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Brand: Indesit / Capacity: 5.99 Kg / Power Source: Electric / Stackable: Stackable / Dryer Type: Home Dryer / Load Type: Front Loader / Overall Depth: 54.99 cm / Overall Height: 84.99 cm / Overall Width: 59.51 cm

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    2 Reviews
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      02.11.2011 17:06
      1 Comment



      Good value for money for a basic dryer for a small family

      This Indesit dryer was originally purchased for our family as a gift from a relative, as we had no space for air drying clothes and needed a dryer which was cheap enough to purchase and cheap enough to run.
      This dryer is very easy to use with a low and high heat setting and a maximum drying time of 120 minutes (2hours) with the last 10 minutes of a cycle being a cool down setting. Obviously the more that is put in the the dryer the longer drying time that is needed.
      The set up of the dryer is extremely simple with an exterior hose which can either be put into a dryer outlet in the wall or put through a window or exterior door .
      On the left top left of the dryer there is a weight to drying time ratio which a lot of the time is very conservative so sometimes needs up to double the amount of time depending on the items you are drying, In my opinion i would say this mostly relates to bathing towels and mats.
      I would recommend that the inside filter of the dryer is emptied after every use as this can become very clogged up and create a fire hazard.
      The dryer is quite loud when in operation but as we live in a flat I feel things sometimes seem louder then they are.
      Overall we use our dryer at least once a day and find it suitable for our needs as a 3 person including 1 child family.


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        04.09.2010 14:30
        Very helpful



        Not one I could recommend.

        Many moons back when our kids (now 34 and 38) still lived with us, the wife and I had a combined washer dryer as although our kids were grown adults really they were just as harsh on clothes as when they were little and would leave their work clothes till the last minute then wonder how they were going to get them washed and dried over night for work the next day.

        They both moved out long ago and when our old washer dryer packed in we replaced it with just a simple washing machine but recently as the summers got shorter and the winters longer and our grandkids messier we decided to purchase a tumble dryer to help us keep on top of the washing and drying.

        We didn't need anything fancy so we opted for the pretty basic Indesit IS60VU, it didn't look too special and dint have very many settings and looked easy to operate so it was just what we needed really, although as it was a tumble dryer we did think it might dry a little better than it does.

        If you fill this machine with a full load then you would be quicker trying to blow dry them with a hair drier or drip dry them over the bath, it seems also like this machine copes only with some items and not others, fill it with socks, pants and baby bibs and it dry`s them fairly quickly but fill it with towels or bed sheets and quilt covers and you could easily be looking at a drying time of over 5 hours.

        Now I am not stupid I realize that smaller and lighter items will of course dry quicker but should I really expect to wait over 5 hours to dry some towels? I know my daughters tumble dryer can dry a full load of towels in 2 and a half hours and it only cost a few pounds more than this one did, over 5 hours with the electric that these things use and I would be cheaper just buying new towels!!

        We have now had the machine for about 18 months and as well as having a very long drying time it has now developed a very strange squeaking noise that is becoming almost unbearable even with the kitchen door tightly shut, we will soon replace this machine but just thought that before we do I would try to warn other off buying it.

        In order to keep this review fair and balanced I will say that it does look fairly nice and it is a neat size, until the squeaking noise arrived was a very quiet machine and it did only cost us £159.99 but sadly the drying times and the annoying noise that has arisen mean there is no way I could recommend this machine to anyone.

        THE MACHINES STATS (should anyone still care)

        Capacity: 5.99 Kg

        Load Type: Front Loader

        Energy Class: c

        Height: 850mm

        Width: 595mm

        Depth: 549mm


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      • Product Details

        Short name: Indesit IS60VU

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