 drying temperatures and a 120 minute timer / Ideally the machine should be vented through an external wall and includes a flexible vent kit / The noise level of this appliance has been measured at 69(db) meaning that you do not have to worry about the machine disturbing you or your family / A normal conversation between people stretches from 60(db) to 70(db) meaning the sound of this particular machine is discreet. / Indesit IDV75 White Vented Tumble Dryer / Del/Recycle /

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