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  • Long lived.
  • Great value for money.
  • None for me.
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    4 Reviews
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      23.01.2015 21:20
      Very helpful


      • "Great value for money."
      • "Long lived."
      • "Reliable. "


      • "None for me. "

      11 Years Young and Still Reliable

      I paid £150 for this from Comet in 2004 and it is still going strong.

      It has 2 heat settings and an energy efficiency grade of C, a load capacity of 6kg, cool tumble at the end of the timer setting and reverse action tumbling to reduce tangling and creasing. A venting kit was included.

      The door opens wide (some of the dryers that I have seen only open about 90 degrees). This allows easy access to the washing and also the easily accessible filter which I have cleaned (de-fluffed) after every use.

      There are 2 wheels at the back so that on the rare occasions I have wanted to move it, it has been relatively easy.


      To start with I just used my tumble dryer when wet weather stopped me using a washing line. However, after repeated re-washes after my clothes had been soiled by birds, I decided that it would be cheaper to dry all of my clothes indoors.

      For the 11 years since I bought it, it has been well used. For the first 6 years it was dealing with the washing for 3 adults, and for the last 5, just 2 adults.


      The hinge went out of alignment after several years use. I was able to replace this myself with one bought on-line.

      After 10 years the Hot temperature setting stopped working, but the Warm (half-heat) setting is still drying our clothes. In the early days we had a lot of cotton washing, so used the Hot setting to dry them. Recently most of our washing is a cotton/synthetic blend, which needs the Warm setting, so I am not in a hurry to replace our tumble dryer, but know that it probably will not be long now before I need to. I believe it is more economical to use the reduced heat setting, even on thick sturdy materials, but of course if takes a lot longer to dry.


      I believe that I have had great value for money from this tumble dryer over the last 11 years.


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      19.02.2011 18:13
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good all round tumble dryer!

      I have had my Indesit Tumble Dryer for quite a few years now and have found it to be one of the better ones out of all the ones that we have purchased over many, many years. Being quite a large family, in the past in the winter it was very important to get all the kids uniforms dry for school along with the many P.E kits that seemed to come from nowhere the night before they were needed.

      I always made sure that I purchased a tumble that had dual drying facilities, as so many things need to be dryed on a cool tumble to prevent shrinkage. This Indesit has everything that you could wish for, coming in a crisp white colour, which can also be purchased in silver ( I went for the white version). Unfortunely I had to put mine into a bedroom in corner by the window as when we bought this one our carport roof had blown off and couldn't be housed where we would usually have it.

      Having a large 6kg load it is perfect for families as a washing machine load can be done in one. As you pull the door open you will notice that at the front below the door there is an anti-fluff filter that just pulls up and out and has nicely collected all the fluff from the washing ( where does it all come from!). This is very easy to clean as with a swipe of the hand and it is ready to put back into the slot.

      The hose is at the back of the tumble and can ( as in my case !) be pulled up and placed out through a window to release the damp air. If place outside then the hose will not really be needed. Energy saving is only a C which isn't to bad, but could be better if it was an A, depending on how much you use it. On looking into it I have discovered that if you do 5 loads of washing a week for a year an "A" rating will cost you in the region of £40.54 or less and a "C" rating will be £54.88 ( don't ask me where they get these figures from !). So this one is slightly dearer to run than a super energy saving one at just over a pound a week.

      Now what I like about this particular one is the anticrease at the beginning and end of the cycles, with the last 10 minutes turning to a cool cycle this helps stop the clothes from creasing up when it stops. If you take the clothes straight out when the cycle is finished you will be able to get away with not having to iron most of it. As when you hang or fold the clothes they will be crease free.

      The measurements for this machine is; Height (cm) 85.0- Width (cm) 59.5- Depth (cm) 55.0. To change this machine from hot or cold tumble there is a small button on the front that presses in or out depending on what you want.

      There is also a on/off button that pushes in or out and this machine also has a table at the front of the machine giving you all the correct times for cottons, synthetics, ect... The timer will give you a total of 120 minutes drying time, which you will never need to go too, as I find that 45 minutes to 1 hour more that enough to get my clothes dry.

      This machine can still be purchased and sells for around £187.00

      5 Dooyoo stars for good quality tumble dryer.


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        05.10.2010 19:46
        Very helpful



        6 years good, reliable service, so far, and still going strong.

        I have had six years good service from my Indesit IS60V tumble drier and it is still going strong.

        Here are the reasons why I chose it, and still like it.

        ** My Experience with Different Brands **

        I tend to be quite loyal to brand names I have learned to trust, but would change if I found a good enough reason.

        At about seven years old our Electra tumble dryer started making some very strange noises, so I was expecting to have to buy another one in the near future. It hadn't needed any repairs in that time despite being used an average of once or twice a day, and because we weren't expecting the premiums to be cost effective, we had never taken any maintenance insurance on it.

        Since leaving my parents home 36 years ago, the majority of my kitchen appliances had been the Electra brand, whilst this brand still existed. As this was the Electricity Board's own brand name, which they gave to the best value for money appliances they could find, it disappeared with the Board's break up, so after that I had to look around.

        I had a disappointing experience with a Servis washing machine, but my next one which was an Indesit, had been giving me good service for years when my tumble dryer broke down, so I was going to seriously consider this brand for a replacement tumble dryer. I would have bought another brand though, if I had thought it better value for money.

        ** The Specifications **

        The Indesit IS60V met all the specifications I thought were essential, ie the first seven that I am going to tell you about, and also had two extra good points to make it even better.

        The capacity is 6kg. I don't often use my dryer to the maximum, but I like it to be this high for bulkier items. The main reason I don't fill it to the maximum is that you can greatly reduce the need for ironing, or eliminate it altogether, by tumbling small amounts of clothes for a shorter time. For most fabrics I like to hang them up before they are fully dry, easing them into shape if necessary, and letting any creases drop out naturally.

        This brings me logically on to the next essential specification for me, which is reverse action. This term means that the drum takes it in turn to rotate in different directions to reduce tangling and creasing.

        The dimensions needed to be similar to the old one to fit the space. This one is 85.0 cm high, 59.5 cm wide and 55.0 cm deep.

        I wanted a vented dryer as the vent hole was already in the wall from my last dryer, and I have been very happy using this method for many years. This means that for me the hot, damp air from the wash is expelled into our garden, but it is possible to hang the hose out of an open window if you don't have this facility. Some dryers have vents in more than one position, but this one just has a rear vent, in exactly the position I needed. With the venting already in place, I didn't want the bother of emptying a condensing dryer, which would have cost more. The venting hose included with this Indesit, was exactly the same as my old hose, so no adjustment at all was needed to venting, and I have a spare hose, even though I am not expecting to need it. (The dryer has two wheels at the back of the machine, so if you do need to move it regularly, and it didn't have a fixed venting, this could be done easily by tilting it onto the wheels.)

        It has an easily accessible filter for fast and simple clearing. After opening the door, I lift the filter out of the slot below the door opening, and find it very easy to remove the fluff that has built up.

        The 180 degree opening door also makes the dryer easy to use.

        I think the 2 drying temperatures are important so that the most appropriate can be used for the fabric being dried.

        The two extra points, which weren't essential to me, but were a good added bonus, were that the appearance matched my washing machine exactly, both are white with no extra colouring except for labels, and the final part of the drying cycle is cool. The clothes don't usually stay in the dryer long, due to the fact that I like to hang them up as quickly as possible to eradicate or reduce the need for ironing, but if they do stay in the dryer slightly longer than I had hoped this cool end to the cycle will reduce creasing.

        ** Users' Guide **

        It was supplied with a book of instructions, and a small quick guide. The quick guide says always refer to the instruction book which I now think is essential advice, after discovering a difference between the two.

        I was very eager to use my new dryer, as we had a backlog of washing/ drying to do. In my haste I only read the quick guide before using,

        The dryer has two heat settings, operated by a push button. My quick guide said that the button should be out for high heat, and in for low. After waiting for some time for my bulky washing to dry, I checked the instruction booklet and found the button should be IN for high and OUT for low (the opposite to the quick guide). Once using the proper settings, the dryer worked very well. I am glad I made this mistake while putting cottons on the low setting, instead of delicates on the high!

        My main users' guide has clear and accurate instructions.

        The timer has a maximum setting of 120 minutes, but I am not expecting to need anything like that long. There is no start delay, but as we don't want to be on the economy 7 tariff, this does not bother me.

        A stacking kit is available if you need to save space.

        ** Conclusions **

        Although tumbling is an expensive way of drying clothes, they come out a lot softer and the amount of ironing time is reduced, or, depending on material, can be eliminated.

        The energy efficiency of this dryer is grade C. (Grade A would be the best, and G the worst.) I didn't notice any A & B Grades in my price range when I purchased this. To be even more specific I didn't see any A & B grades in any of the dryers I looked at, although I did try not to look at any over £200, but the few I did spot were still no better than Grade C. If price had not been important, I think I would have bought a quieter brand, but these brands were above my budget.

        If I had paid significantly more for a dryer than I did, I might have thought it made sense to insure it for maintenance reasons, and the premiums for this would have added to the cost. (By law tumble dryers have to come with a 12 month guarantee.)

        ** Where I bought it from **

        As always, I checked various internet sites for prices and availability.

        After deciding exactly what I wanted, I found the site with the cheapest price, £149.99, and most efficient delivery to be Comet. I paid extra for it to the delivered in the 8.00-10.00 am slot on the day of my choice. It was delivered at 9.00 am, and they took the old one away, in a careful and courteous manner. (I had the option of saving on the delivery charge by picking it up from my nearest store, and being responsible for the disposal of the old one, but chose not to.)

        Prices seem to have changed little since I bought mine, and after six years reliable use, I think I have already received great value for money. However, as I have had no problems yet, I hope it will continue to give me good service in the future.


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          04.02.2009 20:42
          Very helpful



          I'd recommend this to you if you're on a tight budget and need that extra convenience a dryer brings

          We were desperate for a dryer when we finally raised the money to buy one of these! We got sick of having to use airers and/or dry clothes on the radiators over the winter (and the recent gas bill vindicates our decision!).

          The dryer functions well and doesnt take long to dry a full load of clothes. Very easy to use which is always helpful - not too many buttons or dials you'll never play with anyways! It is quite noisy, and needs to be close to somewhere it can be vented (we usually put the vent out of the window).

          If you want a cheap dryer that does what its supposed to do, minimal hassle - then I suggest you buy one of these. Its 6kg capacity is more than enough for your average load - and it has a nice appearance to fit in with your other appliances.

          I bought this dryer from Comet, it was available using the 'reserve and collect in store' method - and to Comets credit they uphold this well. The dryer cost us £136 on a 'web promotion' deal. The build quailty is pretty average, though it is one of the cheaper dryers on the market. The filter changing looks fairly simple, though I haven't had a real go at it yet as we haven't had the machine that long.


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        • Product Details

          This is a good value, large capacity rear vented dryer with reverse and cool down tumble actions to minimise creasing / It allows up to 2 hours of timed drying, and has a removable filter for easy cleaning / Includes vent kit / Short name: Indesit IS60V

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